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For All Things Beautiful

Reading Stories that Burn Holes in My Heart

Dear Moon,

I'm sure you've heard many wise phrases that have traveled along the thought of "don't go looking for things you don't want to find." I, too, have heard this but always thought that I would be smart enough not to look into the things that would break me.

My dear, how wrong I was.

From the time I discovered you were a writer I dreamed that you would write songs about me. I imagined that somehow I could become your inspiration and your words would be for me and only me. I dreamed your thoughts would bring to life stories of me and you, two heroes drawn together under the craziest of circumstances.

I needed to know, and your laptop was there. I knew your password, and had no respect your secrets. You hid your files, yet I was determined. You wrote your masterpieces and...

...and I fell with the greatest disappointment that one can only bring upon themselves.

For as I read and searched I found not the me-inspired pieces I had dreamed about nor the epic stories I thought I could be a part of. Instead I found brilliant works that not only emphasized how deep your mind is but also how clearly you see the world. I saw words you wrote out of anger and frustration, I saw songs come together around someone who wasn't me.

It's not your fault, no, for a writer creates what his heart tells him to, and I was the one foolish enough to think it could have been me.

As I write this letter I know you will read it and maybe be confused at my reaction to your brilliant work, for it shines right through me to land on more beautiful subjects that catch your eyes and mind.

It's not your fault, you didn't make me read it. I went looking myself.

Keep writing my dear, for your words are lovelier than life its self sometimes. I need them, despite how much they tear me apart.

Love you,