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When I'm With You, I'm at Home

Hurts the same when nobody knows

Ashton’s POV-

I looked all around the bar to find Brian. I finally found him in the very back, slumped up against the wall. His eyes were dark and glazed over.

I was ready to turn around and go back to find John, but Brian already had spotted me.

"Baby, come here." He slurred, holding out his arms, waiting for me to be in them.

I slowly approached him, and soon I was trapped in his grip. He wasted no time, attacking me with his lips.

"Lets go in the back." He groaned, already dragging me to the dark, back of the club. He kicked up the men's bathroom door, throwing me in to the back stall.

"Brian, please stop." I screamed out, through my streaming tears.

I cried so hard. I could barely breathe. I tried to fight Brian off me, but I was just too weak. He took over me: hitting me, kicking me, kissing me.

I wanted to feel numb. I didn't want to feel this.


I think it was around a half hour later when Brian finished. He pulled his pants up and walked out of the stall. He left me there. I was propped up against the cold tiled wall. I pulled my body up and hung my head over the toilet. I got sick, repeatedly. When I was finished, I began to cry again. I was amazed my eyes didn't run out of tears.

I stopped when I heard the bathroom door open. I froze. I was terrified he was coming back. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath. I soon heard water running and then the sink turned off. The door opened and closed once more. I was alone again.

This was my chance. I quickly shot up from the floor and began to run. I ran out of the bathroom, and I searched everywhere for John.

I found him leaned up against the bar, sipping from a water bottle. I dashed over to him, sobbing, and out of breath.

"Take me home."

He looked so confused, but wrapped his arms around me. "Ashton, are you okay? Have you been drinking?"

I turned my head and peeked up at him. "No, I want to go home. Now, please." I said, still holding on to him.

"Okay." He nodded. "Let's go." John pulled my arms off him, but gripped my waist.

I held on to John, while I walked. I started to shake and feel lightheaded. Suddenly, I couldn't walk straight, and I was slipping out of Johns grip. My eyelids began to drop down, as my vision started to fade. Right before my body hit the floor, John yanked me back up.

"Ashton, Ashton?" John called, "Can you hear me? Are you okay?" He shouted.

My eyes gradually opened, and all I could do was blink.


It all started to flood back to me, everything about Brian. I jumped up and grabbed John’s hand.

"Lets go." I begged, as I dragged him to the door. John trailed behind me a bit, while he tried to figure out what was going on.

I thrusted the club door open. I looked around the parking lot, but couldn't find the car. My emotions were running wild, and my tears just started to pour out.

I took my arm, and quickly wiped away my tears. John turned me towards him, and inspected me. I was hiding my face, away from him.

He pulled my chin up, and his fingers brushed away my tears. "Talk to me." John begged.

"Later, take me home." I cried.


John let me be on the way home. I curled myself up on the passenger seat and leaned against the window. So many of my fears from the past are now crawling back. I was at a loss. I didn't have a clue in what to do now. All I could do right now was cry. And thats hat I did, the whole way home. John didn't like it though; he looked uncomfortable. His knuckles turned white, as he gripped the steering wheel. He kept looking over at me, confusion all over his face. Every once in awhile he would reach over and push my hair back, or hold my hand.

Finally, he pulled in to the driveway. He told me to stay here, as he came around to my side. He opened the door and helped me out of the car. John picked me up and carried me in to his house. His parents were ready asleep, so he just took me up to his room.

John laid me down, gently on his bed.

"Tell me what's going on?" He demanded, but yet he still sound so sweet.

"John, I want to tell you, but I just can't."

"Ashton, just tell me." John begged.

"John, I'm scared." I said, as two tears slipped out.
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