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For All Things Beautiful

Our Beginning that Never HappenedĀ 

Dear frozen one,

I remember the snow and how it fell gently around us, covering our hats in white, peaceful magic. I remember how the world stopped turning and time was irrelevant for a precious and lovely moment. I remember the look in your eyes when you said, "I promise you forever."

You wouldn't say "I love you", but I didn't care. "I love you" were not the words I wanted to hear. All my heart wanted was the promise of the abstract, the promise that you would do what ever it took to give me what ever we perceived to be "forever". You did not need to say "I love you". By promising me forever, I already knew you did.

We stood there, in the snow, your words hanging, suspended in the dead air, waiting, just waiting to be spoke against. But they never were. Instead, I took them, carefully folded them up and placed them in a pocket by my heart. "If you'll promise me forever," I told you, "then I will accept forever with my whole being."

In the snow, with the snow, we stood, watching the beginning of the rest of our lives unfold. It was perfect. It was the most perfect kind of lovely.

I remember opening my eyes and feeling one frozen tear hit the pavement below. This was our beginning that never had a chance. The beginning that only ever lived in my mind.

With all my heart,
the girl you melted