Carry On, Carrie Ann

This story starts out with a young girl named Carrie Ann. She was hospitalized with a heart murmur and had to have a heart transplant. Sadly, the procedure was on the day her older brother was departing to go on tour with Green Day. Her older brother is the bassist of that particular band, Mike Dirnt. This story is mainly centered around Carrie Ann and her secret lover, Billie Joe, and the relationships of her friends.

Rated PG 13 because of some sexual content, drug use, and language.
  1. Hate or Love?
    Mike comes back to over hear Carrie stating she hates him. Does she really hate him? Please read and find out.
  2. Loving You
    There's a party at the ware house and Green Day and Carrie get a little smashed. Billie and Carrie stagger up to their room and do something very forbiden.
  3. Confusions of the Heart
    Carrie wakes up and reacts to everything the wrong way. Was it a mistake to sleep with Billie? Is she really in love? Those are the questions that runs through her head.
  4. Finding Love
    The Green Day gang goes to Ana's house for a party. At the party, Tre spills his drink all over a woman. He instatly falls in love woth this mystery woman.
  5. Untold Secrets
    Billie finds out the truth about himself. He is bisexual. It never occurred to him before, but after a game of spin the bottle he soon finds it out.
  6. Falling For Her
    Tre is falling in love with Taylor. He gets to know her really well in one night's time and wishes to be with her the rest of his life.
  7. First Encounters
    Taylor is woken up by her child hood friend, Katie. Katie has just moved into California and barely knows anyone. She gets the surprise of her life when she meets Green Day.
  8. Busted
    The Green Day gang and Carrie return home. Late into the night Billie and Carrie meet in their room for a little love makin'. But things don't go as planned. Tre walks in. What will happen after this? No one knows except for me. Tee hee.
  9. On The Lookout
    Tre does his best to keep Mike down in the pool room. But when Mike makes his wway towards the stairs what will the drummer do?
  10. Untold Secrets Still Remain Secret
    Carrie and Billie manage to keep their secret, but Mike is catching on. Will he find out?