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I Wish I Could Be The One.

Save your apologies

Kassidey’s face crumpled and her eyes filled with tears before she ran down the hallway to her room. I, on the other hand, stood there in complete shock. Someone had actually stood up for me and actually told my sister off. No one tells Kassidey off without getting a punch to the face. But wait, Zacky loved me? No, just in the best friend manner because no one could ever love a nerd like me. I sat back on the couch, not even realizing that I had stood up and pulled my knees up to my chest, hugging them.

Do you like Zacky, Britain?

What? No, he’s my best and only friend, I couldn’t ruin that.

Are you sure you don’t like Zacky? Maybe you don’t like him, maybe you love him.

I groaned. Now I was having conversations with myself, the number one sign of a mentally insane person. The only thing that took my mind off of things usually was homework. Since all I had to do was study for tests, which I’d already done today during free period, I figured I might as well take Dad’s old acoustic.

When I sat down with the guitar, I had no clue where to even start. For one, was it even tuned? Two, how the hell do you play this thing? A sigh left my mouth as I propped it against the edge of my bed and lay back, putting a pillow over my face to block out the bright sunlight.
What Zacky had said earlier really hit a nerve. No one has ever called me beautiful or a sweetheart before. My parents used to call me a sweetheart when I was about four and my mum called me beautiful when we went to her co-worker’s wedding. The dress I was wearing was really ugly so I don’t understand how she could have called me beautiful. I giggled at the
mental image of the dress.

People had always called me smart; I was one of the top students in my class. I’d always been the smart one of Kassidey and I. Eddie was pretty smart for his age. Hopefully he never gets picked on for being a nerd when he’s older; he’s too good for that.

Should I go over and see Zacky? I mean, I think he’s mad at me or something. Or maybe it’s just Kassidey. She seems to piss him off to no end and honestly, it’s kind of amusing. He sighs heavily, looking up at the ceiling, clenching his jaw, before he replies to something that irritates him.

It’s kind of hot.

No, Britain Leigh, you can’t think of your friends like that. No.

I heard Kassidey’s door open, close, and repeat. I wonder what she was doing. Probably planning a scheme on how to get Zacky to like her or how to get me back for having Zacky tolerate me and shit. The phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’ applies here. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and I was now standing in front of my sister’s door, my ear pressed flush against

I heard shuffling coming from inside the room and her talking. Ah, she was doing the typical Mcoy thing while talking on the phone. It seems we all enjoyed pacing back and forth (more like shuffling) while talking on the phone.

But I really did need to sort of fix things with her. I rapped softly on the door, hoping she wouldn’t freak out on me. Surprisingly, she flung the door open and waited for me to speak, her eyes red from crying.

“Kass, I’m sorry and I di-“

“No. Save your fucking apologies for someone who cares.”

With that, she slammed the door in my face. Talk about sisterly love.
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