Status: Sequel is posted :) !

Cinderella for Hire

April Bennett had overdue rents and bills to pay, and she was pretty sure all that instant ramen wasn't doing anything good for her health. And when everything in her life was a tangled mess of confusion and chaos, she needed to do something. The problem was that no one wanted to give her a job and amidst the declining economy, her degree in fine arts might as well be used for toilet paper.

So when she saw an unusual job ad (and most importantly, the salary offered), she decided to try it out. It was supposed to be her light at the end of the tunnel. It turns out that her ill-tempered boss was Nicholas Isaac Fulton, the son of one of the most successful and wealthiest people in the U.S. And Nicholas was determined to prove himself and to step out his father's shadow. April didn't want to get involved but life had different plans for her, apparently.