A Hard Job Made Harder

The Game Begins

I was getting impatient David hadn’t heard from the board and the insurance people were dragging their heels. It was ridiculous! How long did you need to say yes or no? This past week had flown by. I had been invited out to dinner with Phil, had dinner with David and his wife Jennifer Hudson (who is an amazingly sweet woman). I had flown to Connecticut to see Stephanie and Paul about his return after his win against Nash. And before I knew it Monday night was upon us again. Tonight’s outfit was white/silver based. My heels clipping along the hallway floor as I headed to my office for tonight’s show. I opened a draw in the desk to put my purse in but my hand hit something furry. Curiously I looked down into the draw to see a dead rat. I jumped up and away from my seat and damn near screamed the place down. David hustled into the room in shock.

“Roxxie what’s wrong?!” He asked as I unprofessionally cowered behind him.

“Somebody has put a dead rat in my desk!” I cried. I seriously needed to get a grip on myself. As David inspected the draw I took deep calming breathes.

“What kind of sick person does this kind of shit?” He his face had curled up in disgust.

“I don’t know but I intend to find out. If they think for one second shit like this going to make me leave they got another thing coming!” I shouted angry now.

“Hey what’s going on in here?” Phil had turned up, he was usually one of the first stars to arrive.

“I’ll be back with a cleaner.” David said staring at Phil. As he left I pointed to my desk and Phil came to take a look.

“Whoa ok. You think this is the start? You know to try and get rid of you?” I nodded my head and visible shiver ran through my body. It wasn’t that I exactly had a problem with rats more the fact that it was dead. Phil put an arm round me before speaking again. “Ok so the game begins, you don’t want to do anything at first. Let whoever it is think that you don’t care and I’ll get the guys we, er you can trust to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

“Thanks Phil, that’s a good idea.” I pulled away from him and smiled just as Mike walked in.

“Roxxie are you going to do anything about Truth attacking me?!” He came and shoved Phil out of the way so that he stood in front of me. “You can’t let him get away with it! Laurinaitis did and I thought you said you were going to be better than him!”

“Relax Mike, breath. You brought this on yourself. Let me finish! But I’ll put an end to it. You will have a match against R-Truth tonight. If you win I will make sure he comes nowhere near you, but if you lose you’ll just have to deal with it. But I’m sure you are quite capable of defeating Truth in a best two out three falls count anywhere match.” I smiled up at him.

“Yeah? Yeah I can beat him. You best have the EMTS ready, he’s going to need them.” He smiled, kissing my hand before swaggering out of my office.

“I think he likes you.” Phil chuckled. I slapped his arm and smiled up at him.

“Really? I don’t think so. I’m offering him a way out of his weekly beatings. So he has got to be nice.” Phil just shrugged his shoulders. The divas for tonight’s final knocked on the door and I told them to come in.

“Evening ladies. Now I know it’s rare for you to get the chance to close the show as our main event. Last week was one thing I had two diva matches to close the show with. This week it’s one match to decide the first ever WWE Divas Tag Team Champions. I need you one hundred and ten per cent focused on your match. I want you to show case your abilities like your careers depend on it. I want to see real technical wrestling, high flying big moves and if the mood should take you, don’t be afraid to take risks. I am sick of seeing a few measly moves and you shaking your booties for all to see. Sure some people appreciate, but most think the divas division is a waste of space. I want you to prove them wrong, I want to be able to say that my divas would beat down the TNA Knockouts any day of the week. So tonight, start as you mean to go on.” I smiled happy with my pep talk.

“You’re right Roxxie we need to show the Universe what we’re capable of!” Layla shouted to the other divas.

“Damn straight, I think it’s time we went back to the days when Chyna was beating up guys and Lita was showing them girls can be high flying risk takers too.” Sarona smiled. Suffice it to say I had pumped these girls up like crazy.

“Nice speech Ms Walker. How is everything?” Laurinaitis walked in after the girls walked out.

“What are you doing here Ace? You are no longer welcome and have no reason to be here.” I placed my hands on my hips and stared at him.

“Now that is not very polite, not at all.” He smirked that stupid smile of his. I so badly wanted to kick him in the teeth.

“Wow Ace surprised to see you back here. Can you feel it?” Both Ace and I looked at Phil in confusion. “The unmistakable boredom and dullness that emanates from you. And I thought we’d seen the last of you.” He chuckled at his on joke as I tried to keep the smile from breaking on my face.

“You need to watch yourself Punk, you might not be around for very long. Anyway I just popped by to say hello.” He walked out and almost collided with David.

David was clearly excited about something and as Laurinaitis turned to come back in I slammed the door on his face.

“Roxxie! They Okayed it, insurance is good to go. We just need titles and teams!” I didn’t correct him on the we, even though it had all been my idea.

“This is great. I’ll just have to make some amendments to tonight’s show. Oh and call Teddy, he needs to sort out the teams on his roster. That way in the final it will be a team from Raw against a Team from Smackdown. And we need to win!” I was so happy right now I had completely forgotten about the rat.

“What are you planning? Do I get to be in it?” Phil was curious but trying not to be too interested.

“You’ll find out next week, but I don’t know who’s going to be in it yet. I need to look at a few things then I’ll announce it.”

“Ok well I’m heading to the locker rooms I need to get changed.” He waved and left us.

“What did John want?” David sounded slightly worried, but I brushed it aside as he lied to the man for almost a month.

“To be annoying, don’t worry he won’t get to me. What did Teddy say?” I asked sitting on the sofa away from my desk.

“He’s game, he also says he hopes you’re ready to lose to Smackdown twice in one year.” I raised my eyebrow at him confused for a second before I realised that Bragging Rights was going ahead this year.

“He can talk as big a game as he wants, but this year Smackdown will be white washed, when we clean house at Bragging Rights. So tonight we’ll have the quarter finals. I want McGillicutty and Beth vs. Zack and Eve, Dolph and Brie vs. A-Ry and Kelly and finally Cena and Layla vs. Swagger and Nikki. Should make for good viewing and bring out the relationship creative wants with Zack and Eve at the same time.” I smiled writing it all down.

“Sounds good to me. I’ll inform the stars and get this to Justin.”

I needed to speak with Layla about tonight so I headed on down to the divas locker room. I walked in the room to find Laurinaitis and a very exasperated Layla and April.

“Ace didn’t I tell you to beat it? You are not needed here and you are clearly distressing my divas.” I shouted startling him.

“Yes well I was just leaving.” He quickly exited and I turned to Layla.

“You two ok? Good if he hassles you again call me and I’ll deal with him. Now Layla, would you be alright in competing twice tonight.” I was unsure whether she would or not until a smile spread across her face.

“I am so up for that, it’s not just the guys that can have multiple matches! So who am I up against?” I relaxed and smiled at both of them.

“Layla it’s an inter-gender match. And I do mean you will fight the guys. Of course you can always tag your partner in if you don’t want to try. You’ll be teaming with Cena against Nikki and Swagger.”

“Wow well that sounds great. Is this the other thing that people are talking about?” She didn’t look concerned that Swagger could attack her if he chose to.

“Well kind of, it’s a new division entirely and it’s just been Okayed. I need you to keep it to yourselves though only a handful of people know about it.”

“Sure no problem Roxxie and just so you know we fully support you.” April smiled up at me.

“That’s great April, Layla. It means a lot to know I have your support. Now be ready to kick major ass out there.” I hugged them and walked out back to my office.

A cleaner was just coming out with the dead rat as I reached my office. I thanked him and sat myself down. I grabbed my bag and pulled out my cell dialling Paul’s number.

“This is Levesque’s.”

“Paul its Roxxie.”

“Hey Rox, what’s up?”

“Paul I think I might need you sooner than we thought.”

“Roxanne? What’s happened is everything ok?”

“For now yeah, but I was greeted today by a dead rat in my desk draw and Ace showing up. I caught him in the divas locker room with Layla and April. I don’t think he’d been there long, but they said they back me.”

“Ok don’t worry, I’ll be down for the next show, Vince will throw a fit if you quit or things go south.”

“I know that’s exactly why I need support. I don’t fully trust David, but he’s given me no reason not to, yet.”

“Okay for now just keep doing what you’re doing. Things are going good with tonight’s show. This time next week I’ll be back and I’ll support you from backstage.”

“Ok thanks Paul, it means a lot.”

“It’s no problem, I’ll catch you later.” He ended the call and I watched the monitors waiting for the final match of the evening.

I walked down to the ring as I was to announce the final math of tonight’s show.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m Roxxie Walker. This is your main event, the finals for the first ever Divas Tag Team Championship. Introducing first the team of Tamina and Kaitlyn.” They walked down to Tamina’s music, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. But when Layla’s music hit the arena exploded in support for the two Divas. “And their opponents, the team of Layla and AJ!” I sat down at ringside with Cole and Jerry, they were both astounded by the Divas performance tonight and I sat there looking like the cat that got the cream At the end of the night Layla and AJ were crowned the WWE’s first ever Divas Tag Team Champions. WWE was trending like crazy on twitter, Me, Layla, AJ, Tamina, Kaitlyn and Divas Tag Titles were all trending number one worldwide and my phone was ringing off the hook. It had definitely ended on a high note today.
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