The Death of Red Riding Hood

The Wolf

“I’m not going.” Cassandra repeated

“Grandmother wanted you to go; in fact those were her last words. You have to go.” Her father said firmly

“How can I?’ she whimpered “I didn’t even get to say goodbye, and-and now I’m supposed to go to some stupid party?”

“Hey now, the Fall Festival was very important to your grandmother, she really wanted you to go and even though she can’t see you off…Even though she can’t see you off, I’m sure she would still want you to go.” He said gently

Even though her father said all that, Cassandra still couldn’t make herself completely participate in all of the fall events. And when it came time to dance, she simply leaned against the stone wall and watched everyone else glide across the dance floor. She turned to the side slightly when she heard some mumbling over the other side of the wall. It sounded like Jessica and her friends. Cassandra had never eave dropped before, but she couldn’t help it if they were having a conversation practically beside her, could she?

“…Oh Jesse you’re so evil sometimes!” Someone tittered playfully

“But it’s ...One less feeble old fool…in the town!”

Cassandra’s head snapped in the direction of their voices and she strained her ears to hear over the Festival music.
“Maybe now they’ll…that stupid orchard!”

They were talking about her grandmother! Cassandra clenched her fist in anger and glowered at the cool stone bricks. If she was bigger and stronger she would climb over the stupid wall and tear Jessica’s hair out. But she wasn’t, and she didn’t have any friends to help her out.

She wasn’t going to let Jessica get away with this though.

How dare she speak badly of my dead grandmother! She though furiously as she ran off in what she thought was the direction of her house, it was nearly impossible to tell without a torch though.
She finally stopped when she realized she could no longer hear the din of the Fall Festival. Her house may be far enough away from the other houses, but not far enough to not hear or see the town square lights and people! She turned her head left and right in an attempt to locate the road but it was much too dark to see anything.

“Is anybody out there?” she whispered softly,

A single growl answered her and she shrieked as two big yellow eyes emerged from the darkness. She squinted hard to see that the eyes belonged to a black snout which belonged to a very large animal.
“Good boy,” she said shakily and retreated back two steps.
The animal snarled, “Good boy is what you would say to a dog. And I am not a dog. I, am a wolf.”
Cassandra screamed and fled in the other direction. The sound of tearing fabric ripped through the air as the wolf jumped onto her back and received a mouthful of her grandmother’s silk dress. But Cassandra had no time to yell at the wolf for tearing such a precious gift, because he was speaking.
“Turning your back on a wolf isn’t very smart you know. You humans have very tender skin…very easy to…rip into.” He rumbled and licked his chops “But never mind that. You’re sad.” He stated “Why?”
Cassandra raised her eye brows in surprise, “Y-you want to know why I’m sad?”
“That’s why I asked.” He responded
“My grandmother, died recently and I heard-“her voice wavered “I heard this girl talking disrespectfully about her—“
“And you want to make her regret those words ever left her mouth?” the wolf concluded
“Well do you?”
Cassandra nodded slowly then stopped, “Why do you even care?”
The wolf smiled a horrifying toothy smile, “Because I want something in return of course.”
Cassandra eyed him warily, “What do you want? I don’t have any lambs or chickens I live on apple orchard—“
“I want…a type of lamb.” He said slowly “But not now. First I will help you and then I will leave and return. Then you will give me my lamb. Now tell me about this…girl.”