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As Maicee laid awake listening to Synyster's light snores, she tried thinking of a way to get out of the situation she was in. She didn't want to be around those men. They were very intimidating and scary. She just didn't know how she was going to leave. It wasn't like she could just waltz out the front door...or could she? They were all sleeping and maybe they didn't keep the doors bolted. She could run away and look for help.

Finally finding the courage to try out her plan, Maicee tried prying Synyster's arms from her gently. She hoped he was a heavy sleeper and didn't wake up. Once she got his arms untangled from her body, she heard him groan. She froze in fear, but sighed with relief when she heard his light snores again.

Carefully, she got out of the bed and tiptoed to the door. She opened it and walked slowly through the hallway to the stairs, making sure not to make any loud noises that would alert the vacants of the other rooms of her being out of the room.

She finally made it down the stairs and made her way to the door She almost jumped with fright when she seen Vengeance and who she assumed to be his girl in the living room watching TV. They were both sound asleep and were unaware of her being there. She turned away from them as she continued to walk to the door. She unlocked the bolts and took a deep breath as she opened the door, but jumped and screamed when an alarm sounded off through the mansion.

"What the fuck?!" she heard Vengeance yell.

"Shit," she muttered to herself and bolted out the door as quick as her feet would let her.

She looked around and all she could find were trees around her. It was as if this place was hidden in a forest. How was she supposed to find help when she didn't know where to go to look for it.

"There she is!" she heard Synyster yell.

She stopped looking around and just ran where her feet took her. Maybe she could find a house or a road. Anything to get her away from them and to safety. She ignored the cold and the pain in her feet from twigs and rocks digging into them. There was no time to dwell on it. She could hear the men running after her. They sounded as if they were getting closer to her. She had to run faster. She ran for a little while until she could see a road coming into view not far from her. If she could just make it there and flag down a vehicle, she would be saved, but that wasn't going to happen. Before she could even make it to the road, she was knocked hard on the ground, the wind being taken out of her. She was turned onto her back and found Synyster above her with a look that scared her.

"Where the fuck do you think you were going?!" he yelled, slapping her. "Answer me!"

"H-home!" she yelled, crying. "I was going home."

"This is your home!" he yelled.

Maicee cried harder as she was jerked up. She found all of the men standing before her and wrapped her arms around herself. She had never been so scared in her life.

"How do you want to deal with her?" Christ asked, looking over at Synyster.

"I don't know," he said. "I'll deal with it back at the mansion."

"I have an idea for the bitch," Shadows said with an evil grin.

It was only at that moment that Maicee seen the big belt he was holding. Her eyes grew wide.

"Strip," he said.

"W-what?" she asked.

"Take your fuckin' clothes off," he said more demanding now. "Every bit of them."

"Please don't," she pleaded with him. "I'll go back and be a good girl."

"You should have thought about that before running off," he said. "Now strip."

"Please don't let him do this to me!" she begged Synyster, but he just ignored her.

Maicee stood there. She was not going to do what he said. She was not taking all of her clothes off for those men to look at her. Shadows got the hint and looked over at Christ. He nodded to him and Christ began walking over to her. Maicee backed away from him, but he grabbed her before she could run off again. She tried fighting him as he tore off her shirt and shorts, but he was too strong. She fought even harder when he tore off her bra and panties, leaving her naked in front of them. She tried covering her body as she cried. She shook from the cold and fear she was feeling.

"Please don't do this," she whispered as Shadows stepped up to her, unwrapping the belt from his hand.

Before Maicee knew it, Shadows had rared back and hit her with the belt with all his might. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground in a heap. He striked again and hit her on the back. Maicee could do nothing but scream and cry. He didn't let up as he continued hitting her. She had been hit so much that she eventually became numb from it and curled herself in a ball. She had been beat before in her life, but it was nothing compared to this.

"That's enough!" she heard Synyster yell as he stepped between them. "She's had enough, man. Damn."

Maicee lifted her head from her arms and looked at them. Shadows was breathing hard from what she assumed was rage and Synyster was looking at him with a glare. She looked on to the rest of the men. Christ looked at her with no emotion, Vengeance looked at her with a look of what she thought was sympathy, and Rev was not gazing at her at all. Almost as if he couldn't watch the scene before him.

"Go back to the mansion," Synyster said to them. "I'll bring her up."

They listened to what he said and walked back in the direction of the mansion, leaving Synyster and Maicee alone. She had resorted back to hiding her face in her arms, feeling ashamed and embarrassed at what had just happened to her. Tears flowing from her eyes and soft whimpers escaping her. Synyster turned back to her and knelt down beside of her. He put his hand on her shoulder and she whimpered more, trying to scoot away from him.

"Just leave me alone."

"I have to get you back to the mansion," he said as he turned her over and scooped her in his arms.

It hurt her whole body, but she kept quiet. She was cold so she snuggled more into Synyster. He gave off a little heat to her, but not much because he was still only in his boxers.

They made it back to house and Maicee hid her face in Synyster's chest. She could hear the other men in the living room talking. She couldn't stand to look at them. Synyster walked them up the stairs and into his bedroom. He sat her on the bed and went into the bathroom to run her a bath. She stayed shivering on the bed while she waited for him to come back. She heard the water being turned off later and watched as he walked back into the room. He picked her up again and walked her to the bathtub. He put her in it and she sighed from the warmth of the water. She tried covering her body so he couldn't look at her.

"I've seen naked girls before," he said. "It isn't something new for me. I have to wash you anyways."

"I can do it myself," Maicee said.

"Just fuckin' listen to me," he said.

She looked at him, but eventually untangled herself.

"He really did a number on you," Synyster said as he looked over her body.

Maicee took a look herself and gasped at the whelps and bruises forming on her body.

"You just need to learn to behave," he said as he ran a washcloth over her body. "No girl has tried running away before. Not like that anyways. Shadows has a bad temper. I have a pretty bad one, too, but he knows I'd never punish you like that so that's why he did it. He's hard to stop. He's usually the one that punishes the girls. He's nicer once you start obeying us. Don't think I'm not pissed at you right now though because I am."

"Please don't punish me," Maicee whispered to him.

"I'm not going to," he said. "You've had more than enough."

Maicee stayed quiet while Synyster continued to clean her body off with a washcloth. She got over the fact that she was naked in front of him. She pulled her knees up and rested her chin on them as he got up to retrieve a towel for her. He held it open and wrapped it around her once she got herself stood up. He carried her back into the bedroom and sat her on the bed.

"You have some cuts I need to put some ointment on," he said as he retrieved some from the bathroom.

After he had applied some to the cuts on her body, he got her some more clothes from the drawer and threw them towards her. She tried putting them on without causing more pain on her body. She got back under the covers when she had them on. Synyster turned off the light and got in after her. They were facing each other.

"It'll get better here," he said. "You just have to behave."

Maicee fell asleep with those words and the feel of Synyster's hand gently rubbing her cheek.
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