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When I'm With You, I'm at Home

Tell me everything will be alright.

Ashton's POV-

I woke up on the floor. My cheeks were stained with tears, and the room was spinning. I shook my head, wishing that it were all just a nightmare. I finally pushed myself up, and crawled on to my bed. I laid my head back on the pillow, closing my eyes. But only for a moment, before my phone rang. I grabbed it to check who it's was. It was a call from John. I hit ignore. But I noticed I had several missed texts from Brian. Brian was apparently on his way here. He told me to be at the airport at 2:00pm. I glanced over at the clock, which read 12:00pm.

My phone began to ring, and I pressed ignore once more.

I texted John quickly "John I can't talk to you, for a while."

I didn't want to explain why. I just wanted him to stay away. I didn't want to get hurt, and I didn't want him to get hurt either.

"I don't understand. Call me, please." He replied.

I didn't. I didn't call him, or text back. I had to leave it alone.


I showed up at the airport, just at two. I stood by his gate, patiently waiting. I was terrified to see him. I didn't want to, not at all.

People started walking out, which made my heart jump. The last one to walk to was Brian.

He smirked at me, as walked over. "Miss me?" Brian asked.

I couldn't reply. My body was frozen.

"Come g-give your boyfriend a h-hug?" He slurred, while slowly staggered over towards me. As he got closer to me, I took steps back.
I continued to back away from him, until my back was against the wall. He reached out his arms, and dragged me to his chest. I stayed frozen, and he held me.

"Now that's no way to hug your boyfriend." He spoke, with a sickening scent of alcohol lingering on his breath.

I slowly brought my arms up, but not to hug him back. I pushed him a way from me. It took all my strength to move him. "Are you drunk?" I asked him.

"I drank a little."

"You smell terrible."

"So no kiss?"

I gulped, "Not now."

He shook his head. "Now." He pulled me to him, forcing his lips onto mine.


The ride home was horrible. I was so scared, for him to meet my family. As I pulled up to my house I knew there was no running away from this now.

I opened the front door, finding my parents waiting inside on the couch. Brian and I walk in, and my mother leaps up. "Brian,” She said. “It is so great to finally meet you." My mom exclaimed, shaking Brian's hand.

"You as well." Brian smiled.

I stood in the background as they got to know each other. Brian acted fake, trying to please my parents. And of course, my parents bought into his act.

Surprisingly, my parents are letting Brian stay with me in my room. But my dad did say, “No funny business.”

We brought his bags up to my room, throwing them to the floor.

I look at the ground as I ask Brian, “How long are you staying?”

“Hmm,” He began. “Just a couple days. Just enough to keep an eye on you.”


"We should be back by one." My mom told me, as she kissed my cheek. MY parents were going to a work party, for my dad. "Behave." She smiled, before heading out of the door.

I sat on the couch, continuing to watch TV. After a little while, Brian stood up, and walked into the kitchen. I heard the cupboard open, and close. I followed him in there, to see him searching through the fridge. When he noticed me, he slammed the fridge door shut.

"What the hell." He shouted. "You have no alcohol in this house?"

"My parents don't drink."

He rolled his eyes, growing angry. "That fucking stupid." He growled.

"You are already pretty intoxicated. I don't think you need anymore."

He stepped to me, pushing me against the wall. I slammed my head, on the edge of the cupboard.

I tried to run away from him, but he just chased after me. Soon enough he caught up. His hands gripped my hair, and thrusted me back to him. "Why would you run?" He asked, still pulling my hair.

"I-I'm sorry." I cried.

"Sorry isn't good enough." He hissed, throwing me the floor. "How dare you tell me not to drink anymore?"

"I'm sorry." I said, beginning to sob. I rolled my body up, huddling in to the corner.

Brian laughed, and then kicked me. His shoe stabbed into my ribs. I cried out in pain.

"I wouldn't tell anyone about this if I were you." He muttered ancient. "You wouldn’t want me to hurt you again, now would you?"

"N-no." I whispered.

"Good." He said. "I'll be back later."

"W-where are you g-going?"

He didn't answer me. He just took my car keys, and left. I stayed unmoved on the kitchen floor, until I heard the car pull away. I wrapped my hand around my side, holding my rib cage. It ached, as I tried to stand.

Once I got to my feet, I busted out of the backdoor, and let the tears pour out. Soon enough my quiet cry turned into a loud sob. I wandered around the dark backyard, walking through the wet grass. I felt my knees begin to shake, threatening to give out.

Suddenly I heard something. I could have sworn I heard my name being called. But when I held back my tears, everything was silent. Once I was almost positive I was alone. I let myself cry again.

"Ashton?" A familiar voice called out.

I didn't reply. I could barely breathe.

I heard the sound of the fence shaking, and heavy footsteps coming towards me. A tall, thin, silhouette came into my view.


"Ash, what's wrong?" he asked, grabbing my shoulders, and looking into my eyes.

I wiggled away from him, and wiped away my tears. "Nothings wrong, John. I’m fine."

"Like I believe that for second." He said, stepping towards me. "What's going on?"

I gulped, and looked up at him. "I c-can't t-tell you."

"Baby, you can't tell me anything. You know that."

I thought about telling him what happened, but I talked myself out of it. While I thought about it, I felt the tears creep up in my eyes. They quickly slipped out. I collapsed to the cold ground, John following me.

I felt his arms wrap around me, and him whisper, "Ashton, tell me what's going on."
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