Better Make yourself at Home, 'Cause You're Here to Stay


"Dad, I'm home." I called out, my monotone voice echoing throughout my large home but my father did not respond.

Slipping off my shoes, I yelled once more, "Dad? You here?"

Once again. No response. Tossing my shoes off to the side, I padded up the stairs while throwing up my hair in a lose pony and trying to calm my nervous heart. I was probably just being a bit paranoid but my dad was always home by six and if he was going to be late, he would usually text me telling me so. And It was nine. Not only that, he had a heart condition so he was highly susceptible to heart attacks so I had to check on him every once in a while. Specially since we lived in a big house, so if he goes down we wouldn't had know.

Maybe he's just sleeping?

But that thought didn't help calm my fears, my racing heart or the bad feeling in the deepest part of my gut at all. I knew something big was going to happen. And it wasn't anything nice like a proposal, promotion, or in some cases pregnancy. It was something truly bad and all the fibers of my being were telling me to run for the hills. But I didn't want to listen.

I quietly knocked on my father's study door, "Dad? Are you in there?"

I was answered with a nothing more then a creak that I could barley hear through the hardwood door. I place my hand on the brass knob and turned even though every fiber inside me was telling me not to. But I guess curiosity killed the cat right?

"Dad?" I said while looking around.

My dad's study was completely totaled. His file cabinets were toppled over with all its contents scattered everywhere, his leather couch was torn to pieces, his desk drawers were chaotically tossed through out the room in random places and had been emptied, and his computer chair...

Had a man in it?

When my eyes finally landed on him, all he did was sit there and smirk like the Cheshire cat. This man reminded me of a those werewolf people you'd see in those old movies, with his scruffy face and shaggy hair. At first, I thought he was in his twenties but when I examined deep crease lines in face, it led me to believe that he was a lot older then he seemed at first sight.

“ Who are you?” I asked, wrapping my arms around my waist.

“Shame, shame. Didn't your father teach you that it's polite to introduce yourself first before you ask questions?”

“Let's see if you still say that after you find a random person in your house.”

His smirk got wider. “ I think you mean people. Meet my little co-workers.”

He waved and two men came from the shadows. And they were far from little. “ And there are more around the house but you're not going to meet them, unfortunately..”

Oh darn!

“ Where's my dad?”

“ Oh don't worry. He's okay, he's still at work.”

My eyebrows furrowed, “He usually texts me if he's late.”

He winked, which made a shiver run down my spine, and placed a phone on the desk. My dad's phone. “ I think he would need this to do that.”

“ Who are you? And what did you do to him?” I took a step back and ended up bumping into one of the burly men.

“A good friend of your father. Nothing...yet.”

“ What do you want from us?”

“ A little something of your father's and you going to help me get that.”

I took me a minute, but I finally caught on to his plan. I leaped away from the men and made a grab for the giant lamp to use as weapon while I ran out the door. I could barely made out the confident yell from werewolf man half way down the hallway.

But it managed to reach me. “You won't get very far!”

I sprinted down my stair case and away from my followers with lamp in hand. I probably looked like mad woman with the frantic look on my face but I really didn't care, I couldn't let them get me. I grabbed wildly at the door knob of my front door but it wouldn't open, even when I unlocked it. That either meant it was jammed or someone was on the other side holding it closed.

When I turned, the two men were there reaching out to grab me. With out even thought or hesitation, I chucked the lamp at the closes one to me and made a mad dash for the kitchen where my back door was. But I never even made it passed the fridge before, I was grabbed and lifted away, kicking, screaming and clawing.

I was taken back to the main room where the werewolf guy and the guy I chucked the lamp at stood in wait. I guess he wasn't quick enough to dodge it cause there was a giant oozing gash on the side of his head and was giving me the dirtiest look ever. But I didn't look for very long before my head whipped to the side and my right cheek stung.

Werewolf stared at me, eyes ablaze. “ That was for hitting my cousin with that lamp, you bitch.”

As unladylike like as this was, I spit in his face which caused him slap me once again. “ Learn your place! I could kill you right now if I really wanted to.” I continued to glare at him, I wasn't going to be one of those girls who cry and beg. I will fight in till the end. Even if the caught off all my arms and legs, I would use whatever I had left to bite off their ear.

He smirked and grabbed my chin. “You are definitely your mother's child. She was a very fierce woman once you got her angry and beautiful.” And then I kicked him where the sun don't shine. I giggled when he clutched his jewels and curled into a little ball on the floor in agony. He glared up at me.

“ Your going to regret that.” He snapped his fingers, and in came another pair of burly men holding a person who was slumped over. I had too look at the person's tan skin and petite figure twice before it registered who it was.

It was Tara, the house keeper who lived with us. She was always our favorite. With her sweet nature, her loyalty and her amazing Mexican cooking, we simply adored her. She had always there for me, she was pretty much my second mother and to her I was another daughter. Even her real children, who also live with us, call me hermana which is Spanish for sister.

My heart began to race, and I started to sweat. My eyes didn't leave her as werewolf started to speak. “ You could have made this easy but I think you need to learn you place. I'm in control here, and you are not.” He nodded to one of the men, and they threw her to the ground.

She let out squeak as her face hit the tile floor, her eye immediately went up to me in terror and worry. “ Hija! They got you too huh?”

I gave her a sad smile and nodded. I tried to keep I contact with her for as long as I could but couldn't after I saw what they were going to do. One of the men grabbed both her arms and put his foot in the middle of her back. And then he began to pull. Tara gave me one horrified look before it contorted with pain and she began to scream. I screamed with her in till there was a loud pop. Tara's tensed up body relaxed as she fell unconscious, while her dislocated arms were still held loosely in the mans arms. Then he whipped out a pistol, and shot her. Once, Twice, Three times.

Each shot shattered my heart. Over and Over again.

I glowered at werewolf with tears running down my face, and cried out in rage, “You monster! She had fucking kids! Two sons and a daughter! And now they don't have a mother! You heartless monster! Your fucking insane! I hope you burn in hell for this!" I pulled against the man holding me back, "Let me go! I'm going to kill him! In the worst way possible."

Once again, he slapped me but I didn't stop. “Is that all your got? Come on! Punch me! I dare you! Monster!” I thrashed in the man's arms screaming hysterically.

“Now Now. I can't hurt your pretty face too much, you have to look presentable to your father.”

My eyes narrowed and I thrashed more as a clothe covered my mouth that smelt like chloroform. I screamed into it and tried to bite his hand when the black spots showed. But it was no use.

My vision went black and I was out.

Well fuck.
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