Status: In Progress

The Beginning to the End


“Hello world, this is Ricki Martin and Bobbi Hull. And we will be your guides as we travel North America to every hockey city.”

“We’ll be driving around the United States and Canada for some networking and to attend a NHL game. It’ll be a long trip but we hope you’ll have just as much fun as we will.”

Friends since birth, Ricki Martin and Bobbi Hull have grown up with the NHL. Everything about their past focused around the Canadian sport and now their futures are about to grant them the opportunity to work with a professional hockey team.

They will travel to the 30 cities, with a few extras, and figure out where their lives will take them. With their Flip, camera, and smartphones at the ready, they will document this adventure for their family and friends to keep track of their progress.

Follow them as they make history and maybe some new friends.

“So sit back, relax, and let us do the driving.”