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For All Things Beautiful

The Drive

Dear Logical Thinker, 

 Driving had always been our 'thing'; the wheel in your most capable hands and I enjoying the music and your company in the passenger seat. I was never ambitious about getting my license and you never minded driving me where ever it was I thought I needed to be. Thus, the streets beneath your wheels knew us well. 

Driving around, to get ice cream and pie, to look at winter lights, to listen to new music, or just for the hell of it. Yes, driving, in your little grey Ford, was our thing. 

It had been a normal day, just like any other day in that sunny November, but you knew something was up. You knew, because I was quiet. Something had to be wrong because of the silence that almost never filled the spaces between us. 

First you turned down your new CD that blasted through the stereos and then you turned to me. "Kid," you stared, using the nickname I had grown to love, "why are you so quiet?" 

For a moment I thought about turing the radio back up so I wouldn't have to explain, but I knew you wouldn't let the subject rest until you knew I was okay. 

"It's nothing, it's just..." I paused, reaching out for the words that would help me explain myself., "Don't you ever wonder where your life is going? I mean, we only have twenty four hours in a day, and sixty minutes  within those hours, and what if that's not enough? What if I wake up one day and realized I spent too many minutes doing one thing and not enough hours with..."


I looked at your profile starring straight ahead into the night. "with you," I finished.

I heard you laugh, a laugh that told me that although you didn't understand the logic behind my fear, you found the question cute. Then, you reached for my hand, and I should have been concerned that you now had only one hand on the wheel, but I pushed the worries aside and grasped the one you offered me.

"Never worry about that darling," you told me confidently, "the time is have together is always enough."

It wasn't for me.

The lonely passenger