Countdown to ***

The Girl

“We need to get out of here” Leon said looking around for any obvious exits.

Mia nodded and put her hand up to the wall, as if expecting it to open up, but she pulled away fast when a sharp pain went through her hand.

“Ouch” she whispered, but Leon must have heard as he turned around and looked at her.

“What's wrong?”

“It’s nothing”.

“Mia, what's wrong?”

Mia hesitated then held out her hand “I… well when I fell I got a….. spike in my hand”.

Leon took hold of her hand and sighed “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Mia looked at him “I’m sorry, I did not think you could help”.

“Well lucky for you I can, I found some first aid in this room” he got a small box out of his pocket and gave it to Mia.

“Wow you must have one big pockets” she said laughing, opening it up she saw three small bottles, plasters, wipes and bandages, it made Mia wonder how they all fit in the small box.

“Yeah, either that or it’s a really small box” he said smiling at her.

“Might be small, but it’s got a lot of stuff in it” she said as she ripped open a bag of wipes to clean her hand, she then put a bandage around her hand.

“I think I got something” Leon said, Mia picked up the box and walked over to him.

“Here” she said handing him the box.

“Thanks” he said taking the box “right, it is through here” he said pointing to a hole in the wall.

“How the hell did I miss that?” Mia said getting down on her hands and knees and starting to crawl through the dark hole in the wall “god damn tight spaces” she said, she felt like she was going to cry again.

“Sorry Mia, it’s not going to be easy in a place like this” Leon said sighing.

“I know, hey I think I can see some light” she quickly crawled and reached the end; she stood up and stood waiting for Leon.

Mia heard movement behind her and she slowly turned around, there were rows and rows of glass tubes and in them were people, old, young, men, women, all just standing there, but they were asleep.

“Leon, come here quick”.

Leon walked over to Mia was standing and looked gasped when he saw the glass tubes.

They walked along the rows; all of the people where sleeping, Mia touched one of the tubes, it was cold and smooth, she walked on looking at all the people, she was looking at a young girl when she heard a bang and the breaking of glass echoed through the room.

“LEON!” she said running through the rows, keeping an eye out for him.

Leon came running out of a row and turned just in time to grab hold of Mia to stop her running into him “What the hell was that!”

“It wasn’t you?”

“No, I take it you didn’t do it either”.

Mia shook her head; they both turned quickly when they heard a scream.

“Quick, come on” Mia shouted running with Leon behind her looking for the person who had screamed.

They seemed to be running for ages, looking like they were getting nowhere when Mia stopped, there was a young girl lying on the floor in a long white dress, she had cuts all along her arm and there was glass and blood all around the floor.

“Leon we have to help her” Mia said she knelt beside her and turned her onto her back “give me the first aid”.

“Here” he said handing her the small box.

“Thanks” she said getting out the wipes and dabbing her cuts “Leon can you put the bandages on her arms please”.

“Sure” he said getting them out and starting to put them around her arm, Mia picked up the three bottles and looked at them, on each of them there was writing saying:
Inject these into the infected.

“Leon what does this mean?”

Leon looked at the bottles “no idea”.

Mia put the bottles back and everything else inside the box and gave it back to Leon, and then she heard it, a growling sound, a very familiar growling sound.

She turned around and there were about five dogs the same as the one that tried to kill Mia “Leon quick get the girl and run!”

Leon turned and saw the dogs, picked up the girl and they both ran as fast as they could through the rows, Mia got out her gun and aimed it at the dogs shooting at them, she killed two of them, the other three where still alive and running.

Mia looked ahead of her and saw a door, she ran opened so Leon could get in then shut and locked the door, she could hear the dogs barking.

Leon put the girl down on the floor and looked around “What now?”

Mia shook her head “I don’t know”.