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For All Things Beautiful

Life is Funny Sometimes

Dearest Poet,

As I write these letters, I am aware that I don't know how our story is going to end. Life is funny, you know, and people are even stranger. Events have an odd way of reshaping themselves, distorting over time. And people, how ever certain and stubborn they may be, always have the opportunity to change.

And even though I am aware of all of that, I wasn't expcting that text.

It came in the middle of the night on the hottest day of summer. It had been the kind of day you and I had loved to hate, the heat mixed with the sun that always seemed just too bright. All day I had thought of you, memories of a past summer haunting me as i struggled to breathe.

It didn't say much, but the words meant everything to me.

"Park, ten minutes?"

Upon reaching the park I instantly saw you, the swing next to you empty and swinging as though a ghost were sitting next to you. Silently I made my way to you and the swing, not saying a word, only looking at your downcast eyes, eyes I had not look into for nearly a year. Eyes that had avoided me at all costs. My heart beat in my ears louder than the bass on some of your favorite song as i sat down. Then, as i rocked back and forth, i waited for an eternity to hear your beautiful voice say;

"Ten months."

"You... you know. You remembered." I whispered, the pounding of my heart increasing to a deafening volume.

"You know, its crazy," you continued, "I can't tell you the exact date we became a couple, but the day I left you is burned into my heart. Its so crazy."

"It's not that crazy," I continued to whisper, the noise in my head making it impossible for me to bring my voice to a normal volume. "I think about it everyday."

It was then you stood up, walked the few short feet to my swing, and held your hands out to me. "My dear, its been ten months. Please, please," you paused, took a deep breath, and in that moment I didn't care how funny life was. I didn't care how much you had hurt me. In that moment when your words spilled out I new the darkness had ended. "Please, don't make me be without you for another day."

I took your hand. It was like it had never left, and suddenly I had reason to wake up again.

It was like I was finally home after being away for so long.

My winter prince, this is not my last letter. No, indeed, it is only the beginning. As these events change and unfurl before us, I'm not sure what will happen or where our paths will take us. But these letters are still for you, they are still my therapy.

Love forever,

the happiest girl in the world