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When Sin's Deep in My Blood, You'll Be the One to Fall.

Chapter Three.

The next day, I woke to someone climbing on top of me.

“Liv! Wake up! We’re gonna get breakfast!” I heard Amanda screech and I groaned as I pulled my pillow over my head to block out the horrid noise.

“Amanda, it’s 7am. Get the fuck off me!” I screamed and she chuckled softly as she climbed off the bed.

“Geez, someone’s cranky today.” She stated. “Now get your ass up, I want pancakes!” She exclaimed as I pulled the pillow from over my head.

“You’re too happy in the morning.” I said as I climbed out of my comfy bed. All I wanted to do was climb back in and sleep the day away. I walked over to my bathroom and quickly did my business before brushing my teeth. I ran a brush through my naturally wavy hair and sighed as I looked in the mirror. My face was a train wreck! I applied my daily make up before walking into my room and shoving on the first outfit I found in my wardrobe. “You happy now?” I asked as I gestured to myself and Amanda grinned.

“Of course. Now let’s go get some breakfast!” She exclaimed and I sighed softly as I rolled my eyes. I grabbed my messenger bag before walking out the door and over to my car. We jumped in before making our way to our favourite café that was just around the corner from college. A waitress came and took our orders, leaving our glasses of Coke before walking away.

“So, what was it like with Baker yesterday? Awkward as fuck I presume!” Amanda exclaimed and I simply shrugged.

“We talked, I seemed to get through to him finally. He said today would be different, I guess we’ll just have to see.” I stated as I let my mind drift. I did feel bad for the teacher, but why should I? He was nothing more than that.

“Earth to Liv? Our foods here!” Amanda exclaimed and I smiled happily as I dug into the giant heart attack on a plate.


I walked into my classroom to be met by something far different than usual, A smiling Mr. Baker. He smiled gently at me as I passed to take my seat. I raised an eyebrow softly as the rest of the students filled the room, Mr. Bakers eyes never leaving mine.

“Welcome class, I hope you all had a very boring night of homework! But from today, here on out, this class will be different. Lets make class fun huh?” He asked and many kids groaned while others cheered. I smiled softly.

“Mr. Baker? When did you pull the permanent cork from out of your ass?” One student said, Craig I believe he was called.

“Well, Craig. The permanent cork has gone and now I'm a teacher. Does that bother you?” He asked and Craig sank back in his seat as others chuckled. “And please, call me Zacky.” He said with a lazy grin, the one that would make many girls hearts melt. He looked at me suddenly and smiled, I returned the gesture happily. “Actually, how about we leave work for today?” He said and that earned some loud cheers. “How about we find out more about each other?” He said and that’s when the cheering stopped. “Olivia, come on up.” He said and my eyes widened as I stuttered.

“B-but-” I stated but the look he gave me sent me sprinting forward out of my seat and towards the front of the class.

“Start with your name.” Zacky whispered with a chuckle and I scowled at him softly.

“My name is Olivia Mae Cunningham and I'm here at the college studying Psychology. I decided on this option when I figured that life as a piercer would get me nowhere. Can I go now?” I asked and Zacky rolled his eyes softly before nodding back at my seat.

“Now that one is over with, would anyone else like to come up?” He asked as he undid his tie. I couldn't help but stare as he took the tie from around his neck and placed it on his desk, the top few of his buttons being popped not long after. “Young lady come on up!” He exclaimed as he pointed towards a rather nerdy girl at the front. He rolled his sleeves up as he stared intently at all the students now coming up to speak. Around an hour later, with everyone in the class finally acquainted after a year, the bell rang signalling the end of the lesson.

“Right people, the real work starts tomorrow and I know how you’re all so excited about it.” Zacky said with a smirk as he dismissed the class. I smiled softly as I grabbed my belongings, ready to make my way out of the room. “Olivia, may I see you a second?” He asked and I shrugged softly as I picked up the closest chair and dragged it towards his desk.

“Sure teach, what’s up?” I asked as I leaned back, pulling my sleeves up before crossing the ink clad skin over my chest.

“How was that? Better?” He asked with a soft smile and I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re gonna have to do better than that mister. I'm expecting it a million times harder! And I want it on my desk by tomorrow morning.” I said with a soft smile and he chuckled, a small smile appearing on his piercing clad lips.

“Why don’t you just throw me in the deep end?” He asked with a chuckle and I scoffed.

“You ain't seen nothing yet, Baker.” I said with a giggle and he smiled at me from across the desk.

“Thank you, Olivia. You’re little statement brought me to my senses. I can’t live in the past forever. It’s time to move on.” He said and I dropped my head.

“And I'm sorry for being a giant bitch the other day, I shouldn't have taken it all out on you. Its your life and I should have respected that by staying the hell away.” I explained and he sighed softly.

“It’s not your fault, don’t blame yourself. I was a lousy teacher.” He said and I stayed quiet, not knowing what else to say.

“Can I go now, sir?” I asked softly and he nodded his head. I climbed up from my chair before turning around and heading towards the door. I stopped suddenly and moved back around to face him. “I’m always here to talk to.." I mumbled before walking out of the room.