Status: Hajimemashite!

Maintaining Sharon

Sharon Parker, 16, is your ordinary, middle-class teenage girl. She's bright and talented, and dreams of that miraculous future where she makes a ton of money and everyone recognizes her as the most beautiful, most talented person alive. Unfortunately, she's also impatient and lazy (well, she would say that she hates being forced to do something). Throw in some school melodrama, high expectations, boy craziness, the insecurities that come with being a teenager, and a few surprises here and there, and you'll get the story of a young lady who's life is completely thrown of the destiny of her counterparts.

If this was a manga, it would fit under the following genres: slice of life, drama, school life, josei, mature, romance, shojo ai (don't worry, there will also be regular couples!), and smut. Be warned, but don't be scared!