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When Did This End?

Late Nights and Letters

Jayy's Point of View;
You couldn't blame me for being upset; what was the point of hospitals if they didn't save anyone. I put my hood on and walked out the door into the cool air. I walked to the nearest park and looked around- no one was in sight. I fell to my knees and placed my hands are my head. It wasn't like me to cry, I was normally stronger than this. I did the first thing that came to mind; I pulled my out phone and called the one person that was there for me no matter what.
“Dahvie I need you to come to North Memorial Park as soon as possible, it's an emergency.”
I hung up the phone without saying bye.

As I lifted my head something touched my shoulder, more like someone. I turned around and smiled, “Dahvie I'm glad you came, it's Violet, she's in the hospital.” My smiled faded when I saw the body more clearer, “You're not Dahvie!”
He smacked my phone out of my hand, “What the hell did you do to my Violet!”
I didn't know what to say so I sat there on my knees. He got closer to me and kicked me in the face. My body fell back and my head hit the rock hard pavement. My mind was blank, and so was everything else.

“Jayy, you have to wake up! Please Jayy, tell me what happened!”
I could hear Dahvie's voice but my eyes wouldn't open, I didn't want them to open. If Violet left this earth than I wanted to be with her in heaven. But unfortunately my eyes did open.
The first thing I did was hug Dahvie, “Dahvie, Violet's in the hospital and they said she-” I couldn't say anything else, tears filled my eyes and I started crying again.
He grabbed my face, “They said what?”
“She wouldn't make it...” I fell to the ground.
Dahvie let go of me, “Jayy, you have to get up, we have to go see her!”
“There's no point! Do you not understand what I am saying! She's gone-dead!”
“Well than I'm going to go see for myself.”
Dahvie walked off and I got up and ran after him, “You can't leave me like this.”
“Jayy, what's that?” He pointed to a note on the ground.
“I, don't know.” I went and picked it up.

I opened it slowly, “Oh my god, it's from Violet!”