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I Wish I Could Be The One.

Building something up only to have it come Crashing down.

After what happened last time when Britain had hung out with me and my friends, I decided for it to just be me and her today I didn't want it to be a repeat of last time. 

The whole awkward silence coming from both sisters..I mean I don't get what is really wrong with Brit hanging out with me and for the past few weeks it's all I've been hearing from Kassidey. 

why are you hanging out with my dork of a sister?

How did you's two even meet?

She doesn't like you..she doesn't like anyone.

If you think she is going to like you back you're a fool.

She will leave you eventually. 

You are too good to even be associated with her.

I honestly didn't understand how Kassidey could be so cruel and say such things about Britain if she didn't want to be friends with me than she wouldn't accepted my offer to meet all my friends.

Despite what Kassidey had told me I was waiting by Brit's locker as the last bell for tuesday rang, I was so glad the principle decided that we could finish early on Tuesday's.

I watched as she came around the corner with a slight frown on her face but that disappeared when she saw me, basically she pushed through the crowd of kids who were rushing home to do what kids do. 

"Zachary.." she said in a british accent. I love the way she says my name, only she can say it that way, only she can call me Zachary. 
"My Lady.." Oh how I wish she was MINE. 

Bad Zacky. Shut up.

"So what are we doing today?" I said carrying her book in my hand, and a lot of books did she have! Not that I was complaining. 

She looked a bit hesitant at first as she bit her lip and looked at the ground fiddling with her hands. "Well I have to pick up my brother, he can be..protective of me a if he glares at you or tries to pull me away from you it's him being a protective brother." 

" he your older brother or something?" I said trying to hide my nervousness. 
She shook her head. "No..he is my little brother." she laughed lightly. "But he sure can act like his my older brother." 

"Well where am I picking him up from?" I said pulling my keys from my pocket and smiling. 
She smiled and took her books from my arms. "The elementary school down the road." 

We got into my car and drove silently down the road to where the elementary school was, Britian went into to get him out of school like she does every Tuesday, but today it must have been taking longer than usual. 

I just sat in the car waiting patiently until my phone rang distracting me from the peace and quiet. "Hello?" 

"Zacky..Please tell me you aren't with my sister." Kassidey said calmly into the phone but I knew it wouldn't last long. 
"So what if I was? It's not any of your business." I said sternly. 
She let out a low laugh. "Of course it's my fucking business that's my sister and you're my friend. Now are you with her?" 

I looked up to see Britain walking to the car with her little brother holding her hand and smiling at me well at least I think he was. She opened the door for her brother and he hopped in putting his seat belt on straight away and Britain got in next giving me a confused look. 

"Hey guys say hi to your sister!" I cheered and Britain's confused expression turned to completely pissed. But her little brother on other hand was talking at a hundred miles an hour and Kassidey was trying to get him to shut up but he just wouldn't and I couldn't help but laugh. 

I heard someone in the back ground yelling at Kassidey and to my surprise Britain took the phone from my hands and started shouting. 

"DON'T TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT KASSIDEY. YOU KNOW YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO SWEAR AT HIM IT MAKES HIM SCARED! STOP BEING SO...MEAN! Eddie block your ears sweetie." Britain turned around to see Eddie blocking his ears. "Kassidey you better pull your head out of your ass and start respecting your family damn it, we love you yet you don't have the heart to show us respect and appreciate all we do for you? I don't care if you treat me like shit, but DON'T treat Eddie like he is just some kid, he is your brother." 

"You can't tell me what to do are not my mother." was all she had to say 
"You don't even listen mom for god sakes, so have fun living by yourself because once you push us too far we won't come back." Britain said seething. She hung up and gently handed the phone back to me even if she was mad she was still gentle.

"Brit..I'm sorry I should have hung up as soon as I knew it was her." I frowned and she looked at me a little calmer then a few seconds ago. "Are you okay?" 

"Zacky I'm fine, everything is fine, it's just someone needed to say it to her, and don't be sorry she is just being..Kassidey." she smiled sadly then turned to look at Eddie. 

I turned back also and he was sitting there with his hand over his ears and his eyes shut while he was counting softly to himself. "Why is he counting?" 
"It's just something he does when he is scared or angry.." she sighed. "Seeing as Kassidey swore at him he is scared he hates swearing." She got out and sat in the back with Eddie as he clung to her and shut his eyes counting. 

"What makes him feel better?" I said starting the car. 
"Ice cream but we have some at home I brought it last night." she said relieved. I nodded and drove to her house it didn't take long and Eddie had stopped counting and had fallen asleep momentarily. 

I pulled into Britain's drive way and Eddie jolted awake and jumped out of the car running up to the front door, Britain slowly got out behind him and went to grab her books but I beat her to it. She opened the front door and there waiting at the steps was her dog. 

"Oh no." Was all she had to saw before I was off running down the street with her hyper dog running after me. I heard Eddies wild laugh and Britain shouting out a name I turned back to see the dog catching up to me and I was going at the fastest pace my body would let me, my heart beat picked up as I heard the thuds of the dogs paws hit the concrete and then the growl escape from its mouth. 

"OH GOD! BERKELEY NO!" Britain said getting closer. Then next thing I know I was in the same position as I was when I first had encounters with the dog, he was trying to bite my head off once again and I only just got my head away from his mouth. "Berkeley! Let him go!" I felt a weight lifted off of me and I was left trying to catch my breath.

"Oh god Zacky! I am so so sorry! I thought he was in the backyard I am so sorry!" Britain said with such a worried tone and then she gasped. "Oh my god! You're bleeding! Oh no, oh god!" 

"Britain I'm fine, calm down its fine, but we seriously have to stop meeting like this." I laughed and got to my feet, Britain lightly smacked my arm and we walked back to the house with a calmer Berkeley.

After Britain had gotten rid of the blood that was coming from the scratch on my neck, I wanted to get to know Eddie a bit better at first he was doing the whole protective thing but when I asked him if he wanted to play some video games he seemed to like me, we were pigging out on ice cream, chips and other lollies while Britain ate a salad. 

Hours later Eddie got bored with playing video games and watching movies he told Britain he would be next door with berkeley. Me and Britain sat in the lounge room watching some movie I couldn't remember the name all I knew it was her favorite. 

"Do you think people will ever notice me?" Britain said as watched the tv. 
I looked at her surprised. "What do you mean? People do notice you Brit." 
"Yeah Tyler and his friends..and Jenny.." she frowned looking away from the tv. 
"I notice you." I said thinking out loud, that wasn't meant to come out. 
"I know but why now..I mean before Berkeley tried to eat you, you didn't even know I went to the same school, you didn't even know I existed." 

"Because you are always in places I'm not..the library, the senior area, the girls bathroom, the English department.." I said facing her but she didn't look at me. "Britain look at me." 
She didn't budge. 
"Britain.." I grabbed her face and made her look at me, she was crying. "Just because people don't talk to you doesn't mean they don't notice don't need to be popular for people to notice you, they notice you already." 
She let a tear stream down her face. "Well how come everyone notices Kassidey and everyone loves her, why can't I be like her then maybe she wouldn't hate me so much." 

I wiped away her tears as they kept falling. "You shouldn't want to be like anyone else, you should want to be yourself, you weren't born to be like Kassidey you want to know why?" Britain nodded. "Because you were born to be you, you were born to be beautiful, smart, happy, and to be my bestfriend." 

I smiled and she gave me a slight smile. "You don't want to be like Kassidey anyway...people only like her because of her reputation and it's a bad one, people want to be friends with her because she has done things, things I don't want to repeat to you, I don't want to see you turn out like her Britain, I want to see you having one of the best careers, living in a massive house with Berkeley and friends who love you for you." 

"Will you be one of those friends Zacky?" I looked into her eyes and it seemed as though she meant more than that but I couldn't be too sure. 
"Of course I will Brit, I'll never leave you, I promise." she wrapped her arms around me and rested her head into my chest at first I didn't expect it but wrapped my arms around her. 

Maybe just being friends was the best..she didn't need to be hurt anymore.

The moment didn't last. It never does. Fate honestly hates me. Time must hate me too because when I looked up I saw Kassidey standing there. 

"Get the fuck out Zacky." Kassidey spat. 
"Don't listen to her Zacky, you don't have to leave." Britain said standing up and for once I actually saw Britain standing up for herself. 
"He is my friend Britain, not yours." Kassidey smirked. "I will tell mom and dad you had a boy in your room."

Britain let out a laugh. "He is my friend too and like they are going to believe you." 
Kassidey got in Britain's face but Britain didn't move. "He is only friends with you because he feels sorry for your nerdy ass, no one likes you Britain, no one loves you, you are a nobody, no one will ever want to be with you or be your best friend." 
"Britain don't listen to her." I said grabbing her hand but she didn't grab it back. 

Kassidey's smirk became bigger. "He doesn't really care about you, he is only using you to get to me, didn't he tell you that he has a crush on me?" 
My jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of my head. "The fuck do you come up with such bullshit Kassidey, Britain it's not true don't listen to her, this is what I meant before, people only like your sister because she can manipulate people, she can make them feel weak." 

Britain turned to me looking hurt. "Is that why you like her then because she can make me feel like all makes sense, you wanted to make her jealous..I-I can't believe..I.." she just looked at me hurt and turned on her heel to walk away but I gently grabbed her arm she swung around and her hand met my cheek. "Don't talk to me ever again." 

"Britain she is lying!" I said as she turned and ran up the stairs slamming her door. Kassidey stood there smirking at me she stepped forward trying to kiss me but I pushed her away. "What is wrong with you Kassidey, that is your sister!" 

"I get what I want and that is you." she said smirking trying to put her hands around me but I pushed her away. "Don't act like you don't want me, everyone does." 

"That's the thing, I'm not everyone else, in fact I would rather have Berkeley bite my head off for me than ever have feelings for a slut like you Kassidey, you are a manipulative bitch, a heartless little bitch, you are just jealous." I said throwing my hands in the air. 
Kassidey's face showing no emotion she spoke. "Jealous of what." 


"STOP BRINGING PEOPLE DOWN JUST BECAUSE YOU AREN'T HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE, YOUR SISTER IS BEAUTIFUL, SHE IS MY BESTFRIEND AND I LOVE HER. I DON'T EVER WANT TO BE WITH YOU SO GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD KASSIDEY, I.DON'T.LOVE.YOU.LIKE.BRIAN.DOES!" I grabbed my keys and stormed out without even a second glance, I heard my name being called but I ignored it, I jumped into my car and sped off down the street. 

Kassidey had just ruined everything I had been building up for weeks with Britain just when she realizes she doesn't need to be popular to be notice and that she is my bestfriend, Kassidey comes and ruins it. 

I drove home pretty quickly and stormed inside throwing my keys on the table, my brother Matt came after me and knocking on my door but I didn't answer the door, I just got straight into bed and looked out the window.

Nothing ever goes my way. Britain will never talk to anyone again because of her sister. She will never trust me or love me like I love her.

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