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When I'm With You, I'm at Home

Slow down now, the secrets out.

Ashton's POV-

My body was felt stiff, as I awoke. The sun creeped in through the cracks in Johns blinds; I wished it would go away. I wanted it to stay dark, so I could stay in this bed forever. I wouldn't have to go back home. I wouldn't have to hide away. I wouldn't have to leave Johns arms.

I tried to stretch my body out, but I ended up waking up John. He kept his arms around me, while he yawned. “Morning.”

I breathed out slowly. I was scared to say anything; I knew it wasn’t long until he asked me about last night, but I didn’t want to let the truth out yet.

John released me from his grip and sat up in the bed. His long, bare, but tattooed torso was revealed, when the blanket fell off him, as he lifted his arms above his head to stretch.

His arms fell down, before he turned around to look at me. "Are you ready to explain what happened last night?"

"Not really."

"Ash, you have to tell me."

"I don't know how to start."

"Well, why were you so scared last night?"

I sat up on the bed, directly across from John. I peered down at my folded hands and took in a deep breath. "B-Brian."

"Brian?" John snarled. "What did he do?"

"He hurt me." I began. "Again."

"Hurt you, how? W-what do you mean again?"

And I told him. Everything. Not just about last night, but every night. Every night, since the first night.

Johns face was flushed and expressionless. I felt so uncomfortable under his view. I needed him to say something, but at the same time I needed him not to.

"I'm going to kill him." John causally muttered. "That's just it."

"John, you can't."

"Just like he can't do those things to you, but he did.”
“John, he is capable of so much, and I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” I muttered. “Think logically.”

“Fine, we will go to the police,” He announced. “Right now.

I followed John out the front door. My eyes jumped everywhere as I walked to his truck. I was terrified of the thought of Brian seeing me. I rushed to the passenger side and jumped in. John already had the keys in and started the engine. We drove to the police station in silence. The whole ride, John had his hand wrapped around mine.

He knew this was tough for me. It was hard to tell everyone the hell I have been living in, but it saying it doesn’t compare to living it.

We pulled in to the police station parking lot. I stared ahead at the building not wanting to move from my seat.

John looked over at me and squeezed my hand. “Everything will be better soon.” He whispered. “They can help. Brian will be gone, and you’ll be free.”

I met his eyes, and smiled softly at him. “Thank you.”

He nodded at me, before he opened his door. We walked in to the police station together; John held my hand and assured me it will all be over soon. We walked to the front desk and that’s when John and I explained everything to the police.
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