Status: Left for Dead

Painting Flowers


Alex’s POV
I looked at the door as it shut closed. Well fuck her too I guess.
Getting up from Rian’s couch I stretched, my muscles sore from sitting on that lumpy piece of shit. I was ready to start up rehearsal again, and since Genna was gone it should be a lot easier for me to concentrate without her making fun of me all the god damned time. For just one moment I thought it would be possible for us to get along, because honestly I was getting sick of having to hang around with her negative attitude all the time.
“So… did you do it?” I heard Jack ask over his clamoring footsteps that were thundering down the wooden stair case.
“Do what?” I asked curiously as he flopped on the couch, soda in hand. He just gave me an expecting look as he sipped from the neon green straw in the can. “Oh, you mean actually try to be nice to her? I would have been able too if she wasn’t such a bitch all the time.”
“Oh c’mon, she isn’t that bad dude,” Jack complained.
I just walked over and plucked the straw out of his Mountain Dew can, “Okay dude, what the hell is this shit? Take the fucking straw out of your soda; you’re not that much of a pussy. And yes, maybe she isn’t that bad, to you at least.”
He looked at me with a hurt look as I threw his straw down to the nasty cement ground. “Hey! That was my straw douche whore!”
“Not anymore.”
“I’M GOING TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!” Jack yelled, setting down his soda and standing up in front of me.
I laughed, because anyone knew in their right mind that Jack really couldn’t do shit. Plus, this was all over a fucking straw. “DO IT!!”
As Jack pulled his fist back, I tackled him on the couch, spearing him to the cushions. We wrestled for a bit, each of us trying to suffocate each other with the lumpy couch cushions. Soon Zack joined in with us and him and I successfully pinned Jack down.
Catching my breath, I looked over at Rian serious, “Where’s the dildo?”
The room exploded with perverted boyish laughter.
♠ ♠ ♠
hmm.. another short chapter... SORRY! I just wanted to leave one more tonight thats all. I hope you guys liked it!