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Chapter 1-Amnesia Sucks

Harry’s POV

Once we arrived at the hospital everyone started to show up as well. Only two people were allowed into the hospital room at a time.

Nathan and I were the first ones allowed into her room. I remember on the ride here I could have sworn that I heard her voice. It felt like someone put their hand on my shoulder. Something deep down told me that it was Sarah.

The voice said, “I love you, Harry. Please don’t give up on me. I don’t ever want to forget you so please don’t let me forget. It’s up to you now. I love you.”

Then I felt a sensation on my cheek. Her pulse showed up on the monitor slowly beeping. She came back like she promised.

I don’t know just how much blood loss that she went through. The doctor told us that there was definitely going to be some amnesia but didn’t know to what extent.

We both sat there in silence and waited for her to wake up. Nathan then decided to go and get us some drinks.

Sarah’s POV

The hospital room was dead silent. I was in pain. My side was really hurting but I don’t remember what it was from.

I tried to open my eyes and was greeted by a blinding light. It took my eyes a while to adjust before I could see clearly. I turned my head and noticed a boy sitting down next to me. He had dark brown curly hair. I shifted in the bed, he noticed and looked up at me. I noticed that he had stunning green eyes.

“Sarah, you’re awake!” He put his hand on mine, but I quickly pulled my hand back.

Just then a boy who I did recognize came into the room.

“Nathan, who’s this?” I gestured towards the boy who tried to hold my hand.

“His name is Harry. Don’t you remember?”

I shook my head, “sorry, I don’t remember a boy named Harry, but it was nice to meet you.” The boy named Harry looked upset. He looked strikingly familiar like I knew him before but that couldn’t be possible. I used to have a neighbor named Harry but I don’t remember what he looks like anymore.

“What do you remember then?” Nathan asked me.

“I remember that I’m dating you. I don’t remember anything about Harry though sorry.” I don’t want to make myself seem stupid afterall I haven’t seen Harry for a long time. I wish I could remember though.

Harry looked really sad and angry at the same time.

“Harry, are you ok? You look upset about something.”

“Sorry, but I have to go now.” And with that he got up and left the room.

Harry’s POV

She doesn’t remember me. After everything we’ve been through, she doesn’t remember me. I walked out of the room and down the hall to where her doctor was.

“When someone has amnesia do they loose their memory permanently? Or is it possible that they will regain it, because Sarah doesn’t remember me at all.”

He turned towards me, “Well, I’m going to say that with the type of amnesia that she has her memory can be regained over time. She will remember you it will just take time, but it’s up to you to help her remember you.”

“How do I do that though?”

“Take her to places where important things have happened good or bad and she might have a flashback. You might have to help her with some details though. She also might have dreams about what has happened in the past that might confuse her so someone will have to explain them to her because she might just think that they are dreams. You have to get her to open up and trust you before you try to convince her. She might have flashbacks when in certain rooms or if given certain things, but it all depends.”

“So then when will she be able to leave?”

The doctor looked at his chart.

“Well since she is conscious and seems to be responsive she should be free to go after we check a few more things.”

“ok thanks.” I need to think of a way to get her to remember me, but how?

Nathan’s POV

I honestly am pissed off that Harry would let that happen to Sarah. I’m glad she doesn’t remember him serves him right.

I should probably make sure that it stays that way. I don’t need Harry confusing her. My phone vibrating in my pocket then interrupted my thoughts. I unlocked it and read the message. It was from Harry.

[Hey, they said that she could leave after they do some more test. After she’s freed, then we are all going to catch a plane back to London. –Harry]

Sarah looked at me and gestured towards the phone. “What does it say?”

“It’s just Harry saying that they were going to run a few more tests on you then you are free to go. We were all going to then catch a plane back to London.”

After I said that as if on cue the doctor walked back into the room. I got up and kissed Sarah on her forehead, “See you in a bit.” Then left the room.

I saw Harry waiting outside of the room down the hall, sitting in one of the chairs. I decided to go and talk to him.

“Hey why did you text me if you could have just walked in and told me?”

“I can’t face her again. She doesn’t remember me.” He half mumbled while his face was in his hands.

“Come on mate it can’t be that bad.”


“Woah, calm down Harry. You don’t have to be upset about it maybe she will remember you but it will take time. If you want I can at some point in time see if she can tell me about what she does remember.”

Harry sat back down and looked at me. “yeah ok, just tell me what she says. I have to do something.” And with that he got up and walked down the hall to where Louis was waiting for him.

I turned around and headed back towards Sarah’s room. The doctor had just finished the tests so she was ready to leave.

I waited for her while she changed clothes and helped her to the car that was waiting outside. Next Stop. Her House.

Sarah’s POV

Nathan thought it would be best if I take a nap on the way back.


I walked out the door and started to walk across the street.

“Sarah, look out!” I turn to see who said it but I felt a sharp pain while drifting in and out of consciousness. I heard someone come over to me but it was too blurry to see who it was.

“Sarah, sweetheart please stay with me. Keep breathing it will be fine. This is all my fault. I’m so sorry Sarah. I never meant anything I said; I was just upset. I love you, please don’t leave me.”

I felt a drop of something on my hand while they held it to their face. I assumed the drop was a tear.

*End of Dream*

Just like that I woke up. I’m confused though. I don’t get it that dream made no sense.

Nathan noticed my sudden shift in the chair and noticed that I woke up.

“You ok? You look like a lost puppy?” He said with his voice, jokingly.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a dream.” I snuggled back up to him.

“What was it about?” He asked while wrapping his arms back around me.

“Honestly, I don’t understand what it was about myself. It made no sense to me at all.”

“Oh, well then I guess you have a lot of very interesting dreams then don’t you?”

“Yeah, first one since the hospital, by the way why was I in the hospital?”

“You seem tired maybe you should rest some more.” He laughed nervously. Is he hiding something from me? Maybe it’s just me being tired.

“Ok?” I just laid there looking at the ceiling of the plane. I wonder why I was in the hospital. What could he be hiding from me? Whatever maybe if I ask everyone else when Nathan’s not around I can figure out what happened to me and why I ended up in the hospital. Maybe the dream has something to do with it? The voice from the dream felt so familiar but I just couldn’t place it. It couldn’t be anyone I know. It was just a dream after all right?
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