Status: Anus.

Pull Out My Insides

Zara Randall is a misunderstood girl that's put at the butt of the jokes and is left a friendless leper to fend for herself.

Asher Ramsay is a spoiled popular boy who would do anything to make Zara mad or make his idiot friends laugh. He's the class clown and is an emotionless ass.

When Asher's friends bet him that he can't sleep with no other but Zara Randall, how can he refuse? It's a perfect excuse to break her down and crush her. But there are things in his way; how is he supposed to break down her steel walls around her heart and get what he wants? Will he take what he wants or will he start to fall in love with her along the way?

Disclaimer: The characters are original and I've been thinking of this story line for a little while. I'm not sure if the plotline has been used before or not. Probably has. The title goes to "Pull Out My Insides" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?