A Hard Job Made Harder

An Uneasy Alliance

I was sat in café in downtown Boston with none other than Teddy Long. I was trying to convince Teddy that it would be better if we worked together, kept our own shows and got rid of Ace.
“Look Teddy working like this it’s going to end badly for two of us. I couldn’t care about Ace, but you’re a decent man. And well not to sound like I’m bragging, but I have Paul and Steph backing me and because they back me Vince does to. The ratings have hit the roof since I’ve been in-charge. Now I’m quite happy like I said at the elimination chamber to just run Raw and for you to run Smackdown, but I won’t hesitate if you try and take Raw from me to take Smackdown.”
“So your suggesting we work together to get rid of Laurinaitis and keep things as they are? How do I know the second he is out the picture you won’t try and take Smackdown?” He asked suspiciously, I couldn’t blame him what with my association with the McMahons, not exactly trust worthy when it came to business.
“Teddy I will do whatever to prove that I don’t want Smackdown, hell I know there’s talks of sorting this through a match at Wrestlemania. I don’t know if they expect us to fight or just gather a team, but you work with me and you have access to a lot of stars that are backing me. And let’s face it you only have the odd one or two Raw stars that will. I know you don’t want to trust me, but like I told Phil when I started I’m friends with Steph, but that’s all, I am not like her or the rest of the McMahons, there’s been plenty of times when I’ve revolted against something they’ve done. I like to play fair and square.” I pleaded with him.
“Fine, but the second I smell a rat it’s over.” I sighed in relief.
“Thank you Teddy, but just be warned Ace is trying to sabotage my efforts here he wants his job back as GM of Raw and will stop at nothing to get it.” After I left Teddy I made a call to the board and told them what was happening. They liked the fact that me and Teddy were working together and said we would both run tonight’s show, Smackdown would be run by Ace this week and next week I would work with Teddy on Smackdown.
“Roxxie are you sure you’re ok? You’ve not been quite yourself since last week.” Phil asked hugging my waist. Yeah and that’s cos I couldn’t work out how I felt about Chris kissing me.
“No its ok, it’s just all this Ace trying to take over, but hopefully me and Teddy are joining forces to keep what we have and get rid of him.” I smiled as he kissed my neck.
“Sounds like a great plan.”
“Yeah, but it needs to work first before I can rest at ease.” This week’s show was pretty simple. The Rock’s history lessons and his little song About Cena that I now couldn’t get out of my head Teddy and I had set up a United States Title defence Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella, I sent Steve down against his better judgement to even the odds and Santino was crowned the new United States champion. And that’s when Ace came down.
“This cannot happen! This is my show!”
“You’re wrong Playa, this week it’s my show and any other week it’s Roxanne’s” Thank you Teddy. Steve has moved up beside him as I make my way to the curtain to head down. But before I can get there a techie asks me to wait a second. I look at him puzzled until a song fills up the arena Yeah Yeah by Body Rox. I grin widely Paul knows it’s one of my favourite songs and I can’t help but bob to it just a little. The arena is silent as the song plays for a few seconds.
You think you got it all worked out
But you dont know nothin', nothin', NOTHIN'
You think that you COULD rub me out
But I'm made of somethin', somethin', SOMETHIN'
The techie motions for me to go out. I stand at the top of the ramp as 4 security guys stand next to me.
I COULD teach you a thing or two
Yeah oh Yeah
I COULD teach you a thing or two
Yeah oh Yeah
I COULD teach you a thing or two
Yeah oh Yeah
I COULD teach you a thing or two
Then the music cuts as I raise my mic to my lips.
“Teddy’s right Ace, this is my show and tonight Teddy is working with me so get out of our arena!” The security guys move forward and escort them out of the building as I shake hands with Teddy. The rest of the show goes without a hitch including Phil’s match although he lost. I met him outside the curtain and as he sees me he tries to move his hand from his back without me noticing. Fat chance.
“Phil how bad?” He smiled at me.
“Not that bad it just aches, really this time next week I’ll be totally fine Rox so don’t worry. And by the way I love your entrance music.” His smile turned to that smirk I love so much. The show ended a little lamely if I’m totally honest they toned down Cena’s improvisation and what we got left with was Cena left looking weak in the ring after the Rock had finished his History lessons. I guess I couldn’t complain too much people were already hyped and covering Twitter with their excitement for Cena’s rap and the Rock’s concert next week. But Ace would be in charge which I wasn’t happy about nor was the majority of the universe, but I got control of Smackdown next week to make up for it.
As Monday night rolled on I sat backstage with Phil in his locker room as we waited for his match, which had been announced to be against the returning Alberto Del Rio who wanted in at Wrestlemania. He was told if he won then he’d get to be on Team Laurinaitis (re; loser team). We had laughed at Cena as he came out as the Dr of Thuganomics, personally I preferred this Cena though his promo left something to be desired.
“You have so got this Phil.” I smiled snuggling into him.
“Yeah and my backs fine so it should be a pretty easy match.” Yeah he just had to worry about his arm, they always singled out his damn arm. My attention was drawn back to the monitor as Santino and Aksana walked down to the ring. They climbed in and that’s when Ace who was stood at ringside decided to change the match. It would know be Mark Henry and David Otunga vs. Santino and Aksana.
“What is he doing?! The divas can fight in the men’s, but not if they don’t want to! He could ruin the whole division!” I stood up and ran from the room. I got to gorilla at the same time as Teddy.
“I have had about enough of this man.” He shot out as we walked down.
“I know I have too.”
“I’ll deal with him get Aksana out of here safely.” I nodded. I ran round in my heels to Aksana.
“Come on you are not fighting in this match.”
“What about Teddy?” As she said it Teddy shoved Ace over a chair. I laughed until I looked up in to the ring to see Mark annihilating Santino. Kofi suddenly ran out to help, but got slammed too and then R-truth came out. I turned to get Teddy before we ended up be escorted from the premises, but I was lifted from my feet by David.
“Put me the hell down right now!”
“I’m sorry Ms Walker, but Mr Laurinaitis wants a word.” I kicked backwards hitting his knee and he dropped me. I whirled round and slapped him as hard as I could. It resounded round the arena and the crowd Ooo’d it. Teddy grabbed Aksana’s hand and I followed behind them. Looking into the ring to see three of my roster laid out in the ring. As I step through the curtain I’m met by four angry men. Teddy and Živilė (Aksana) looked at me with concern, but I waved them off. Steve was angry as I had gone out without him to protect me. Paul was angry for endangering myself and not going out with Steve. Michael (Shawn Michaels) more than likely had been told everything that had been going on and he was like a brother just like Paul was so he was angry for my recklessness. And Phil was angry for allowing me to bolting from the room and well like everyone else for putting myself in harm’s way.
“Michael!” I smiled and went to hug him.
“You really think a hug is gonna cut it Rox?” I smiled innocently and kissed his cheek. He just shook his head. “It’s good to see you I know I haven’t had chance to come see you the past few times I’ve been on.” I waved my hand at him.
“Forget about it Michael. It’s good to see you.” Paul and the others still were giving me looks. “Ok enough with the dirty looks. Jeez Louise, yes I put myself in a risky position, but I’m ok. I won’t do it again as neither I nor Teddy have any reason to go to Superstars and he may try and get on our shows, but then Steve will always be in the way.” Paul looked at me sceptically, but Phil came and wrapped his arms round me.
“She’s ok and she says she won’t do it again so can’t ask for much more.” I smiled and kissed Phil softly.
“Fine, but let it happen again and I’ll hand cuff you to your desk.” I raised an eyebrow at Paul and gave him a look that said I’d like see him try. The rest of the show was going fine I was excited to see Phil’s match and I sat with Steve as he went out. His match against Del Rio though good was a bit of a squash you could see Phil was going to win and he did. I clapped when he did, but was shocked when the camera showed the titantron and Chris on it.
“Congratulations way to go Punk congratulations on your big win.” What was that ass doing now? “Enjoy it while you can and you can smirk if you want to. I can see straight through you and when I look at you I see a fraud.” Phil just watched him in amusement, but I felt that Chris wouldn’t show his face without something to rub Phil’s face in. “And I’m not talking about the fact that you call yourself the best in the world, but you as a person. Because I did a little research this week about you and I found out about a deep dirty dark secret about you.” Phil just didn’t care he couldn’t see what he could possibly have up his sleeve. “You’ve been Straight Edge ever since you came to the WWE, but you never explained the reasons why. I wanna tell all these wannabe’s why you’re Straight Edge. I wanna tell them that you’re Straight Edge because your father is an alcoholic.” I didn’t know that I just assumed it was something he always wanted or rather there was no appeal to drink, drugs and smoking. “Pipe bomb. Yeah that’s right your father was an alcoholic who let you down every step of the way when you were growing up. And it terrifies you, you don’t wanna end up like him, but it’s inevitable you will. Because alcohol is in your blood Punk, it’s in your genes, it’s part of who you are. And that tortures you.” The camera showed Phil’s face and at first he didn’t seem too fazed by it, but now what Chris was saying was clearly hitting a sensitive spot. Something that maybe Phil had thought/still thinks of. “I know you’ve built this façade this wall. You’re a sarcastic anti-hero without a care in the world, but I think I’ve found something you care about. I’ve found something that gives you nightmares. Something that terrifies you. And isn’t it ironic that the alcohol you crave is the same thing that ruined your childhood. Oh the nightmares you must have about your father I almost feel bad for you Punk.” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Chris needed to shut his damn mouth. I got up Steve following me as I went in search of him. His words echoing through the halls. “Is that the reason why you have all those tattoos? Was the pain of wanting to drink so bad that you needed the pain of a tattoo needle to take it out of your mind? Was it your only solace? Doesn’t matter if it is Punk you are going to drink eventually. And I’m the one who’s going to make you drink. At Wrestlemania 28 I’m going to take away your title, I’m going to take away your claims of being the best in the world, I’m going to take away your bravado and I’m going to leave you a broken man. You’re going to hit bottom Punk and when you do you are going to embrace your destiny and you’re going to take a drink. And it’s going to taste so good that you’re gonna wanna take another one and another one and another one. After April first I’m gonna be recognised for who I am, the undisputed Best in the World and the new WWE Champion. And you’re going to be recognised for who you are, who your father was a pathetic damn drunk!” As he finished his little speech I walked into the closed room he was in as Ace stood there clapping.
“That was brilliant Chris I would have never thought of something like that.” Chris smirked until he looked over at me in the doorway.
“Well hello Foxy.” I gave him the finger and then looked to Ace.
“I might have known you’d have been involved in this somehow. As for you Chris you really do disgust me.” He came towards me still smiling and I felt Steve move closer behind me. I have no idea what Chris intended to do, but the second he was in reach I back handed him. “You are a filthy disgusting pig. And I will enjoy watching Phil beat you at Wrestlemania.” I spat out and turned on my heel leaving him speechless. As we came past gorilla Phil walked out the faint echoes of the fans calling his name in support.
“Phil?” He shook his head, but held his hand out for me to take. I took it and followed him to his locker room. The second the door was closed he pulled me into him and held me close. I wrapped my arms around him and we stood like that for ages me holding him trying to give him some comfort while he held on tightly wanting to forget what had just happened in the ring.
“Phil…” I tried again.
“He’s right, I mean anyone who has ever watched my time in Ring of Honor knows about my father, but no one knows how I actually feel. I don’t wanna end up like him.” His voice was so quiet, he didn’t sound like himself.
“Phil, you won’t because you’ve already taken steps to make sure you don’t become like him. And I won’t let you. I will be there for you win or lose. But I know you’ll win and I know you won’t become like your father.” He pulled away and paced. I could see the Phil I knew coming back and he became more wound up. He walked to the door and I made to follow him in case he did anything stupid. But he locked the door and turned to me. He pulled me to him and captured my lips with his before slipping my jacket off of my shoulders.
♠ ♠ ♠
Will Phil be ok?
What will Roxanne do?
Will her alliance with Teddy last?
Find out next time
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