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When I'm With You, I'm at Home

I can't find my breathe, can we just say the rest with no sound.

Johns POV-

"John, get in here." My mom anxiously, called to me, motioning me into the living room.

I sighed and began walking over. I turned the corner, entering the room.

My mom was standing up behind the couch, with Mrs. Bentley. "John, you remember-" My mom started, as Mrs. Bentley stepped aside. Then I saw her.


She was here. She was back. I can't believe it, I don't. I stared at her, not believing my eyes. My jaw was to the floor, as I studied this image. She looked the same, for the most part. The only thing that had me worried, was the youthful glow of her skin, seemed to be gone. She had dark bags under her eyes, making her look exhausted.

"John," My mom snapped. "Why don't you say hello."

I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality. I dropped my eyes to the floor, and bit down hard, on my lip. "Hi."

"H-hey." Ashton replied.

I lifted my head up, to look at her. She was smiling, awkwardly, and had her hands folded in front of her.

"Why are you here?" I asked, harshly.

"John!" My mom scolded, yet again, while smacking my arm.

"Nice to see you to, John." Ashton said, sarcastically.

"I need a drink." I announced; before walking out of the room, and in to the kitchen.

I heard my mom scoff at me, but I just continued to walk. I pushed the swinging door open, and made my way to the counter. There were different alcohol bottles, spread all along the counter. I picked up a cup, and a random bottle, and poured some in to my cup. I sighed, before taking a sip. I leaned my body up against the counter. Suddenly, the door swung open, and Ashton appeared.

She stood next to the door, and said, "I didn't remember you being so mean."

I took another sip of my drink, and turned my head away from her.

"Im sorry that I left, but I had to." She mumbled, walking towards me. "You shouldn't still be mad at me about it."

"I don't see why you had to leave, or why you stopped returning my calls." I said, narrowing my eyes at her.

She dropped her gaze to the floor. "I'm sorry about that." She whispered.

"Yeah, you sure seem like."

Ashton looked back up at me, with anger in her eyes. "John, you don't understand!"

"Oh, then please tell me more; about how you decided to pick up, and leave one day. Then just stop calling me; completely cutting me out of your life." I shouted at her. "Because I would love to hear that story."

She shook her head. "You don't drink in my house, remember?" She stated, taking my drink out of my hand. She walked over to the sink, and dumped it out.

"This isn't your house; you live in California now, remember?" I snapped at her.

"Why are you even here?" She said, her voice cracking, as she spoke.

"I was just wondering that myself."

"Then why don't you do us both a favor, and leave?” She said, while her eyes began to water.

I stayed silent, starting to feel pretty guilty.

"Never mind, I'll go." She cried, and then bolted through the door, back to the living room.

I quickly ran after her; she was almost to the door when I entered. "Ashton!" I called after, but she kept running.

"What is going on?" Ashton's mom yelled.

I ignored her, and chased after Ashton.

"Ashton, please stop!" I yelled.

"Why should I?" She asked, slowing down her speed.

"I'm sorry, for what I said back there." I told her, almost catching up with her.

"No you're not." She proclaimed. She stopped walking, and turned around, towards me.

"I am... I'm sorry." I told her, sincerely. I wrapped my arms around her, and pulled to my chest. She just stood there, for a second, and then she held me back.

"I hate you." She cried.

"I hope you don't mean that."

"Well, I hope I do." She muttered, resting her head on my shoulder.

"Stubborn." I gawked.

"Annoying." She replied, with a slight laugh. "Can we just start over?"

"Yeah, I'd like that." I said, rubbing her back.

Then we heard our mom’s voices, calling to us. We stepped away from each other, and began walking over to them.

"What is going on?" Ashton's mom fired.

"We’re just making up." I told her, peeking over at Ashton, with a smirk.
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