A Hard Job Made Harder

After the Kiss

I was in shock as Chris pressed his lips to mine. He worked at my mouth like they were water and he was a man dying from dehydration. I didn’t know what to do. I was lost what seemed like minutes, but was only a few seconds as he held me to him a hand on my arm and one on my lower back. I was pressed so close to Chris’s body and I felt dizzy. Suddenly the fans shouting burst through my ears and I realised where I was and that Phil was at my feet because the man kissing me had hurt him. I pushed against Chris and when he didn’t let go I stomped on his foot with my heel. The heel snapped because of the amount of force I put in to stomping on his foot. I felt an arm go round my waist. Steve had grabbed me and pulled me from Chris. Chris booked it leaving me red faced, angry, embarrassed and upset by what he had done to me and to Phil who was still on the floor as the trainer’s looked him over and helped him up. I pulled off my heels and followed the trainer’s as they supported Phil backstage.
“Phil…” I began as we walked into the trainer’s room and they helped him on to the bed. But he cut across before I could say anything.
“Roxxie I’m sorry I couldn’t help. I shouldn’t have…” I held him to me as he sat on the bed. He was blaming himself when it was my fault for allowing this to happen. No wait it wasn’t it was all Chris’s fault!
“No Phil it wasn’t your fault, it was all on Chris. I’m just sorry I allowed him to kiss me and didn’t get up there sooner to stop him from hurting you.” I let my head hang ashamed that I didn’t fight back harder.
“Roxxie you didn’t let him do anything.” He titled my head up and captured my lips with his. He moved to hold me closer but gasped in pain.
“Oooh Phil!” I cried fluttering my hands not knowing what to do to make it better or if I should even touch his back.
“It’s ok Roxxie really I just tweaked it. I’ll be fine by the end of the week.” He smiled at my concern for him and tried to act like he wasn’t in pain, but he was I could see it in his eyes. “Now go on I’m sure you have things to do. I’ll drop by your office and wait for you there ok?” He smiled. I hesitated which made his smile widen and he placed a hand on my hip squeezing gently. I leant down and kissed him softly running a hand over the stubble on his cheek.
“Ok, but you don’t have to wait you’ll need to rest you’re back.” He nodded his head trailing his hand across my stomach as I left. I shivered at his touch, but he didn’t notice as I had my back to him. I walked out and into Steve.
“Sorry I didn’t get up there quick enough to stop him kissing you Roxanne.” He looked down at me guiltily.
“Steve its fine honestly. It will all be dealt with. As for Ace I don’t want him at the shows any more unless he’s a god damn paying customer.” I said sparing a hug for Steve, who still looked guilty.
“I’m hardly doing my job if people are getting to you.” I frowned at him.
“Steve you’re my enforcer not my bodyguard…” The look on his face told me he was both. As much as I wanted to be angry at Paul and Steph I couldn’t help but be at least a tad bit grateful. I walked off to my office bare foot. My feet were going to be filthy. I shut the door to my office and leaned against it. Why hadn’t I stopped him straight away? I closed my eyes and hated myself for not kneeing him in the nuts. It was almost as if I had started to enjoy it until I was brought back to reality by the fans shouting. I took a deep breath, but had a damn heart attack when I became aware of someone’s presence and there hot breath tickling my neck. My eyes flew open coming face to face with Chris. I restrained myself from screaming in terror.
“Thinking about me huh?” he smirked at me leaning closer so our faces were mere centimetres apart.
“No, regretting not kicking you in the balls instead of stomping on your foot. I liked those heels too. Such a waste.” I said hoping I sounded way more confident than I felt. He captured a piece of my hair between his fingers twirling it around.
“Really? Because I’m pretty sure you were enjoying it. You didn’t try to get away that quickly.” He smiled tucking it behind my ear.
“Well being scared shitless, not knowing exactly what a guy twice my size is about to do stops any rational thoughts. I froze, but as I’m sure you felt I made sure to stomp on your foot the second I was no longer immobilised with fear.” He leaned in closer and whispered in my ear.
“Oh Foxy Roxxie you’re such a bad liar. You want me. I guess Punk just isn’t fulfilling your needs. But if that’s what you need babe I’m here for you.” He smirked trailing a hand up my arm. I’d had about as much as I was going to take. I lashed out slapping him as hard as I could across his face. “Yes Rox that’s what I want! Show me that little spit fire I saw weeks ago.” He grabbed my face between his hands and brought his lips to mine for the second time that night. He quickly let go this time and yanked me away from the door before strolling out.
“I know you’ll be dreaming about me tonight Foxy.” He winked. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I rubbed at my lips furiously and sat down on the couch my head in my hands. How had I ever put myself in this situation? And why in god’s name did my lips tingle from Chris’s kiss?
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What does this mean for Roxxie?
Will Phil find out Chris kissed her again?
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