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For All Things Beautiful

Happiness Captured

To the handsome photographer,

Perhaps if you have not remembered your words by this letter you would remember this. I pulled out the photograph by accident and then couldn't bare to put it away. As it lies on my nightstand I study it, and when I close my eyes I can almost hear you say:

"I love this picture of you," you told me and as I looked at the photo on your laptop screen, I made a face that told you exactly how I felt about it.

"Why?" I asked, confused by why you would like this particular picture so much. It was only a still frame from the movie project we were editing. The picture captured a moment when I was smiling after a rather serious and somber scene. It wasn't anything special, and certainly the girl with in the photo who's face was frozen for all eternity wasn't very special either. 

"I love it because..." you paused, taking a moment to look at it and gather the right words to say. You wanted them to be perfect. "I love it because you look like the purest form of happy." 

Your perfect and honest words left us in silence, me unsure of what to say,  until you moved your hand to rest on mine as it lay paralyzed on the mouse. "We should probably get back to editing this."

"Probably," I said, feeling bold as I looked into your eyes and allowed myself to melt just like I had the first time I had gazed into them. Reaching for you, you came closer and I wrapped my arms around your neck. "But what fun is doing what we're supposed to? What fun is there in what we 'probably' should be doing?" 

You moved your head so we were nose to nose and I giggled when I felt your warm breath upon my lips. "You're so sweet," you whispered, "and more than probably right." 

And before I could respond you pressed your lips to mine and suddenly, I was the purest form of happy, all because of you.

Opening my eyes I can now feel the purest feeling of despair creep into my chest and my shaking hands grab the pictures and rip it in half. You were the only one who loved it and now it's gone. And somehow, even with the fragments of picture scattered around me, I don't feel better. I just feel...

So empty, Oh so empty, and all because of you.

With tear-stained affections, 

The shattered still frame