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I Wish I Could Be The One.

It's All About Moments With You

The weekend was far from joyful, I actually had a horrid weekend.

My car broke down and was at the mechanics getting repaired, My wallet got stolen one night when I was walking home from the shops and my house got broken into and someone stole my TV. My main source of happiness and entertainment, well most of the time.

The week had passed quickly much to my liking; I was excited for the weekend and I was I going to make this one a good one, I was actually not going to let anything bring me down this weekend, nope not one thing.

It’s Thursday the bell had just rang for lunch, I exited English with a smile on my face Jimmy found it odd that I was smiling after the weekend I had, he had actually asked me once or twice if I was on drugs and where he could get them because he was so stressed that he needed to relax.

I knew of course he was kidding we all knew that Jimmy wasn’t stressed over school, he was stressed because his mom had taken away his drum kit because he broke into the laundry mat one night drunk, to this very day Jimmy says it was someone else on the surveillance video.

“So Zacky...” I heard a voice appear next to me. Jenny. “I heard you and Britain aren’t friends anymore?” Her head tilted to one side as she twirled her hair with her finger, her posture had put me off and distracted me that I had to get her to ask her question again.
“Jenny, I’m going to say this as nicely as possible.” I sighed with a fake smiled plastered upon my lips. “Suck a fat one.”

“Ugh Here I was trying to be nice, she practically asked me to ask you.” Jenny turned to walked away but I slid in front of her, I carefully read her expression she showed no sign of a smirk or even a lie.
“She did?” Jenny nodded in response. “If you’re lying to me..” I warned.

“I’m not, I was in the library last period Britain had a free period, she looked sad so I went over and asked if she was okay, I never expected her to ask me to do her favour and I never thought I would actually do it.” Jenny sighed. “Anyway! Answer the question sweet cheeks.”

“One never ever, ever call me that again. Two We never stopped being friends, I just...I’m...”
Jenny raised an eyebrow. “You’re...hurt?”
“Yes.” I said quietly.
Jenny gave a sympathetic smile. “Well look I’ve got to go..but I’m sure you two will be fine by the end of the day, Don’t let something like this pull you two apart.”

I was actually left standing there by my locker dumbfounded, absolutely and utterly dumbfounded; had the one person who I hated with everything I knew just told me that everything would be fine by the end of the day?

Did she just tell me not to let something like this pull me and Britain apart? Did Jenny Miles actually show me that somewhere behind that shell of makeup and fake personality there was still a human heart with functioning nerves and feelings?

“Hey dude.” Jimmy said sighing grumpily. “What were you talking to Jenny about?” The look he gave me told me that no matter what I told him he would call me an idiot.
“Oh Nothing the usual, I told her to suck a fat one and she called me a perverted pig and told me she felt sorry for whoever was friends with me nothing new.” I fake smirked trying to get Britain out of my thoughts.

I didn’t want to think of her, I couldn’t because every time I thought about her I thought of what I had said to her and the words I said to Kassidey. It had only been a couple of days yet it felt like forever.

At the tables Matt and Val talking to Johnny, Jimmy and Mariah tapping along on the table, Brian and Kassidey were talking in a hushed tone, Michelle was quietly eating her lunch; I decided to sit next to her and keep her company.

“Hey Michelle.” I smiled. “You okay?”
Michelle snapped out of her daze. “Oh hey Zacky, I’m good are you okay?” Her soft sweet smile making me sigh, I knew she was lying but she still put on a smile and told herself everything was going to be okay.

“I’m doing okay..You uh look as though you were in deep thought.”
“Oh uh no I was just thinking about how I’m going to spend my weekend, Matts taking Val out for the weekend something about ‘not spending much time together.’ So yeah, Another weekend alone I guess.” Michelle shrugged and took a bit of her tasty looking sandwich.

“Oh that sounds...exciting?” I tilted my head. “Why don’t you go out somewhere?”
Michelle swallowed and almost laughed. “With who? Johnny? The last time we went out somewhere I had someone asking if he was my ten year old brother.”
I snorted. “Really?”

“Yeah it was embarrassing for both of us.” Michelle smirked. “But I guess a weekend alone will be good, give me some time to actually do my homework.” Michelle’s expression hardened. “Hey guys..” We all looked up at her and I followed her eyes to where she was looking. “Why is Jenny Miles talking to Britain like their friends?”

“Who cares.” Kassidey growled and turned away.
“Well that’s odd.” Mariah said and Jimmy nodded along. “Maybe Jenny is threatening her but it looks like they are friends?”
“Nah that’s not Jenny’s style..” Matt chimed in. “She is more of the ‘make a scene.’ Type.”

“You aren’t wrong there...” Jimmy mumbled lowly. “Remember in 7th grade when Jenny made a scene because I told her I didn’t want to be her lab partner, GOD it was the worst!”
Brian stood up. “Maybe we should go over there.”
“More like maybe Zacky should.” Johnny added making Brian sit down.

“More like everyone should shut the fuck up and stop talking about my sister like you actually care about her.” Kassidey glared at everyone, we all just sat there in an awkward silence for the rest of lunch; maybe Jenny told Brit what I said...I hope she did.


“HEY ZACKY SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!” Matt screamed from downstairs, in which he didn’t need to do considering I could hear him perfectly fine because I didn’t have a TV. I got up and jogged down the stairs thinking it was Brian or Matt maybe even Johnny but when I got into the and could see the door and who was standing outside my heart skipped a beat.

“So I’ll just leave you two alone.” Matt said and awkwardly walked well more like ran up stairs and shut his door.

I stood there in the kitchen with my mouth agape and eyes wide. “H-hey Britain.” She looked different; her copper brown hair was dead straight and looked as though she got it cut, her glasses were gone, her beauty showing even though she had a little bit of makeup on and her floral dress with killer model legs and pale pink flats made me forget why I was even hurt in the first place.

She smiled brightly. “Hey Zacky...could I come in?”
I mentally kicked myself. “Of course, yeah, sorry I uh come in.” I stuttered. Stepping inside the house and shutting the door behind her, Britain slowly made her way over to me I could tell she was being cautious though with each step watching to see how I would react but even then with each step it made me want to rip th-

No! NO! Damn it! NO! She is a friend! Friends don’t think like that about other friends.

Suddenly she stopped walking, she was only a few steps from me I looked at her confused as to why she stopped and then I realized that I was the one that was making faces, she might have taken it the wrong way.

“So..” I began. “We need to talk.”
“Yeah...That’s why I’m here.” She cleared her throat and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear.
I turned around. “I would uh offer to sit out the back but unfortunately someone stole our chairs so we are stuck with sitting inside.” The tension in the air made me feel as though I was trying to pass a security test.

“Someone stole your backyard chairs?” She walked into the lounge room and sat down next to me, I faced my body to her giving her my full attention. “Why would they steal backyard chairs?”
“Not just any backyard chairs Brit these were the types of chairs where you could lean back in them and you are still comfortable.” I added and she snorted. “That was cute.”

Did I honestly just say that?

“Did they steal anything else?” She smiled.
I nodded. “My TV...the toaster, my mums brothers bed and my dad’s Safe.”
“Wow...That would suck no TV..” She furrowed her brows and then looked at me. “You’re mom gets a new car though right? Or a temporary one?”
“Oh yeah! She loves it, wished she had it instead of her other car.” I said with a smile, turning the TV on would make things less awkward but it would also distract me especially because its four all the good shows are on now.

Brit sat there with her legs crossed and her hands resting on her knees, she smiled straight ahead at the TV and would often giggle, I didn’t know what we were watching but obviously she did. I noticed the distance between us and if it’s one thing I knew it was that distance meant awkwardness.

I moved closer to her and I saw her from the corner of my eye watching me and her smile widen just a little. “Brit..”
“Wait..Wait I have to say something.” She bit her lip which was rather appealing. “I’m sorry for not believing you, I’m really sorry for hitting you, I shouldn’t have done that..”
I shook my head quickly. “No it’s fine really, I just...I need you to know that she was lying Brit..”

“I know...” She sighed and turned her body to me. “I should have listened to, I’m really sorry.”
I slowly grabbed her hand just to make sure she wouldn’t hit me again. “Brit..Let’s start fresh?” Her nod was enthusiastic and her smile showed her pearl white teeth the next thing I knew her arms were wrapped around my neck tightly, I really wasn’t expecting her to hug me but I slowly wrapped my arms around her.

Of course the moment was ruined.

“HEY ZACKY I’M PRETTY SURE YOU SHOULDN’T LOCK YOUR FRONT DOOR!” I heard Jimmy screaming as he banged on the door harshly. “OPEN THE DOOR ZACHARY!”
“Really.” I grumbled. “Just one time, Just one!” I shouted.

Brit giggled. “You want me to get it?” Before I could even answer her question she was walking to the front door and swung it open to see Jimmy, Brian and Michelle standing there. I had my arms crossed over my chest and the most sour look on my face. “Oh hey guys..”

“BRITAIN!!” Jimmy squealed and picked Brit up into a hug. “Where is Zacky? Oh hey Za...what’s got you knickers in bunch dude?” Jimmy walked over and the other followed.

“You.” Jimmy raised an eyebrow at me. “Yeah you Jim, why is that every time your mum takes your shit from you, you come over my house?”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “This is because I ruined your time with Brit isn’t it?” when I didn’t answer he gave me a sinister smile. “Hey guys..uh on second thought how about we go annoy Kassidey.” Jimmy turned around ushering Michelle and Brian out the door but not before turning around and giving me a thumbs up and then shut the door behind him.

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with them.” I had my hands on my face but Brit moved them and stood above me.
“Because you love them.” She smiled. “So Mr sour pus how about we watch some movies and eat lollies until we get sick or almost sick.”
“Brit you hate eating lollies after four..” I stated as she started to go through the movies.

“I’ll eat them for you.” She shrugged and put a movie into the VCR. “Now where are they kept?”

Jenny was right...everything was fine by the end of the day.
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