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For All Things Beautiful

You Said it was Lovely

My dearest boy of the frost,

I took a walk today. The snow from last night's snowfall lay untouched upon the ground and it was nearly as beautiful as the storm had been. A horrid, sinking feeling filled me when I had to step in it and shatter it's perfection.

As I was walking among The silent trees and almost equally silent songbirds, a little inspiration hit me like the cold ray of sunshine that shone upon my face. Out of the blue I opened my mouth and sang words that just continued to form on my lips and tongue. I don't remember all of it, but I wrote down what I could.

It reminded me of when we would sit in front of the fireplace at your house, my head resting in your lap and your hands scratching out a masterpiece. I felt so safe, so warm, so secure when I was with you. Closing my eyes, I had let a yawn escape and you paused your writing.

"Are you falling asleep?" you asked, concerned but at the same time amused. I loved the sound of the smile in your voice and I giggled.

"No, please, continue writing. I'm just yawning," I told you, yawning again.

You put aside your notebook and I sat up, leaning my head on your chest, matching my breathing to the sound of your heartbeat. "Comfortable?" you asked, your breath in my hair.

"I'm always comfortable when I'm with you," I told you simply, feeling sleep coming on once again as your arm tightened around me.

"I'm glad, now sleep," you said, and I did, breathing in the scent of your hair, your sweatshirt, and of the fire that kept watch over our perfect moment.

the keeper of memories