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Real Life Romeo

"What is up with you?" I shouted at Shane. "You're avoiding me and dodging all my questions!"

"Because I can't answer you." He said through his teeth.

"I doubt that." I said, stubbornly crossing my arms across my chest.

"No don't give me that look." He said pleadingly.

"I don't know what look you're talking about." I stuck my nose up in the air.

"You know I hate fighting with you." He tried to catch my eyes, because he knew if he did I would forget why I was so mad and leap into his arms. Well not this time.

"Well then just tell me the answers!" I shouted him. "If you wouldn't lie to me so much we wouldn't have to fight!"

"Fay..." He lowered his voice, trying to plead with me one last time. I stood stubbornly in front of him; showing no emotion.

"Fine! Fine." He finally broke down. I saw tears running down his face, but I restrained the urge to close the gap in space between us and comfort him.

"I'm immortal alright?" He shouted at me. "I've lived this life for thousands of years, under a condition that every so often I create masterpieces that take the world by storm. And I've been chasing you the entirety of those thousands of years. Okay?" He put his face in his hands as another sob caused his body to violently shake.

"Me?" I gasped. "No, no, no. You have to be wrong. I'm turning 17 in a couple months not 1,017!"

"It was definitely you. I'd bet my life on it."

This is a slash... You know two boys...Yeah, Fay really is a boy -.-"
  1. (1)
    In which we meet Fay, and Fay meets Shane
  2. (2)
    In which we notice something truly odd about Shane
  3. (3)
    In which we see Shane's memories of Fay
  4. (4)
    In which it starts in Shane's P.O.V. and we meet John
  5. (5)
    In which Fay has a break though
  6. (6)
    In which we meet Damon and the Deserters