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For All Things Beautiful

Remember the Stars, Love

Hey you,

I came home late tonight, and as I stepped out of my car I raised my eyes towards the blackened night sky only to be greeted by the disappointment of a cloudy canvas. Not a single star shone through.

Not like when we laid on the hood of your little silver Ford and waited for the stars to appear. I felt your fingers loosely tangled in mine and wondered for a moment if I'd ever before felt so content. So simple, so sweet, and as the night settled in around us, all that mattered was you, me, our intertwined fingers, and the stars that kept watch.

"What are you thinking of?" you asked, your eyes not straying for a second from the enchantment of the sky. 

"I suppose I'm thinking of you," I answered honestly, for with you I knew no other way to be. With you, it was always the truth. "I'm always thinking of you."

Silently, you unlaced your fingers from mine and moved your strong arm so that in a matter of seconds I was in your warm embrace. "I'm thinking of you too, beautiful," you whispered, and I placed my head on your chest, my ear resting on your heart. 

Time became suspended as it always did when we were together. As the moment continued I hummed the opening bars of the Moonlight Sonata, like the final song in a soundtrack. 

The beauty of the moment, the fragility of my heart, and the mystique of the stars left my mind with the loveliest of scars. The memory is treasured, just as you were to me.

Please tell me you remember. With every piece of my shattered heart I pray you remember.

Love always, 
the breathless star gazer