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When I'm With You, I'm at Home

Just forget me, its that simple.

Ashton's POV-

I sat on Johns' bed, with my knees against my chest. He sat at the edge, staring at me.

"You better get home. Your mom is probably freaking out." John breathed.

"You're right."

"I'll walk you."

"No," I insisted. "You don't have to."

His eyebrows pulled together. "It's okay. I don't mind."

"Really John, you don't need to."



"Does it have to do with why you said you couldn't see me anymore?"

I sighed. "Kind of."

"Just tell me."

"Brian came to visit." I confessed, shrugging.

"Your boyfriend." John uttered disappointedly.


"And he doesn't like me, or?"

"Well, actually he doesn't really know about you."

"Wow." John breathed. "I feel really special."

"I'm sorry, John. He just gets really jealous. If he knew about you he wouldn't have let me come back home."

"Oh, so he controls you?" John hissed.


"Seems like it."

"No, John. Just stop."

"Well, he is going to find out about me tonight."

"What, why?"

"I'm guessing he will be at the party, right?"

I paused, rubbing my temples. The party.

My parents throw it every year at the hall down the street, their annual holiday party.

There will be no escaping it.

"Please behave." I told John.

He rolled his eyes. "Tell me why I should?"

"For me."

He looked at me, his lips pressed in to a straight line. "You're lucky I love you."


I cautiously walked in to the front door of my house. As I slowly shut the door, I found Brian and my mom sitting on the couch.

"Ashton!" Brian jumped up. "Where were you?"

"I'm sorry." I began. "I fell asleep at my friends house."

"Who?" Brian balled up his fists, and attempted to hide his rage.

"My friend Baylees’ house." I said, sounding confident in my response.

"You should have called." My mother chimed in, stepping up to Brian's side.

Brian's head spun to look at her. He took a couple deep breaths, attempting to calm himself down. He knows better than to get upset in front of anyone, except for me.

"I'm sorry. I'll call next time." I apologized.

"Well Ashton, you should get cleaned up." My mother yelled. "We can't be late to our own party."

It will be my first time attending in three years, but I wasn't very excited. Brian was going with me of course, and John will be there. I am just praying that everything goes well.


"Brian, please don't drink tonight." I pleaded, holding on to his arm, while we walked up to the entrance of the party. "I really want to tonight to go well."

"So, I can't drink?" His eyes glanced down, meeting mine, and stopped in the doorway.

"I would like it if you didn't." I breathed. I was scared to ask him. I knew he wouldn't like it.

"I don't see why I can’t drink." Brian started, as we continued to walk inside.

As we walked in I spotted John sitting along the bar. John glanced over, glaring at Brian us. His expression soon softened, and he smiled over at me. I smiled back at him, and then looked away, remembering whom I was holding on to.

Brian picked up on this. Brains eyes burned in to John. He tugged me closer to him, and I looked up at him, as he spoke. "I won’t drink, just for you, baby." He said, loud enough for John to hear. Brian leaned down and connected our lips.

I pulled away, and discreetly peeked over at John, who was watching me, while sipping a beer.

"Why don't we go mingle." Brian said, pulling me towards a group of people.

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