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Golden Slumbers


It’s been another incredible day in the history of Till. I still feel all jellyish and soft, and it’s been hours since I left Oli’s house. I slept with Oli today!
I saw him before school, but he only winked at me and moved on. My friends all laughed at how I was blushing, especially Ella.
Then during English he asked if I could sleep over his house, with this really nervous look in his eyes like he expected me to say no, as if I would do that. I was so happy all day I kept smiling for now reason.
He was a little late for the bus, and I was slightly relieved to see him. I worry sometimes. He teased me as we got on though, and told me about telling Alejo and Charlie.
I felt really important, that he would come out to his best friends and everything. Oli stopped laughing when we got to his house though. I don’t think it was that bad.
It was cute, on the small side, and everything was neat. His house smells like cinnamon and honey, which is nice.

I felt bad for Oli when he showed me his mom’s room. His voice got really quiet, and his shoulders slumped. I understand how he feels.
I miss my mom a lot too, and at least my dad’s still around. So I leaned against his shoulder and took his hand. “She’s coming back, Oli. And she’ll be better when she does.” He seemed to cheer up.
I didn’t know before just how badly off Oli had been. There has to be at least five full on holes in his walls. No wonder his fists are messed up.
But I got my mind off that when he told me about the carnival. I had been desperately wanting to go, but no one could come with me, and it’s not fun to be alone at a carnival.
Oli took me in the Fun House, and we visited a bunch of booths, and I did force him on the Ferris Wheel (which he didn’t want to go on) and a lot of other rides, and we had too much junk food, and Oli won me a stuffed dragon I have beside me now.

I felt like my smile couldn’t come off my face, and I didn’t want to leave Oli. He got us cotton candy and soda and we walked to the edge of the pier. Oli was leaning against me, his long legs almost touching the water, pale hazel eyes focused on the horizon.
He had cotton candy stuck in his snake bites. Beautiful. My heart ached when I thought about school ending in just two weeks. It still aches.
I’m going to California right away to get used to everything before the school year starts. “Oli?” “Yeah?” He turned to me, smiling.
“Where are you going to college?” “Uhm, University of New Hampshire. Why?” All the way across the country from me. Of course.
“Nothing. I’m going to University of California.” I could see he got it when his eyes softened and he put his hand on my leg.

He kissed me and I let myself forget college, try to remember how Oli’s snakebites feel against my tongue.
We walked along the beach and the sad feeling got worse, even as I laughed with Oli. I wanted to be with him as much as possible before I left for California.
Ella is going to the same college with me. We’re already planning to room together. I’ll obviously see my father again. No one else but the three of them matter to me.
And Oli is going to be so far away. We got soaked by the water and I had to change into his clothes. I picked an old t shirt that made me feel like a dwarf.
It hung off my shoulder and brushed my knees. But Oli’s eyes darkened when I walked up to him. “I think your clothes are a little too big for me.” “I don’t think so.”
He pushed me against the wall, ran callused hands up my skin. Fuck, it felt good. I wanted as much of Oli as possible before I had to leave him, so I was happy when he growled into my ear, “My room. Bed. Now.”

I know Oli didn’t really know what he’s doing, but if that’s what his first time’s like, Oli’s going to be a sex god. I fell asleep right after and woke up to his steady breathing in my ear, his arms wrapped around my chest.
I was still holding the stuffed dragon. It was bare skin against bare skin, which kinda made me want another round. So we did. I left his house smiling like a derp, holding the stuffed dragon, my lips still buzzing from his kiss.