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Not All Treasure Is Silver and Gold

I DO NOT OWN Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the Pirates characters, I take ownage only to my character Robin.
A/N: I will be rewriting this story. I hit a snag of writers block during the writing of the sequel and I feel this change will help to give me my inspiration back. Sorry if you don't like it. Thanks for reading!


18 year old Robin Chamberlain is dissatisfied with her life. She's finished high school and needs to make her final decisions on college. But Robin already knows where that will lead: to a job she'll work for the rest of her life. No change. No adventure. And Robin desperately craves for an adventure in her life before she's to slave away in modern society. A literal knock on her door reveals that her adventure isn't that far away as one night she's settled on her grandmother's couch watching Pirates of the Caribbean.