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i think i just might

We didn’t talk for the remainder of the ride to our little suburb, tucked away about a mile and a half from school. What was one supposed to say in response to that? I was at complete loss of words.

My eyes kept drifting to her as I drove, watching her out of the corner of my eye, noticing the crease in her forehead, the look of contemplation on her face. I wanted to ask her so many things, but mostly I wanted to know why she had even told me. We weren’t friends, at least not to my knowledge. Were we friends now that she had told me or would I drop her off at her house as if nothing had happened? I pulled into her driveway, putting my truck into park and letting my hands fall to my lap as a sigh fell from my lips. I could feel her eyes on me, burning a hole through the side of my head, but I didn’t dare meet her gaze.

“I didn’t tell you so you could feel bad for me, the last thing I wanted was your pity John. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I told you at all, but there's something in me that’s telling me you should know, and I don’t feel that way with many people but,” she paused, taking in a shaky breath and from the corner of my eye I could see her run her hands nervously through her long blonde hair, “but if you can’t handle it then I'm sorry.”

She was reaching for the door handle before I had time to register she was done talking and I watched as she climbed out, grabbing her floral printed backpack from where she had thrown it in the back seat and giving me one last loaded glance before walking up the driveway and towards her front door. Was I supposed to follow her? I didn’t know if that’s what she had wanted, but it’s what I did anyways. I tore my keys from the ignition and nearly fell out of my truck as I practically ran after her, up the porch steps and stopping the front door with my foot just as it threatened to close.

She looked up at me, her bright eyes wide and full of an innocence I had never seen before, not even in small children, and I was suddenly filled with this need to protect her, filled with this fluttering in my stomach that made me want to reach out and smooth away the creases in her forehead. I stupidly wanted to tell her that everything was alright, and that I would make everything okay, because I didn’t know it then, but looking back on it now, I knew I would do anything for that girl, even if it meant trying to do something impossible.

“You may be sorry, but I'm not sorry you told me. I'm confused and shocked and I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll probably say the wrong things a lot, but I’ll try my best to understand, if you'll give me the chance to.” I rushed the words out in the hopes that she would understand what I was trying to tell her trying, trying to make her realize, and I was relieved when she opened the door wider, a small smile replacing the frown as she too sighed in relief.

“One chance John O’Callaghan and I mean that; Avery Ryder does not do second chances, and you'd do well to remember that,” she told me. Her tone was joking, but I could hear the underlying seriousness that was laced within her words. It was in that moment that I made a silent promise to Avery, just one of the many promises I would make to her in my lifetime. It was in that moment that I promised her I would make this chance worth it, and that she wouldn’t regret this.

But as they say, promises are meant to be broken.
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