A Hard Job Made Harder

Be Careful

I walked back to my office feeling smitten. I had to get a grip I couldn’t have a relationship with one of my stars that would be wrong. I sat down at my desk and Paul could tell something was up.
“You ok Rox?”
“Yeah I’m fine just…thinking.” I turned the volume up on the monitor and watched as what should be an epic match started. There was a knock on the door and in strolled Mark Calloway. I shot up at of my seat I was in the presence of a total legend. I extended my hand to him nervously. I could see Paul grinning and resisted the urge to flip him off.
“Good evening Ms Walker it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.” He smiled at me and my nervousness was gone, he was just a normal guy. Sure a little taller than most, but still just a guy.
“The pleasure is all mine, I can assure you Mr Calloway. Call me Roxxie.” He slapped my back hard and chuckled. Ouch I resisted the urge to wince and rub my back.
“Call me Mark. So when would you like me to return?” He asked I sat down and motioned for him to do the same.
“Well next week would be fine I’m sure I can fit you in to the show, you’re against Paul at Wrestlemania so…” I was distracted by the look on Paul’s face and the cheering and booing from the crowd. I looked at the monitor to see the match ending in disqualification and Chris attacking Phil. “Oh my god! What in blue blazes is he doing?!” I panicked the match was supposed to last at least another ten minutes. Think fast Roxxie. “Paul get ready to go out. Thank the fans or something for their support of you. Just improvise, Mark would you happen to have your gear?” He nodded confused. “Great get changed and be ready to head out. You’ll make it clear you want Hunter for Wrestlemania.” I got up and headed out of the office Paul following and Mark heading to a locker room at speed. Thank god I had such good people surrounding me.
As I got to the gorilla Chris was stood there laughing, as Scott Armstrong, helped get Phil backstage. Paul had a techie hit his music and headed out.
“Irvine what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” He turned to me still grinning.
“It’s the end of the world as you know it, didn’t you get the memo?”
“Drop the attitude, you weren’t supposed to do anything till The Elimination Chamber.” He was still grinning at me.
“Sorry babe, but thems the breaks. I felt I needed to assert my authority.”
“Authority? You don’t have any authority. You are a superstar, you don’t make decisions like that without consulting me first.” Phil walked back through the curtain and the second he laid eyes on Chris he broke from Scott and charged towards him. I side stepped and planted myself in front of Chris. As much as I would like to see Phil beat on Chris, now was not the time. I placed a hand on his chest and looked up at him.
“Phil my office now, Scott can you make sure he goes there?” Scott nodded while Phil just glared at me all cheers and smile from before gone. I tried to think of a way out of this, I suppose we could just bring forward the feud and make it last till Wrestlemania.
“Don’t think to hard your brain will explode.” He chuckled, guy was seriously not funny. Mark walked past and nodded his head at me as he was in his Taker persona.
“You’re lucky I can work this angle, do it again and there will be consequences.” With that I turned on my heel and made for my office. I didn’t need to worry about what was happening in the ring both men where more than capable of dealing with anything.
As I walked in Phil was pacing the room like a caged lion, I looked at him and he was cursing under his breath. I flopped down on to the sofa, it was one problem after another but this time I couldn’t blame Ace, Irvine had said he’d done it off his own back. I looked up at Phil still pacing.
“Why did you stop me?! I should have ripped a chunk out of him for what he did out there!” I looked at the floor, he had a point. He had the right to be angry, but I couldn’t allow him to assault another superstar. God damn everything. I was angry and when I get really angry I cry, I trembled holding back the tears and took a deep breath.
“Roxxie?” He sounded calmer he crouched in front of me and took my wrists in his hands. “I didn’t mean to upset you, I shouldn’t be taking it out on you. It’s not your fault.” I took another deep steady breath and looked up at him. He was angry, but with himself.
“You didn’t upset me, I am fucking angry. He did that off his own back Phil. I, I couldn’t let you beat on him though you’d have got in trouble. The show needs you on here… and I need you here.” He smiled that smile of his and wrapped me in a hug.
“Well I’m here as long as you need me. You’re right I’ll save his beating for the Elimination Chamber. But why did he do it?” I pulled back to see Paul and Mark in the door way. I hiccupped a giggle nervously and smiled at Paul.
“Hope we aren’t interrupting anything?” Mark smiled back to normal now.
“No just talking about Irvine. He reckons he needs to assert his authority.” Paul had yet to say anything and was still staring a whole in to Phil. I did say he was like a big brother.
“Assert his authority? What is he talking about?” Mark asked, I shrugged my shoulders heck if I know.
“But on another note, we are going to have to drag out this feud with Phil and him leading to the Best in the World match at Wrestlemania.” Paul came in and sat down next to me clearly telling Phil to back off.
“He isn’t doing it off his own back.” He stated. I looked at him sideways, Mark had also come in and was leaning against my desk. “Laurinaitis was the one to get him to sign the contract.” Oh for crying out loud! Would he fuck off, he was behind everything.
“Ok, something needs to be done about him. Paul can’t you fire him? You’re COO after all.” He shook his head and put an arm round my shoulders.
“No nothing I can do, but he won’t win. Steph would have my balls if I let him get rid of you.” Phil snickered.
“I thought she already had your balls in her purse.” I slapped him upside the head. “Hey what was that for?” He rubbed his head.
“BE nice, Vince would be ready to kill if I left and I have no intentions of going. The only way I’m leaving is by being fired or in a body bag.” I knew my face had set in my stubborn expression.
“You have a plan?” Mark asked looking at the three of us by the sofa.
“No I’m winging it, but I will not go down without a fight and I can guarantee he’ll give up before I do.” I smirked.
“Right I need to go shower catch you later.” As Phil stood he squeezed my hand then left.
“Something I need to know?” Paul asked. I just stared at him. “Come on we saw you two, I’m not judging and I definitely can’t say anything, look at me and Steph. But just be careful, I’m sure you know we aren’t exactly fond of each other we have however a strange respect for one another and I just don’t want you to get hurt, Steph will kill me.” I hugged Paul, I loved him to pieces and thank god he hadn’t warned me off Phil otherwise I would have had few choice words for him. Why I thought this I didn’t know, I had told myself no dating the talent.
“I know and don’t worry about me. Worry about what we need to do to Ace.” He grinned back at me and looked at Mark.
“I hope we or rather Rox can count on your support too Mark.”
“If the lady wants it she has it.” I smiled at Mark and got up to hug him. It was strange to be hugging the Undertaker, but he was like a giant cuddly intimidating to look at bear.
Paul and Mark had left fifteen minutes ago, I was just sending an email to Steph outlining how the best in the world feud might need to go now. I got up and stretched sitting down all the time was uncomfortable. I grabbed my bag and walked out, as I locked the door two hands covered my eyes. I smiled, Phil. I pulled his hands off and turned to see Chris instead.
“What are you doing?” I snapped.
“Oo someone’s a little touchy. Not who you were expecting?”
“What are you talking about? I wasn’t expecting anyone. You should have already left.”
“Well maybe I wanted to do ask you something.” He stated a smile creeping on to his face. It gave me the creeps.
“Well what do you want?” I asked checking my watch. I was hungry and wanted to get out of here an empty arena was a little freaky.
“Maybe to ask you out.” That took me by surprise, he brought his arms up on either side of me pinning me to the door. I panicked a little, there was no way I could over power him if he tried anything. I felt my heart race and my breath catch in my throat.
“Roxxie you ok?!” Thank god, Phil! I bent and slid from between his arms to stand by Phil.
“I am now thanks.” I didn’t take my eyes of Chris expecting him to try something.
“Catch you later Foxy Roxxie.” Chris winked and walked away.
“Roxxie, what happened did he do anything to you?” I shook my head took a deep breath and smiled up at him.
“No, you came just in time.” I wrapped my arms around him catching him by surprise. I needed to feel safe and safe is exactly how he made me feel. He recovered quickly and brought his arms around me.
“Guy has seriously got a screw loose.” He shook his head and looked down at me. “Want to go get dinner?” My mood had lifted quickly.
“Sure I’m starving!” I grinned leaving with Phil.
♠ ♠ ♠
So what do you think?
Should a romance blossom between Phil and Roxxie?
What is Jericho playing at?
And is Ace behind everything that goes wrong?
Much love SEG :D