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For All Things Beautiful

To Be Where You Are

Dear blue eyes,

It was a cold autumn night, the long day behind us as we watched a movie, both of us paying more attention to each other than to the characters on the screen. I had never felt safer than I did at that moment, wrapped up in your arms, and when I actually stopped to think about where I was and who I was with, chills of amazement swept over my entire body.

As you hugged me gently, I moved my face to rest against yours, our lips touching yet contented just to rest together. Closing my eyes, I told myself I could fall asleep with you right here, right now. I told myself this was all I ever had wanted.

My eyes lazily opened, and even in the dark I could still see your eyes shining, the blue in them reflecting the t.v. screen behind me. You smiled then, pulling away from me just a little. Your eyes memorized my face and you ran a warm hand through my hair. I loved the way you made me feel just by looking at me, like I was something special, someone that should be adored. I loved the way you made me feel wanted.

After what seemed like a beautiful forever, you put your arms back around me and returned us to our original embrace. With your lips gently resting on mine once again, you said, with so much contentment, "you're so beautiful, you know that right?"

Now I do, my dear, now I do.

your chere