A Hard Job Made Harder

Wring His Neck!

“Paul?” The guy in question turned round a smile on his face.
“Rox!” I skipped towards him and was crushed to him in a huge hug. “So any problems today?” He asked releasing me and turning serious.
“None yet. But I got the new division to announce tonight and Mike says he’s seen Ace wandering about, but…” I shrugged my shoulders no one else had seen him.
“OK well I’ll keep out of the way tonight and just observe. I borrowed walkie-talkies from the tech guys so call if you see him. As for Mike I’d be careful he was pretty far up Ace’s ass when I was here.” He replied sitting down on the sofa. I sat down at my desk running a hand through my hair (thankfully no extensions today) thinking this job wasn’t supposed to be like this.
“Well I think I can trust him. He was fed up with Ace allowing Ron to attack him. I mean it even landed him the first spot in the Royal Rumble. I know he won, but he was by no means happy that he ended up with that spot.”
“OK, you have a point, but I’m sceptical about him. So I’ll keep a close eye on him. Who else do you think you can trust?” I could see the concern in Paul’s eyes and it meant a lot to me to know he was still looking out for me.
“Cena for obvious reasons. Phil has been a great guy through this so far and he’s already said he’s on my side. Layla and April same goes they’ve said there on side, but as for everyone else I just don’t know.” I sighed tapping my desk in frustration of the whole thing.
“OK don’t worry it’s a start and it’s more than I had backing me when I was here.” He smiled.
I had missed Paul. He was the big brother I never had. I interned at the Connecticut office when I was 18. I was basically just a goffer. I happened to be there one day when they were struggling with a storyline feud between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, I added my two bits worth and caught the eye of Stephanie who was just starting to get really involved with creative. After that I got to hang around with the Billion Dollar Princess and The King of Kings a hell of a lot. Steph could grate on me like nobody else on the planet, whereas Paul and I had always got on fine. And eleven years later here I was the General Manager of Raw.
“Well anyway tonight’s show should go reasonably smooth. Just the usual stuff really and the announcement of the new division. Zack Ryder and Eve vs. Jack Swagger and Nikki Bella will fight tonight. Oh and Teddy wants me to take Natalya and Tyson Kidd vs. Tamina and Drew McIntyre. Apparently he’s got no room this week for the match. Then next week my two teams will face off and so will Teddy’s on Smackdown. So we’ll have team Raw and team Smackdown ready to go for the Elimination Chamber.” I smiled I was glad this was going smoothly so far, I had honestly expected more resistance, but so far everyone was happy with it. Especially the Divas.
“Yeah that’s what Steph said was going to happen. And don’t forget tonight you also have Tamina vs. Beth setting her up for a shot at the Divas title. Then you got Punk against Bryan.” I nodded my head, nothing could go wrong. Ace may still be EVP, but it was my show and he wasn’t welcome.
Paul sat looking through the different storylines the WWE had going. While I checked through some paper work as I waited on David to arrive with the new titles. Sarona however was first to arrive and she was fuming.
“What the hell?! Why are you doing this to me?!” She startled both Paul and I with her aggressive tone. I stood up arms out trying to calm her.
“Sarona what’s happened? Just sit down, relax and I’m sure we can sort whatever it is out.” I smiled reassuringly. She however didn’t seem reassured as she stood with her arms crossed, looking like she wanted to tear me into little pieces.
“Why am I going out on an injury?! I thought I was set to be the new Divas Champion!” What on earth was she talking about? I looked at her then Paul in confusion.
“You aren’t Sarona, I assure you, you win your match which sets you up for a title match at Elimination Chamber.” Now she looked at me confused.
“Well the text you sent me earlier says different.” She was calmer now as she took her phone from her pocket and scrolled through to the text. I walked to her side to look at it. The text was from my phone and stated –Sorry Sarona we’re taking you out of the title picture with an injury. Better luck next time-.
“What kind of BS is this? Sarona if it ever came to something like that I’d sit down face to face and tell you. And I would never talk to any of my roster like that. Furthermore I’d never text anything like this; I’d do it in person or at the least over the phone. But who did this and how did they get my…” I realised it the second Paul started to tell me.
“You didn’t take it out of your bag it’s in your desk.” He had gotten up to take a look at the text Sarona had received. I walked round to my desk and pulled out my bag my phone was in there, but the text had been deleted.
“If I get my hands on that little weasel I’ll kill him.” Sarona raised her eyebrow curiously at me. “Laurinaitis I’m pretty sure it was him, just like we’re sure it was him that cost Paul his job here.” Sarona nodded understandingly.
“Well Roxxie if there’s anything I can do to help, I will. I never did like Ace and in trying to get rid of you he’s screwing with me too.” I smiled and hugged Sarona, another superstar to add to my side. Up yours John Boy!
Sarona soon left happy now and Paul just grinned at me. I shook my head at his shit eating grin just as David walked in. He almost dropped the box he was carrying when he saw Paul.
“AH Mr Levesque, Roxxie. I um have the new titles.” He walked in nervously. What the hell was wrong with him?
“Thanks David. Is everything ok?” He looked flushed and just nodded his head. “Well ok then, shall we go we’ll have to be out in the ring in about five minutes.” He nodded again his eyes darting to Paul constantly. “Paul I’ll see you in a few.” He smiled clearly enjoying David squirm. I supressed the giggle that tried to escape and made for the curtain. I noticed a few more stars scattered about than usual including Hunico and Camacho, they shouldn’t be here tonight they didn’t have a match, but if they wanted to jump ship to Raw that was fine. I waited with David until Justin announced me and walked down with David. I was glad I’d convinced him to stop coming down with that stupid thermos just needed him to lose the bow ties. He held the ropes for me to climb in, this week my suit being white and my bra black. I got the usual whistles and grabbed a mike smiling; I was really getting use to this.
“Ladies and Gentleman before tonight show gets underway. I have something to share with you. Last week we crowned the first ever Divas Tag Team Champions. Congratulations to Layla and AJ…” I paused as the crowd cheered. “But this week I take great pleasure in informing you of yet another new division. I know many of you will appreciate this.” David took out the belts. “The Inter-gender Tag Team division. And when I say inter-gender I don’t mean for one second mixed. Last week you saw several tag matches both here and on Smackdown. This will all lead to a showdown at The Elimination Chamber. One team from Smackdown will go against one team from Raw. And I think we all know which show will be victorious!” With that I climbed out of the ring for the first match to start. As we got through the curtain David seemed to tense again.
“Oh for god sake David what is wrong with you?!” I snapped.
“Sorry Roxxie, it’s just Paul being here, what if he fires you?” He whispered looking concerned.
“David I can assure you he isn’t here to do that. He’s here to support me and keep an eye on Laurinaitis.” He visibly relaxed. I shook my head unable to contain the laugh that escaped me this time. “David if you could check on the Smackdown tag teams while I’ll check on ours that’d be great.” He smiled and jogged off as I made my way to catering where the teams were bound to be.
“Hey Roxxie!” I turned a smile on my face at the sound of Phil’s voice.
“Hey yourself. How are you today? You ok with your match against Bryan?” I asked as he fell into step with me.
“I’m good, Sarona was telling me what happened earlier. And I’m fine with my match against Bryan so don’t worry. How are you?” He slung an arm across my shoulders which was becoming a regular thing for him to do.
“I’m good too, much better now Paul is here. I know he’s got my back one hundred per cent and would definitely love to get his hands around Ace’s neck.” I laughed. Phil actually didn’t seem perturbed that Paul was here, which was a good thing.
“Well the more people you have behind you the better your chances against John Boy when he really gets the ball rolling.” He squeezed my shoulder supportively.
As we walked into catering I was met with a round of applause from a selection of superstars from my roster. I blushed, feeling I had done well as I never expected this type of reaction from any of them.
“Roxxie we love what you’re are doing. No one has given the mid-carders like me a chance to shine like you have. And the divas are getting great exposure…” Kevin Kiley’s speech was cut short as his tag partner Barbara squealed and hugged me tightly shouting thank you over and over. I hugged her back and glanced at Phil who was looking extremely smug. I looked around the room realising that a lot of the stars in this room usually didn’t hang around together. Hell pretty much the whole damn roster was here except for Beth, Eve, The Garcia twins, Jacobs, Irvine, Tuft and Myers, Nemeth, Guerrero and Hager. I threw a questioning look at Phil. He tapped Barbara on the shoulder who released her grip on me and linked her arm with mine instead.
“Well I can tell you’ve noticed something is going on. Every person in this room and yes it does include Miz, supports you.” I furrowed my eyebrows, I was confused. I mean it was great, but strange. “Well after last week and what happened earlier I kind of doubled my efforts. Each and every one here either hates Ace or admires your stance and fairness. I’ve spoken with all of them and they want to support you.” He smiled as Mike walked forward.
“He’s right, after all if it weren’t for you Truth would be still attacking me…” He stopped as Ron sniggered.
“I would still be, except for Roxxie’s right no point in beating you up all the time.” Ron smiled at me.
“I, uh don’t know what to say. Thank you all of you. You have no idea how much it means to know I have your confidence in me as Raw GM.” I was definitely grinning like a god damn Cheshire cat. “So guys and gals are you ready to kick some ass tonight?” This was met by hell yeah’s and damn straights! “Alrighty then Matt you and Eve where ever she is will be the team up tonight against Hager and Steph. Kev you and Barbie will go against the winners next week. Then at the Elimination chamber whoever wins on my roster needs to beat down the Smackdown team. Teddy thinks he’s going to beat us twice this year, well it ain’t happening!” I got another cheer and applause for my speech. And that’s when I heard the clapping. Slow and monotonous. I turned to see Ace. I clenched my fists at my sides. I wondered if any of them would like to show me some moves to use on him.
“Well Ms Walker another fine pep talk. I would just like to…”
“Save it dip shit, I don’t care so do one you, how was it you put it Phil?”
“Pathetic, dull, vanilla, boring, lame, idiotic, umm oh and FAILURE!” I could hear the smirk on Phil’s face and the chuckles from everyone else as he dished out the insults.
“Yup all of the above, so take your no class, brown nosing douche bag self and get out of my arena!” Phil, Kevin and Mike were all flanking me. I smiled vindictively up at Ace then pointed to the exit. “And for future reference, you wanna come to my shows then make an appointment or buy a ticket.” As he stalked off I turned to see my stars all smiling at me clearly impressed with my telling off of Ace. “Ok you can all stop smiling, it wasn’t that good.” But I couldn’t help my own grin that slowly crept on to my face.
I was sat in my office again watching on the monitor tonight’s events unfold. Paul seemed happy with the situation and the fact that we seemed to have scared Ace off for a while was a bonus. At the same time I was looking through the card for the Elimination Chamber, when there was a commotion from the ring. I looked up to see Ted Dibiase in the camel clutch courtesy of Jinder Mahal. But on a closer look Hunico and Camacho at ring side.
“Paul did you know anything about them being out there?”
“Nope they shouldn’t be there, Roxxie where you going?!” He hollered as I got up and left my office. This wasn’t scripted if I didn’t know about it and neither did Paul then something was definitely up. I had an idea though to turn it around when I saw Kofi and Kevin with Phil.
“Kofi, Kevin I may need you to fight tonight, like now. You ok with that? I’d ask you Phil but you have a match already.” Kevin and Kofi smiled and stripped off to their wrestling trunks as I watched in awe. That’s dedication for you.
As I headed to the curtain I saw Hunico and Camacho slide in to the ring and begin to beat on Dibiase as Jinder made his way backstage looking confused. I couldn’t have that. I nodded my head to Kofi and Kevin as they warmed up.
“Ok fellas enough. I said ENOUGH! Get your asses out of my ring, leave Dibiase Camacho. You have to the count of three!” The crowd was cheering, but Hunico and Camacho stayed put, Hunico even going back to work on Dibiase’s injured wrist.
“Three…Two…One! Time’s up boys. You mess about on Raw then you will face the consequences.” The crowd was getting louder as Alex Riley’s music played and out came Kofi and Kevin (Alex Riley). They came and stood at either side of me at ringside as a ref ran down. Hunico and Camacho tried to stare down my guys, but failed as they too looked slightly confused. The ref rolled Dibiase out towards me and as Kevin and Kofi climbed in I walked Dibiase backstage to the trainers. Phil met us through the curtains and helped me get him back there. I stood impatiently waiting as Phil gave me a running commentary on what was happening in the ring and I waited for the trainer’s diagnosis.
“Well it’s definitely broken Ted, I don’t know what to tell you I’d recommend going to the hospital and getting a cast.” This was not what I needed.
“Ted I give you my word that this had nothing to do with me. This wasn’t scripted, nobody seems to know about it.” This could come back on me in one hell of a shit storm.
“It’s ok Roxxie, they probably did it off their own back. And you already taking care of it.” I sighed running my hands through my hair.
“Look if there’s anything I can do then just ask.” Phil coughed and I looked towards him to see him mouth the match was over. Kofi and Kevin had won.
I was out of there like lightning and at the curtain ready for Jorge (Hunico) and Donny (Camacho) to come through.
“What kind of shit are you pulling! You may just have put Ted out for the next month!”
“Hey don’t blame us chica, we were just following instructions!” Jorge huffed.
“Where the hell did these instructions come from?” Jorge looked at Donny in confusion.
“You sent us the message Ms Walker, well we don’t have your number, but it said from Roxxie at the end.” I growled, I was going to wring the life out of Ace.
“Well my apologise. This wasn’t your fault and all I can do is offer my sincerest apologise for my attitude. But just to avoid this in future, unless the message is verbal from me then disregard it. Again my apologise.” They smiled and walked away. Well at least it wasn’t one of my stars that I had exploded on. I thought as I tensed up.
“Breathe Roxxie!” Phil said placing his hands on my shoulders. I turned to face him as I took a deep breath.
“I’m good, wanna show me how to do that Anaconda Vice? Then I can use it on Ace.” I grinned evilly up at him. He chuckled.
“Sure later, but for now I have a main event to win, chalk another win up for Raw!” He kissed my cheek and sauntered off as his music hit. Leaving me flushed.
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