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For All Things Beautiful

Another Snowfall

Hey you,

The snow is falling again, peacefully and quietly like it's trying to sneak down from the heavens. When I came to sit here by the window maybe an hour ago you were the first person I thought of. For the longest time I sat there, cheek against the cold glass, wishing my reflection was you.

Thinking about you, even the abstract version of you I have made up in my mind, makes me feel safe and understood, like your spirit is here with my broken heart even if your body is miles and miles away. Tonight, as I watch the snow and dream of your sad, dark eyes, I wish the distance wasn't between us.

I wish you were here, holding me.

I think too much when I'm by myself. I think of everything that could have been, everything that should have been, and everything that never had a chance. I think on all the wrong things that never worked out and all the beautiful but unwanted things that happened because they didn't.

Leaning once more against the glass I exhale my warm breath onto the window and carefully write your name. Opening my hand, I press my palm to the newly written words and remain still until I stop thinking all together. But I cannot block you out completely, and with my closed eyes fixed towards the clouded sky, I pray that this agony of holding in everything I've ever felt won't continue much longer.

The snow is falling, and I've never been more in love with you than I am now, at this very moment.

Forever yours,
The girl with the frozen tears