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For All Things Beautiful

Forgotten Futures

Dear Shattered Daydream,

We were dreamers, lost in our heads because of the plans wrapped around our hearts. We didn't even care that a future with one another was nearly impossible, no, we dreamed about a life together regardless. About the wedding and our children and how we would swing life away once we had grown old and grey. About our honeymoon and adventures and how we would fall more in love with each other every day.

Funny, isn't it, how one little detail can break glorious dreams and turn than into tragedies? Strange, isn't it, how quickly life can change?

If only I had never asked.

Through college we were going to keep in contact, skyping every night, emailing all day. Seeing you on breaks should have worked out, with you picking me up at the airport and showing me around the town, both of us catching up until we finally had nothing to say and would sleep in one another's once lonely arms that craved for the embrace throughout the long separation.

After school you would have proposed to me in a park in the middle of autumn, and we would have been been married in the spring, my ring resting upon my finger so the world could see the custom cut opal you so carefully chose. You would have been mine for as ever long as forever would have given me. I should have been your wife.

We were going to have two babies, the first a boy we would name Mykale, the second a girl called Addeline. They would have had your eyes and mathematical skills while retaining my artistic abilities and love for music. Together we would have raised them to be perfect, brilliant children. Together, we would have made something beautiful.

But I opened that Pandora's box full of questions you didn't want to answer and answers I didn't want to hear. Everything I loved began to crumble; first our future, our day dreams, and then, eventually, us.

I worked so hard for you and this isn't fair. I wish I could change your heart at least a little, and I wish wishes actually worked. I prayed so hard for you before and we came true. I prayed so hard and...

I love you, but even the most beautiful things must end.

With all my heart full of what could have been,

The ghost of your dreams