Its like a dream come true.

That One Letter.

I was sitting my room, on my computer (as usual), watching the newest video by my one of my favorite youtuber Danisnotonfire, laughing my ass off as usual. After the video I lay back on my bed and stare up at my ceiling, fantasizing what it would be like to meet Dan, fall in love and all that other stuff. Which might be a little immature for an 18 year old girl who just graduated high school, but I cant help it, me and him are pretty much exact in every way, except for the fact that he doesn't dye his hair, get piercings or tattoos, and probably doesn't listen to the exact same music. But other than that, we are pretty much the same person. We are so perfect for each other but he lives ALL THE WAY IN ENGLAND AND I'M STUCK HERE IN AMERICA! Well, I'm not entirely stuck, unless I get accepted to the University of Manchester. That would be AMAZING because I wanted go move to England for my entire life and also.... Dan lives in Manchester.

"Allora! Hun, can you come downstairs the mail just came for you from a couple universitys!" My mom yells from downstairs.

I jump from my bed, rush down the stairs, quickly grab the letters from my mom while running past her and plop myself down on the couch smiling as big as I can.

"Okay, so, lets start with the first one from LSU." I open it slowly and take out the letter. I start slowly opening it then read carefully.

"Soooo, did you make it?" My mom asks cheerfully.

"Nope." I say, displeased while tossing the letter to the side.

"Awh... how about the University of Chicago?" She trys acting like its all better.

"Uhhhhh..." I start reading the letter. "Ugh." And then toss the letter to the side like the last one.

"How are you not getting into these schools? You did great in high school!" She looked frustrated., "Wheres the last one from?" She asks.

"Its.. its from Manchester mom." I didn't know what to say. I was exited and nervous. In my head I was jumping around yet dying at the same time.

"Oooh, thats the one you wanted to get into most!" She claps twice in excitement.

Oh god, oh god, oh god. I'm freaking out you guys i'm FREAKING OUT OKAY. ITS MANCHESTER. AND I ALREADY DIDN'T MAKE IT INTO THE LAST TWO SCHOOLS. OH GOD. Okay. Just open the damn thing.

I carefully open it, shaking all over an then I slowly slide out the letter. I don't open it but I just stare at it for a moment.

"Come on hunny!" My mom says, still exited. I open it and read slowly.

".....I... I made it in." I mumble.


"I made it in!!" I yell, jumping from the couch almost knocking over my mom.

"Oh my god you made it!" She jumps up and hugs me.

"Oh god.. I cant even.. Wow. I'm going to England mom. I'm going to England!!" I jump around the living room repeating. "I have to start packing!" I stop jumping around and bolt upstairs. I grab every suitcase we own. From my moms room, my sisters room, my room. I even run down to the basement and grab a couple. That totals 9 suitecases. Oh god.

I put my iPhone onto the dock and hit 'Shuffle All Songs' and For All Those Sleeping's song Follow My Voice comes on. I start folding my shirts and putting it into a suitcase. My phone starts ringing so I grab it off the dock and see its actually my friend Natalie from Manchester. Coincidence right?

"Heey!" I answer.

"Hey did you get your letter from uni yet?" She asks.

"Yes! I made it into Manchester!!!" I screamed, probably killing her sense of hearing.

"Oh my god that's great!! If you need a flat you can stay with me! My flatmate just moved out a week ago cause she just got engaged!" She laughed about it. More coincidence right? " I have a extra room and i'm all alone." She says pretending to sound sad.

"Uh, of course!!" I sounded way to exited. Oh god.

"Good, so now we're both happy, I get my best friend as a flatmate and you don't have to pay for dorm!" Nevermind, she sounded just as exited as I did.

"Great! Okay, can I call you later? I'm actually packing!" I ask, laughing.

"Yea, sure, take your time!" She also laughs then hangs up. I throw my iPhone back onto the dock and continue packing.