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For All Things Beautiful

You Said You were a Ghost

Dear Snow Boy,

You always said you were an outcast, but I never let myself believe it. I always reasoned you understood people too well and had too big of a heart to ever be an outcast. I always believed that you were wrong.

I was never able to convince you, though, and maybe that was my first mistake.

Do you remember what you said that broke my heart? Do you remember what your words were exactly? Because I don't. All I remember is you bringing me home, sitting me on the porch steps and telling me that you couldn't live a lie any longer. That you weren't ever meant to be with someone, that you were made to be alone. I remember trying to argue through tears and how you wouldn't listen as you kissed me on the forehead for the last time.

I remember seeing blurred tail lights as you drove away.

That night I cried myself to sleep. I thought that I would never be able to stop, but then the morning came and the sun dried my tears. As I looked into the sun on that first morning without you I thought that my only way to heal was to forget you. But that only made the chasm you created in my heart grow wider.

I didn't realize it was the truth that would heal me until nearly three months later when I laid down one night and dreamed of you and the night you broke my heart. When I awoke with tears streaming down my cheeks and the kind sun hiding behind clouds, I knew the truth was all I needed.

Because I couldn't remember what you said. I couldn't remember the words that killed me.

And you were the only soul I wanted to talk to.

Love you,

The Summer Girl