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When Sin's Deep in My Blood, You'll Be the One to Fall.

Chapter One.

I sighed softly as I threw my messenger bag over my shoulder and placed on my shoes. Today was my first day back at college and I knew the time would pass extremely slowly. I hated college. Honestly, I didn't even know why I enrolled. All I wanted to do was art, and I decided to pick psychology. It drained the life out of me, leaving me with little to no time for myself. I placed my headphones in and turned on my music, letting AC/DC fill my ears as I walked the short distance to the run-down building I called a school. Many students littered the entrance as I lazily strolled towards the front doors, not being in any rush to get to my first lesson as I pulled out my headphones. The hallways were packed, the sudden noise giving me a migraine as I walked towards my locker.

“Hey hot shit, how you doing today?” My best friend Amanda said as she arrived, her locker being next to mine.

“Headache. But other than that I'm alright.” I stated as I grabbed my books for the days lessons.

“Tell me about it, stupid newbies being all excited and loud. I've already mentally strangled most of the fuckers.” She stated as she grabbed her books too before slamming her locker. I chuckled slightly at her comment as I placed everything in my bag and shut the small door. We walked further down the hallway until finally silence reached our ears. “You got Mr Baker this year?” Amanda asked and I nodded sadly.

“That teacher has it in for me, I swear. He hates my guts.” I stated and she shrugged.

“You never know, maybe something’s different this year. Maybe he’s finally pulled his head from outta his ass.” She said and I couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up inside me, she sure knew how to cheer me up. “Anyway, I'm heading off to class. I’ll see you later!” She exclaimed as she skipped off in the opposite direction, I waved goodbye and then slowly made my way towards my classroom. I hated the fact my days started with Mr Baker. He failed me on purpose and he always called me out. I liked maths, I was good at it. But not when he was my teacher. I couldn't wait to get out of this place simply because of him, I loathed him. I walked through the door early to see one other student in their seat, Mr Baker looked up and shook his head softly before staring back down at the paper in his hands. I rolled my eyes softly before walking over to my usual seat, dropping my bag and plopping down in the uncomfortable chair. It didn't take long for the familiar faces to pile in before the late bell. I remembered almost everyone, the ones who were liked in this class. Mr Baker sat up once everyone was in their assigned seats.

“Right class. Turn to page 195 and solve all the problems on that page.” He stated before carelessly throwing his legs onto his desk and laying his head back on the chair. That’s all he ever did. Made us do some stupid questions in a book while he slept the day away. I guess this year wasn't going to be any different from the last. Once I was done with all the problems, I walked up to Mr Bakers desk and handed him my work. He sighed as he took the paper out of my hands and quickly skimmed over the sheet.

“You didn't show your working out. That matters in a test. You've failed. Again.” He stated before handing me back the sheet of paper and going back to his stance as before.

“But Sir, these are easy. A seventh grader could do these! Why would I have to show the working out to those?” I asked but he simply ignored me. I growled softly before storming back to my seat and throwing myself in it.

“See me after class.” Was all he said as I plucked another sheet of paper out of my bag and turned to the work I should be answering.


As everyone exited the class, I placed all my work in my bag and stalked towards the teachers desk.

“What’s happening with you Olivia? You’re a bright girl I know you can do better.” He stated as I stared into his eyes.

“Maybe if you gave us the work we needed, I’d do better. No one cares about this class, everyone loves it because it’s easy but I came here to work and learn. I don’t care what personal problems you’re having, you shouldn't bring it to school. You think because you used to be in some big fancy rock band, that you should get different treatment. But look, the band fucked up and now you’re back to your old job. The only reason this place isn't firing your ass is because you bring a lot of attention and money to the place. Don’t call out me for your mistakes.” I stated angrily before making my way out of the classroom. I knew I’d pay for it later, but I honestly didn't care. It felt amazing to finally show that punk-ass a piece of my mind. I stalked down the halls towards my next class and silently prayed for the day to end.


“Hey gorgeous, How was your first day?” Amanda asked as we made our way out of the building, our first day finally over and done with.

“Terrible. I shouted at Baker, my science teacher pissed me off to no end, and I nearly tore my hair out in psychology. How about you?” I asked and she gasped.

“Back it up girl, you argued with Baker for once?” She asked and I nodded.

“He was blaming me for being shit and I basically told him it was his own fault. If you was there for the essay I shot out, you’d be so proud.” I giggled softly and she pulled me into a tight hug.

“It doesn't matter! I'm still so proud of you!” She exclaimed happily and I giggled at her silly behaviour. “Now, I got a text from Carter. Let’s go help his lazy ass out at the shop before his brain explodes.” She explained and I nodded, liking the sound of the idea.
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