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I Wish I Could Be The One.

One Of Those Days.

“Zacky, get up otherwise mom is going to flip.” I heard my brother Matt say as he pounded on the door, my head pounded along with each hit to the door; I groaned loudly so he heard it and swung my legs to touch the floor.

Its days like these I wish I could just crawl in a hole and never come out: Mondays. Whoever decided that we should only get two days off from school can go die in a hole. Seriously.

I quickly got dressed, wearing my black jeans and Misfits t-shirt, making the ballsy decision to leave my hair messy today because I seriously was not bothered for what today was going to bring, probably another fight with Tyler or Jenny throwing shit at me as per usual in every class I have with her.

Swinging my bag over my back I ran downstairs to be greeted by an impatient Matt as he pulled me outside and we made our way to school, he told me about Kassidey and Brian having another fight over something stupid and how him and Val had to give them reasons why they should be together.

He then proceeded to tell me about Jenny Miles and Tyler Summers and how they are now starting on Jimmy and Mariah Jimmy’s girlfriend; I swear they get a kick out of seeing people suffer. Bastards.

The rest of the walk was just us talking about stuff that happened over the weekend, and what we were planning this weekend and soon Johnny had meet us, he being the smallest one of us all we picked on him some bit until the school came into view, I dawdled my way in the doors as the smell of education was in the air..I scrunched my face and proceeded to my locker.

First I had Gym and god was I dreading it! Coach was making us ran today and I really wasn’t up for it so I convinced him that I was sick and he let me sit out on the condition that I record everyone’s time which I was totally fine with, of course Tyler was in my class so I wrote fourteen minutes and twenty five seconds as his time just to be friendly.

After two periods of Gym which was a drag, was recess I sat with my friends as they were all coupley and shit, it was gross seeing them all coupley together but I was glad I wasn’t the only single one in the group, thankfully I had Michelle Valary’s twin sister and Johnny, so most of the time we spoke about class and stuff.

After our break I had English, I walked to my locker as Jimmy’s was right next to mine as he got his stuff and walked Mariah to class, I told him I’d catch up with him after and continued to search for my English book, I found it amongst other books and quickly made my way to class.

Of course I wouldn’t have such a great English lesson because I had Tyler AND Jenny in my class, this time I was by myself it was the only class I didn’t share with any of my friends. I sat down in the back corner on the opposite side of Tyler and Jenny as they were making out; I rolled my eyes in disgust and began the work on the board.

My English teacher was much like my Maths teacher; as long as the work was done we could do what we wanted. At the moment we were doing Romeo and Juliet which I thought was one of the weirdest stories I’ve read...I mean serious they know each other for what a week and they fall in love? Is that even possible?

“Mr Summers and Miss Miles, separate Tyler sit next to Zachary.” Mr Dobbs said, my eyes widened in annoyance and I let out a heavy breath, how could this be happening there were plenty of other seats in the class and he chooses the one right next to me?

Tyler smiled and got up walking across the room to sit in the seat next to me and slams his books down on the table for more of an annoying affect he knows I hate when he does that, actually correction I hate everything he does, he is an annoying prick, a typical brawn over brain jock.

“Hello Zachary.”
“Shut up Tyler I’m trying to do my work.” I growled and turned to I wouldn’t have to look at him.
“Then you won’t mind if I do this.” I raised an eyebrow at him and he smiled and I felt my chair disappear from underneath me, making me hit my chin on the table which caused me to bite my tongue. Everyone turned to look at me on the floor and some people went to help me up but Tyler pushed them away, I got up to my feet and ignored the fact he was now trying to get me mad sitting back in my seat to continue my work.

But Tyler didn’t have to same idea he just wanted to piss me off more by taking my book from me so I let out a low growl when he threw my book out the window, I simply just got another book out of my bag but then he grabbed that too throwing it out the window, I stood to walk out and go get my shit but he pulled me back and slammed me into the wall.

I knew why he was doing this, it was because I was bored on Friday, so myself and Jimmy decided to go egg Tyler’s house and leave shit on his car, no not our shit I had three dogs so I used theirs. I do not regret egging his house, or putting dog shit on his car or even putting exploding paint in his locker so that he would look like a walking rainbow.

“You were the one who put dog shit on my car and egged my house weren’t you, you little shit!” He barked and I heard people laughing behind him, even the teacher was amused.
“Oh, you love the gift my dogs left for you! Great! And the dozen eggs I brought for you...yeah had to celebrate you winning the game on Friday somehow Tyler...Congratulations by the way.” I teased.

Tyler gripped my shirt tighter so that now it was basically stretched. “You fucking shit head! I’m going to make you pay for putting shit on my car! And you can clean my house too.”
I laughed and pushed him away from me. “Yeah...Hm...Get Fucked.” I said in a smart ass attitude.
“You’re asking for it Baker!” He yelled and this is when Mr Dobbs jumped in pushing Tyler away from me.
“Bring it Motherfucker.” I jumped at him and brought him to the floor, I admit it I’m not a massive guy I’m more chubby then muscular, but Tyler he is massive yet I could still kick his ass, I guess it isn’t about the muscles then huh?

I smashed my fist straight into his nose that was still bruised causing it to bleed straight away and then he brought his fist up hitting me in the jaw, it hurt at first but I pushed the feeling of pain aside and started to lay into him, Jenny was hitting me with her hands and trying to pull me off of her boyfriend but I ignored her weak hits and continued to hit Tyler as he defended himself by getting in equal hits.

I didn’t feel any of his hits, it wasn’t because he was weak or his punches weren’t strong enough it was because I was too pumped up to even care if he hit me, too pumped up to notice my lip was bleeding or that he had ripped the necklace my father he given to me before he died off of my neck.

I then felt the pain of something large hit my back and I realized it was Jenny hitting me with a fucking chair; I stopped hitting Tyler as she swung the chair again making me cry out in pain causing me to fall off of Tyler and push myself up against the wall so she wouldn’t hit me again.

I noticed that my necklace was no longer on the ground, I growled and went to jump at Tyler again but Mr Dobbs grabbed me and pulled me out of the classroom.

“Zachary, stop otherwise I will send you to the principal’s office and you and I both know you don’t want that to happen considering this time it would be suspension...go get your things and go to the library you get an early mark.” Mr Dobbs patted my back I hissed a little because Jenny had hit me with a chair the bitch.

“Thanks sir.” I nodded and ran to get my stuff, I couldn’t help but wonder where my necklace went..When I got outside my stuff wasn’t there..I was fuming where the hell could it have possibly gone? I mean he threw it out the window my bag, my book, maybe even my necklace and now nothings here!?

I stomped my way back to my locker coming up with the theories that Tyler had planned this whole thing, he throws my shit out the window, I get mad jump at him, he pulls my necklace and throws it out the window, I get hit with a chair, I get an early mark to go find my shit and find someone has taken it...

And this is why I fucking hate Monday’s.

When I got to my locker I opened it to see it was untouched, thank god for that. I pulled out my schedule to see what I had next, seeing that I had a free period I sighed happily to myself and went to shut my locker door but as I put my schedule back into my locker something hit the door with a thud I thought it was just Tyler or his friends fucking with me but when I heard some below me groaning in pain, I looked down and saw a girl laying on the floor holding her hand to her forehead.

“Shit!” I muttered and shut my locker not even caring if I slammed it too hard; I knelt down to see if she was okay. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”
Her face was scrunched I could see it must have hurt, she opened her eyes and I was meet with a pair of crystal blue orbs that looked oddly familiar. I extended my hand and she grabbed it I pulled her up easily and probably a bit too fast as she had both her hands to her head and leaned up against a locker.

“Y-Yeah I’m f-fine.” She stuttered, her voice, that angelic voice. It couldn’t be. “I should have been watching where I was going.” She added quickly.
“Don’t be silly, Are you okay though?”

She nodded her head hesitantly and bent down picking up her stuff, I got down on my knees to help her and noticed she had my bag, my book and my necklace..
“H-How did you get these?” I said trying to remain calm.

“Well..I was walking towards the library and I stopped because I have a rock in my shoe and the next thing I know I had been hit with a book on the I picked it up and then I went to walk away but then I got hit with a bag and I fell..” I looked at her and could see she wasn’t lying as she had dirt on her white blouse and black skirt, her hair was everywhere probably thanks to my bag being thrown out the window and hitting her head and she had a bruise on her beautifully tanned cheek.

She put her glasses on her face and picked up my stuff, I took them from her hands and smiled lightly as I opened my locker and shoved everything in there, turning back to look at her as I put my necklace back on.
“How did you know it was mine?” I asked curiously.

“Uh.. heh..well we kind of are in the same Bio class, you sit in front of me..with Tyler..” Her breath quickened as she said his name, like she was afraid of him or something..I mean shouldn’t she be drooling over him..the only girls I know that hate him are my friends and a couple of Goths.

Pulling me from my thoughts I noticed something about her glasses, the way her eyes stared into mine, the way her hair was up in a messy bun and that white blouse.
“Hey aren’t you that girl from the park with the crazy dog?”
She took in a sharp breath and looked around before looking back at me. “Y-yeah..”
“Are you like new here or something?” I raised an eyebrow.

She shook her head quickly. “Nope, I’ve been coming here every since the first day of school..I’ve lived here my whole life.”
“Well how come I’ve never seen you around?” I crossed my arms and this made her uneasy as she looked down at the floor fidgeting with her hands, I have to admit I found it rather cute an-

What the hell am I saying? Shut up Zacky!

“I uh..I usually keep to myself..” She sighed and a piece of hair fell into her eyes and she brushed it away with her polished red nails.
“ probably already know who I am.. but I’m Zachary but please call me Zacky..” I put out my hand and she took it.
“Britain..” Britain said shyly pushing her glass up the bridge of her nose.

“It’s nice to finally know the name of the person’s dog who tried to kill me.” I laughed and she giggled along with me and we were then greeted by the sound of fourth period bell but we didn’t move it was as if everything was in slow motion around us and only we mattered at that time.

But of course I was pulled from this state when I was pushed into my locker being held in a familiar position.

“Look what you did you little shit!” Tyler screamed and pointed to his nose a crowd formed, where were the teachers? How could they honestly not being seeing this right now?!
“I think it’s a nice improvement, but red isn’t really your colour Tyler..” I smiled titling my head to the right and I heard giggled to my left, I looked at Britain as she was trying to hold back a hollowing laugh I could tell.

"Shut the fuck up Zacky..I'm going to teach you a lesson." He barked.
"What would that be?" I smiled again pissing him off even more. "How to be a dumb ass jock?"
"Not to fuck with me!" Tyler punched me in the stomach and I groaned in pain clutching my stomach.

"Fuck!" I shouted as he hit me again.
"STOP IT!" I heard Britain's sweet voice pleading. "Don't hurt him!"
"Shut the fuck up Britain, were you talking to Zacky? huh?"
"N-No! I wasn't I swear!" Why is she lying? She was talking to me and-

"Fucking christ!" I shouted again as he hit me even harder and then his grip was gone and I noticed Britain backing away from Tyler as he stepped towards her. "Hey Tyler, I heard you sucked Grayson off last night.."

Grayson being Tyler's right hand man.

Tyler's head snapped to look at me an he gripped my shirt and lifted me up throwing me backwards and I lost my footing falling to the ground but I took someone with me. She coughed and I noticed it was Britain I thought Tyler was going to come back for more but he just stood above us giving Britain a sinister smile and she shrunk away, then snapped his eyes to me to give me snarl and walked away.

I got up quickly and helped Britain to her feet once again and she straightened her clothes and glasses, I noticed she was shaking.

"Hey..hey are you okay?" I put my hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.
"Y-eah..I uh..I have to go.." she turned on her heels and run in the opposite direction, I called after her but she just kept running.

"Hey dude you alright?!" I heard Matt and Brian say.
I turned my body to look at them. "Yeah I'm fine." I turned my head back to look at Britain's petite figure running down the hall.

Why did Tyler look at her like that? Why was she so afraid of him?
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