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I Wish I Could Be The One.

Into Your Arms.

He didn't know what was coming his way, I sat next to him in English last period trying to contain my anger, I had already broken at least six pencils and he noticed I was mad but if only he knew what about. 

I was surprised to know that he wasn't talking to me in English at all, usually he would pick on me and tell how much of a "fag" I am. I listened to our teacher talk for the remaining five minutes of class, I was packed and ready to give Tyler Summers what he deserved.

As soon as that bell rang I got up and ran out the door, running to my locker and grabbing my shit, I was glad I packed light today. Britain looked at me from across the hall as she watched Tyler approach his locker which just so happened to be four lockers down from mine. 

Jimmy who still had no idea what was going with me today grabbed his stuff from his locker and looked at me as I stared at Tyler. "Dude what the hell is going on with you today?" 

"Oh wouldn't you like to know." I smirked shutting my locker and walking over to Britain. "Come on babe I'll walk you to your car." knowing Tyler would look at me Britain nodded and walked off I followed carrying her books for her as she search for her keys. 

I turned feeling eyes on me, I was right as Tyler was walking up behind me and he went to push me but a scream stopped us both, Jenny's scream. 

"You bitch! You knew what was happening!" Michelle had a hold of Jenny's hair, Britain stood next to Michelle trying to pull her hand away. "You are a pathetic excuse Jenny, you will get what is coming to you." 

"No Michelle leave it!" Britain said worried. Before I knew it Tyler was running over to the girls and grabbed Britains arm and she screeched as he threw her to the ground. 

And that was it for me. 

I was there in front of Tyler in seconds, I had him by the throat and I threw him into the hood of his car, I moved my hands so fast that he had no time to react. Tyler had his face against the hood of his car and wrestled against my grip, I had put my weight on him so he couldn't move his legs. 

"Hey Tyler, so you thought that I wouldn't find out about you hitting my girl on Friday? Surprise Mother Fucker! Because you have not only pissed off me but many others as well, so this is a fucking warning you prick, you ever touch Britian like that again I will put you in your motherfucking grave. In fact if you ever touch another woman like that I will personally run you over." I said digging my elbow into the back of his neck and he hissed like a little girl. 

"I don't know what the fuck your talking about!" he yelled in reply as I threw him to the ground. "I guess she didn't tell you that she wanted to fuck me huh! I guess she didn't tell you that she wanted my dick! She was basically begging for it!" he yelled as I walked away. 

I looked at Britain as she was now being held back by Jimmy I could tell by the look on her face that what Tyler was saying is complete and utter bullshit. 

I turned around and saw Matt standing with Brian as they both stood behind Tyler with their arms crossed and anger evident from their expressions. "Oh please tell me how everyone wants your dick Tyler." I mocked. 

"I'm getting more than you!" he yelled with a smile as he stood up still not realizing that Brian and Matt were behind him. 
"No man the only thing your get is HIV, after having sex with her." I pointed to Jenny and she looked completely mortified and protested that she had not slept with Tyler. 

"Why you.." Tyler came running at me but I didn't move not even an inch as he came close to me I drew my fist back and it connected to his jaw, but he hit me in the chest making me stumble backwards although the crowd that had formed pushed me back up and I tackled Tyler to the ground pounding into him. 

Letting out my anger through each punch I thought about he had been harassing Britain ever since the first day of school, making me more angry, how he was slowly breaking my best friends relationship up with the girl he loved, how he and Jenny would trying to break up Jimmy and Mariah, making me throw harder punches. 

I was being picked up off of him, I turned to see two of Tyler's friends pulling me off of him and I had no chance against two of them, Tyler got to his feet and threw a punch to my jaw, then to my eye, I was expecting another punch but I fell to the ground. 

Opening my eyes I saw Brian fighting one of the jocks who was holding me and Johnny fighting the other, Mariah and Jenny were wrestling, Matt had a hold of Tyler and was pounding into him.

The twins were fighting two of Jenny's friends, Jimmy was fighting off a guy who was trying to hurt Mairah and Kassidey was protecting Britain from a bunch of jocks. 

"Kassidey!!" I screamed and she turned her head to the left to see Grasyon had a hold of Britain and went to hit her when Kassidey jumped infront and took the hit. I pushed my way through the crowd who were either fighting or watching and stood near Kassidey helping her to her feet. 

"Hey are you okay?" I shouted because all there was around was screaming and cheering. 
"Britian!" Kassidey screamed and got up tackling Grayson to the floor throwing her arms about. "Don't! touch! my! Sister!" 

I ran over to Britian as she sat on the floor with her hand to her cheek and the most sinister smile on her face, I was so scared I actually took a step back. She got to her feet and walked over to Matt and pulled him away, I followed her as she grabbed Tyler by the throat and dug her finger nails into his skin, he looked so scared that I thought he actually might piss his pants. 

"If Grayson ever and I mean ever touches my sister again I will kill him, then I will personally cut off your genitals with a rusty knife for all that you have done to her, break it off and no one gets hurt got it?" she growled as blood started to trickle its way down Tyler's neck, he nodded in response. "Good boy, now get your friends and fuck right off you fucking pig." 

After that everything had stopped, the fighting stopped and screaming everyone started to go home, Britain stood there looking at me with an innocent look on her face as if nothing had happened. 

"Britain?" I furrowed my brows. "Are you-" 
She interrupted me by running into my arms. "You are amazing Zacky!" she pressed her lips to my cheek and then wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, I brought one arm to around her back and the other I lifted her up bridal style. 

"Only for you baby." I pressed my lips to her forehead and they lingered there for a moment, I carried her over to everyone else near our cars, everyone had acted normal as the teachers came out in a rush along with the principal. "Everyone okay?" 

"No." Mariah growled. "I wasn't done killing Jenny just yet." 
"I was having funny bashing Tyler." Matt frowned at Britain as she giggled. "But wow Britain who knew you could be so scary." 

She shrugged. "I never had a reason to be scary." she smiled sinisterly. 
Brian shook his head and shut his eyes. "Please stop smiling like that otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight." 

"Aw poor Bri!" Jimmy danced around Brian as he growled and told us it wasn't funny. "Hey wait." everyone stopped laughing. "Where is Kassidey?" 

I looked around and so did everyone, Britain sighed. "She is in the car." Britain hopped down from my grip and walked over to the car and before opening the door she said goodbye to everyone, mimicking her actions I hopped in the back with Britain's and my stuff. 


"Goodnight Kassidey, I hope you will be okay." I said hugging her as she nodded and fell back onto her bed.
"Thanks for today Zacky.." Kassidey smiled and rolled over on her bed. I nodded and looked at Britian as she told me she would be out in a second so I waited in her room standing there awkwardly. 

I looked around her room at her walls and the many pictures she had with Kassidey from when they were younger, they looked inseparable almost like best friends, I wonder what happened...

"Britain! Mom is on the phone!" Eddie screamed from down stairs, before I knew it Britain was in the room holding a phone to her ear, I had never actually meet Brits mom but by the sounds of it she was an intimidating woman. 

"Yes I know mom no boys, I know not to let Eddie cook or answer to door or phone, it's just I was in the bathroom and asked him to answer to phone, I'm sorry I know." I saw her shake her head a little and bring her hand to her forehead and rub it. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her nuzzle my face into her neck. 

"hold on a second mom." one of her hands grabbed mine and got free from my grip. "Okay sorry I had walk away from Eddie as he was making faces at me." she lied as she sat down on her bed, did she honestly think I was going to stop because she moved away from me?

I walked over to her bed and laid down and pulled her down with me, she tried to fight free from my grip on her but failed our faces were inches apart and she was looking into my eyes. "Okay, love you too...Yes mom I swear look its just me and Berkeley in my room." 

I panicked and growled like a dog and Britain tried to contain her laughter as she put the phone back to her ear. "Told you so mom..okay see you on Thursday. Have fun." finally she hung up the phone and put it back on her night stand trying to get out of my grip. "Zacky!" 

 "Bad Girl Britain lying to her mother like that." I teased and she turned to look at me again this time with an embarrassed smile.
"I didn't want you to go...besides you do great impressions of Berkeley." she giggled. 
I raised an eyebrow. "You didn't want me to go?" her response was to shake her head. "You want me to stay here?" 

"Yes...Only if you want to though.." she blushed. "Oh and thank you for today, I'm glad none of us were badly hurt.." 

"You are welcome but you should thank yourself i ahvent seen Tyler thst scared since... Well ever." I pulled her closer to me. "And of course I do babe." I sighed happily. "I never want to let you go." I mumbled thinking she didn't hear me.

"And I would never want to be without you." she kissed my cheek and I looked down at her as she blushed and when to turn away but I grabbed her face gently with my hands and without thinking twice I brought my lips softly to hers. 

Such a simple thing changed everything from that moment on.
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