A Hard Job Made Harder


I was on cloud nine as I walked into the arena. I had been out every night for dinner with Phil. It was totally against what I had said, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. There was something about Phil that drew me in, that made me weak at the knees and care free. The shows had been running smoothly and it was time for the Elimination Chamber. I stood by the curtain watching the Raw Elimination Chamber, I cringed as Kofi slammed Phil down on to the metal grating. When Phil stood up you could see the markings on his leg. Trust McMahon to come up with something as twisted as the Elimination Chamber. There was Phil, Mike (although he really didn’t need to be in it, but insisted) and Chris left. I wanted Phil to retain if not then Mike needed to win. I don’t think I could deal with Jericho as champ. Then the most beautiful thing happened as Chris had thrown Kofi out Phil kicked him in the back of the head and Chris tumbled out hitting his head. He was out cold. A ref asked what to do and well the fact was Chris was incapable of getting back in the match. The only thing I could do was allow the match to continue as though he had been eliminated. It was close Mike hitting the Skull Crushing Finale, but Phil kicked out a two. He hit Miz with the Go To Sleep and that was all she wrote. Phil retaining and celebrating with the fans. Mike limped back stage looking a tad pissed off.
“You were great out there Mike.” He glared over at me, but his expression soon softened.
“Thanks I guess, but I didn’t win!” I walked over to him and put my hands on his shoulders ignoring the fact that he was sweating pretty bad.
“I know, but you still won the Rumble meaning you still main event at Wrestlemania. Have you decided who you want yet?” He looked at me and I could see he was thinking. I didn’t really want him to go after Phil’s title, but Mike was Raw.
“You are going to love this!” He smirked at me and pecked my cheek while I looked at him bewildered as Phil walked through and stood watching us intently. “I’m picking the World Heavy Weight Title that way it’s another win for Raw and we’ll have the two top titles on here!” I smirked it was actually a good idea, Bryan losing to Miz. I liked that idea a lot.
“That is a great idea, I’ll inform Teddy when I go out for the tag match. Hey Phil, you were fantastic, I thought Mike had you there.” Mike walked away leaving me and Phil on our own.
“Glad I impressed you.” He smiled kissing my cheek and pulling me into his sweaty body.
“As much as I am enjoying being held to you I really don’t want sweat stains on my suit.” He chuckled and pulled away. I caught sight of the welt on his thigh and trailed the tips of my fingers across it.
“Jesus Christ Phil, I think you should go to the trainer’s room.” He smirked at me.
“Well if we head to your office you could always kiss it better.” I felt my face heat up and knew I was flushing a fuchsia colour. “Ok maybe some other time.” I rolled my eyes at him making him laugh. He kissed my cheek again and strolled off to the trainer’s room. I stood there and watched him walk away (I can’t help it if he has a nice ass!) and was brought back to the here and now by Barbie who was giggling away at me.
“You like him don’t you.”
“Yes I do, now shush.” I smiled at her. “Now are you ready to win this? And where is Kevin?”
“I’m here” He smiled as he walked over to us.
“And I’m ready Roxxie, we’ll win don’t you worry. This will be the year of Team Raw!” I smiled again.
“I don’t even have to give a pep talk anymore you do it for yourselves.” I smiled and headed out to Kevin’s music with him and Barbie as Roberts announced us.
“This contest is set for one fall and is for the Inter-Gender Tag Team Titles. Introducing first accompanied by the Raw General Manger Roxanne Walker, Kelly Kelly and Alex Riley!” The crowd cheered and Kevin held the ropes apart for me to climb through. As Barbie posed on the turnbuckle. “And their opponents accompanied by the Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long, Alicia Fox and Ted Dibiase!” Teddy got in the ring and walked towards me. It was pretty friendly everyone in the ring being baby faces.
“You know Roxxie, your team will lose and just like all Bragging Rights end Smackdown will be victorious.” He smirked shaking my hand.
“You keep telling yourself that Teddy, cos your down fall starts tonight.” I grinned back. I hugged Barbie and squeezed Kevin’s shoulder before climbing out of the ring way more gracefully than Teddy who had nearly fallen out of the ring. I sat by Jerry as was my usual place and Teddy sat by Booker. It was crazy and Jerry and Booker were for the first time on commentary arguing profusely with each other while Cole just slagged both teams down. It was coming to an end I could see it. It didn’t look good. Ted had Kevin set up for Dream Street, but as he went to lift him Barbie came in smacking Ted across the face. He dropped Kevin in shock, as Victoria(Alicia) came in Kevin caught her with a drop toe hold. I was literally on the edge of my seat, as Barbie turned her attention to Victoria and Kevin lifted Ted up for You’re Dismissed. He dropped him and went for the pin. One, Two , Three!
“Here are your winners and first ever Inter-Gender Tag Team Champions, Kelly Kelly and Alex Riley!” I grabbed the titles and slid into the ring. I passed them their titles and raised their arms in victory. I motioned for a mic from Justin as my guys walked back stage.
“Teddy how was your first taste of defeat? You should get used to it, those titles are staying on Raw and come Bragging Rights you best be bringing your best Superstars and Divas, that way they may have a chance of beating Team Raw!” I grinned at him as he stood at the bottom of the ramp. Only for Ace to pop out from behind the curtain and make his way down. For the love of humanity what was he doing here? He started to talk about how much of crap job Teddy was doing over on Smackdown and how he had convinced the Board of Directors to put him under scrutiny. And then he turned his attention to me.
“As for you Ms Walker I don’t think you’ll be in your position much longer. You just lack the qualities of real General Manager like myself.” I scoffed what a buffoon. I raised my mic to speak only for Alberto Del Rio’s music to hit. He came out in a flash car as always and walked down to the ring with Ace.
“John you should not only be the Permanent General Manager of Raw, but of Smackdown too.” He went on to point out all Ace’s “good” points. Mark Henry’s music hit and he walked down calling Teddy a bully, and how he was wrongfully suspended. I rolled my eyes and stood away from the men in the ring. Just when I thought it was over Christian’s music hit and out walked Jason Reso. He walked out sharing their sentiment. And they actually posed for pictures.
“Ok you have got to be kidding me! I’m stood right here and you expect me to let you all ramble on about how this failure of human being should run both Raw and Smackdown. Well I ain’t going nowhere, Raw is my show. And is going to stay that way for a very long time.”
“Now hold on playa’s, I heard what he said and it’s a good point. Maybe there should only be one General Manager and it should be me.” I couldn’t believe this was happening.
“Teddy you come for my job and you won’t like it one bit. I am quite happy running Raw, but step on my toes and I will take Smackdown!” I dropped my mic and climbed out before anymore nonsense could be said. I walked backstage and into Paul.
“Nice little speech, no nonsense. Just watch your step Rox and I think you should check on Chris.” I hugged him and nodded my head, Chris was at the end of the day a Raw star. I knocked and walked into the trainer’s room he was in.
“Chris how’s your head?” I asked walking towards him. I really didn’t want to be in here with him, I should have asked Paul to come with.
“Fine, but what are you going to do about that match?! I was screwed over!” He said his voice rising towards the end.
“Er how exactly were you screwed over? I said you would be eliminated due to being unconscious. You couldn’t compete Chris what was I supposed to do?” He stood up and nearly fell over. I grabbed his arm to steady him and sat him back down. He stared at me weirdly and I looked away.
“It doesn’t matter Punk didn’t actually eliminate me.”
“It does because if it had been anyone else I’d have done the same Chris, yes including if you had done it to Phil.” He was stuck for words, which was a first. “Look there’s going to be a 10 man battle royal tomorrow night, everyone that was in the chamber matches will be involved, of course not the champs, but the winner will get a shot at Phil’s title.”
“So you’re essentially giving me a shot? You’re actually giving me a chance to get his title.”
“Well yeah plus if you win it’s fairer on Phil. As he’ll only have to fight one match instead of two.” I smiled.
“That sounds good to me and when I win I can get one step closer to you.” He grabbed at my hand and I quickly pulled it away. For a second I thought he was actually kind of sweet. But here he was proving me wrong. I didn’t spare him a second glance or even bother to tell him off I just left. The rest of The Elimination Chamber went as planned. Cena beat Kane, Beth beat Tamina (one more to Raw), Swagger retained (another win for Raw) and somehow, God must be shining down on Daniel Bryan, but he retained.
I walked into the arena to find a nice surprise in the form of Paul, Stephanie and Steve Austin.
“OH My God what are you doing here?!” I shouted as I almost ran towards Steph and hugged her. I had calmed down since snapping at her at the Royal Rumble and was happy to see her again.
“Well I had an epiphany. After all that bull shit at the PPV and well you were on your own it that ring. I noticed Otunga wasn’t around and that could have gotten ugly. So I made some calls and if you’ll accept Steve here will be your enforcer.” She smiled holding my hands.
“What? Are you actually serious?” She squeezed my hands and smiled.
“They are I’m pretty sure I wasn’t number one on the list, but I’m the only one who’s said yes. And I like the way you run things. So as Steph here said if you are happy with it, I’ll be your enforcer.” Steve said offering me his hand to shake.
“Well Steve I’d be a fool not to except the offer, but are you willing to follow the travel schedule? You’ll be no good to me if you can’t come to every show.” I answered shaking his hand.
“That I can understand and I have a clear schedule. I’m all yours.” He grinned.
“Well that’s brilliant Steve, I am happy to welcome you aboard.”
Steve was in my office Steph had headed back home to look after the kids. Paul was god knows were, but I’d love to see him get a hold of Ace. And as for David I had still yet to see him, I had tried calling several times already, but still no joy. I was sat with Steve watching John throw insult after insult at Eve. I was in hysterics, giving John free reign was a great idea and he really had the fans behind him.
“This has got to be the best promo of his career.” Steve exclaimed as he knocked back a beer. I nodded my head in agreement and saw Phil walk in.
“I see you’re enjoying Johns promo, Steve what are you doing here?” Phil came forward and shook his hand.
“Well Phil, Steve is going to be my enforcer. After yesterday in the ring and David not being there or here tonight, Steph and Paul wanted me to have someone who could hold their own and have my back if need be.”
“Makes sense, are we still on for tonight?” He asked glancing at Steve.
“Sure are you wearing your commentating jacket?” I smirked at him as I stood up to grab my phone that had started to ring.
“Well I might just for you.” He winked and kissed my cheek before leaving.
“This is Roxxie.” I said into my phone blushing at the huge grin on Steve’s face.
“Roxxie it’s me, I am um not going to be working for you any longer.”
“David? What do you mean?”
“I’m going to work for Mr Laurinaitis. It’s the right decision.”
“Well that’s your prerogative, but you go there’s no coming back.” Then he hung up. That’s fine I never fully trusted him anyway.
The following Monday rolled round and well Phil and I were officially an item. Phil walked into my office with me and pulled me into a kiss. The sound of someone coughing made me pull away.
“Hi Paul.” I smiled innocently at him.
“So you two together I take it?” I nodded and felt Phil’s hand squeeze mine encouragingly. “Well ok then, you hurt her Punk and you’ll seriously regret it. But for now you have a match champion vs. champion rematch.” Phil nodded at him and walked away, not before stealing a small kiss. “Rox I hope you know what you’re doing.”
“I do Paul and I’m touched at your concern for me, but Phil makes me happy, so you need to be happy for me.” He hugged me and then started to push me out the room. “Where am I going?”
“You have to be ringside, Teddy will be out there and I expect an appearance from Ace, he um is now GM for Superstars. Steve come on.” He called over Steve. I walked out to the commentator’s table to Steve’s music and as it hit the crowd went crazy. I was shocked to find out that Ace was now GM of Superstars not a massive thing, but never the less. I stepped in to the ring with Steve and grabbed a mic.
“Ladies and Gentlemen I guess you’re wondering why Steve Austin is here,” Cheering started up again. “Steve is here as my enforcer, things have gotten a little crazy around here. And as you can see I’m not a wrestler. So Steve is my enforcer get used to seeing him folks cos he will be here for a long time!” I climbed out and sat by Jerry nodding at Teddy as he sat to the side with Santino Marella (Anthony). Punk came down an as usual the crowd exploded and as we waited for Bryan, Jericho’s music hit instead. He came down and called Phil a wannabe and well at the end of it all Phil came away the winner of the promo after saying he was the man unlike Jericho who was never the man. He left in a huff, but I knew that wouldn’t be the end of it. Bryan then came out with AJ, which was getting on my nerves this storyline was making her look pathetic. Laurinaitis and Otunga coming down behind them. I refused to look at Otunga and I could feel the guilt rolling off of him in waves. The match was great up until Bryan tried to run and got shoved back in by Sheamus who had developed a dislike of Bryan. Phil picked up Bryan and went for the GTS as he covered him Ace climbed into the ring and stopped the match. Before I can get in the ring Teddy is in there in Ace’s face and shoved him to the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh Steve chuckling along with me until I heard a collective gasp from the crowd. I looked past the ring to where Chris was attacking Phil. I was up the ramp as fast as I could.
“Chris stop for god sake get off!” I cried tugging his arm as he had Phil in the Walls of Jericho, Phil bent up like a pretzel. I don’t think Phil was meant to bend that way. He let go pushing me and grabbing Phil’s title.
“What in God’s name are you playing at?!” I shouted. He draped the title over Phil telling him to enjoy it while it lasted and he had four weeks left. Then he grabbed my arm pulling me into him. I panicked and the next thing I knew his lips were crushed to mine in a fiery kiss.
♠ ♠ ♠
So what is going to happen?
Will Phil be ok?
Will Chris ever leave Roxxie alone?
What will Steve and Paul do?
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