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For All Things Beautiful

As if You were one of My Characters

Dear Outcast,

You never did care about how things should be, or how other people thought they should be, you instead concentrated on how you wanted them to be. I always noticed you seemed to like the fact that you could keep people guessing, Making them wonder what you were going to do next. Because every move you made was completely random but, at the same time thought out and executed with precision.

On the outside and to those who barely knew you, you seemed to be a funny, quirky guy who could be taken and obsessed with the latest trend in the geek world. You kept yourself guarded and closed off for the most part, almost as if you were putting up a false front to hide who you really were from ordinary eyes.

But for those you chose to let in, you became a very different person. Although he still retained the outside mask, because it was still a part of who you were, one could peek behind it and catch a glimpse of the person you knew you really were, one could see that you were a deep and caring person, even if a little misguided at times.

If there was one thing though, that stood out most of all, it's that you never backed down from what you believed in. Ever. Even if you stood alone or if what you stood for wasn't exactly right, you stuck to your guns and didn't back down. Even if what you believed was right was doing an extremely awkward happy dance in our intro to college lit class.

I wondered often if you realized how very little you smiled, or how very often you messed with your hair. I wondered too if you knew how you rushed his words when you were excited, or that you seemed to shy away from being in the spotlight, like you would rather create it than bask in it. Then there were the things I knew that you knew, like the fact you could be a real badass if need be, or for just because.

Because badasses don't need a reason to be the way they are, they don't need boundaries that tell them stop, they make it up as they go along.

But clearly, you didn't know how to make it up for me. You didn't understand until it was too late that I was worth fighting for, worth hanging on to.

That I was right.

Sending all my love,
The girl who observed