Its like a dream come true.

Video making!

That night Alexis and I sat in the living room and watched movies while waiting for Dan and Phil to come over.

"So, are you going to say that you and Dan are dating in your video?" Alexis asks, curious. I honestly don't even know the answer.

"I don't know honestly. I know Dan hasn't said anything yet so, we'll see." As soon as I finish the sentence I hear a knock on the door. I quickly walk over and open to see Dan and Phil. I smile and the first thing Dan does is give me a kiss.

"You guys are seriously too cute ok!" Alexis yells from the couch hugging a pillow.

"Thanks!" Dan yells back. He looks at me and hugs me. I love his hugs. They are so warm and safe feeling. I feel like me and him fit together perfectly, like i'm the one that was supposed to be here all along.

We both noticed how quickly Phil walked over to Alexis and how quickly they both started blushing. Me and Dan both started laughing. I go to close the door but it gets stopped. Its Natalie with food.

"I brought burgers!" Nat yells running in and setting everything on the counter before we all flood it like wild animals. "So what have you been doing the past couple days at Dan's that I haven't seen you??" Nat asks while taking a bite of her burger.

"They totally fucked!" Phil says loud enough for everyone to hear while walking past Nat. Alexis and Nat both burst out laughing and me and Dan are close to slamming our heads on the counter.

"Phil you said you wouldn't say anything!!" I yell.

"No, you said not to tell Alexis, technically, I answered Natalie, it just happened to be loud enough for her to hear." Phil explained. I clenched a fist but threw him the finger instead.

"Come on Dan, lets go get that video done." I grab his hand and we both walk away fast to my room. The last thing I hear before closing the door is Lex yelling 'and he forgot to throw it out?!' Thanks Phil.

We set up the tripod at the right place, got all the lighting set up and started recording. Dan stood out of the shot but not too far so he could burst in at anytime.

"Well, start talking!" Dan laughed.

"Okay!" I throw a pillow at him then turn to the camera. "Hey, I'm Allor-" Then I get a pillow to the face. "Thanks ass!" I laugh then continue. "Hey, I'm Allora, I bet 99 percent of you know me because of-" I gesture for Dan to come over and he leans in so he's kinda sideways in the shot "you know me because of this fucker, Dan."

"Hiii!" He waves then sits down.

"I was in his last video, but if for some strange reason you aren't seeing this due to the Dan video, well, that's confusing." We both laugh. "So, I wanted to tell you a little more about me, but I suck at that, so I was thinking, just leave me 'about me' Q and A questions on my twitter and i'll make a video tomorrow with this fucker again." I point over to Dan.

"Oh and make sure to spam her twitter saying zebras will eat your babies. Cause it would be fun. Do it for my amusement please!" He adds.

"Fuck you!" I laugh.

Me and him continue to talk for the rest of the video. Afterwards we hook it up to my computer and we start to edit it. After about and hour and a half of getting it perfect we finally upload it. We go into my living room to see Nat passed out on the chair and Lex and Phil cuddled on the couch watching Beetlejuice.

"How'd the video go??" Lex asked.

"Pretty good, i hope." I giggle. "I'm really tired I think i'm going to head to bed, is it okay if I sleep here tonight Dan?" I turn to Dan.

"Yea of course!" Dan smiles at me.

"Good, I don't want to wake up to like 4 condom wrappers in the bathroom!" Phil jokes. Lex covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing.

"Oh i'm pretty sure it would be more than 4." Dan winks at me.

"Oh god ew." Phil laughs. "Dan you can go home, I'll be back after the movie. Okay?"

"Yea sure. See you tomorrow babe." Dan pulls me in for a big kiss.

"Night." I say while walking away and smiling. As soon as I hit my bed I seemed to have passed out.

The next morning I wake up to check youtube and twitter. I was shocked to see I had gained 3000 subscribers that night making it a total of 8000 in two nights. Holy crap! Then with twitter... All I have to say is: SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. I went through and wrote down the top 15 to put in a video then texted Dan.

"We have a long video to make babe." I texted.

"How many questions did you get??"

"TOO MANY TO COUNT OMG but on the bright side I gained 3000 subscribers yay!"

"Thats great! Hey, get ready, I wanna film it soon cause I have a surprise for later tonight!"

"Oh dear. Haha." I text back.

I run to my closet to try and find some clothes to wear. I pretty much spend 2 hours getting ready, today I decided to put my white contact back in one eye, cause I think it looks freaking awesome! I get to Dan's flat and just walk in cause its practically my second home and go to his room only to find him still in his pajamas scrolling through tumblr.

"Really?" I roll my eyes and smirk while leaning against his door frame.

"Oh yea, that." He smiles while closing his laptop. I am forced to wait another half an hour for him to get ready then we set up in his room for the video!

"Hey everyone! So, as you can see, i'm with Dan! Also, you can probably tell i'm in Dan's room!" I say to the camera and Dan waves and says hi.

"So how this q and a video is going to go is i'm going to ask her 15 questions, which I havent seen yet cause she kept them hidden from me!" Dan makes a fake mad face at me and I laugh. "And ya, lets get started!" He grabs the index cards that I have in order from me and starts reading them off. "So, why did you move to Manchester?" He asks.

"I moved here because I got accepted into university here and I have a friend that lives here who was needing a roommate, and I always wanted to live here anyway so, why not ya know?"

"Where did you live before moving here?"

"This really shit town called Buffalo New York, seriously, never go there."

"What are some of the things you are going to miss about America?"

"Hmm.. my family and friends obviously, uh, the concerts, its kinda rare when a lot of my favorite bands come here soo. But oh my god, Warped Tour. Going to miss it with all my heart! I might plan a visit to my old house around that time every year and go though, so ya."

"Why did you want to get into youtube?"

"Isn't that obvious?!" I point at Dan. "This guy! He convinced me cause she thought I would be good at it. What do you guys think??"

"What was your first impressions about Dan and Phil?"

"Well, Phil, he was kinda awkward at first, but still super nice and sweet so I didn't think anything bad, and Dan was a bit more outgoing and our personalities were pretty much alike so we just kinda hit it off right off the bat, and then ya, all this happened." I smile, we talk about more random, silly questions and have our little banter in between. But it finally came down to the final question. When he read it he just looked at me and smiled.

"Last question, the one you said you got the most out of anything. Are you and Dan dating?" I blush and look at the ground. I sigh quickly and am about to say something but before I could Dan grabbed me and kissed me. He got up and leaned in front of the camera so you could see him. I sat there speechless. "You guys can take that how ever you want. Hope you enjoyed Allora's first question and answer video, bye!" He said quickly and shut off the camera.

"Was that the surprise?" I smile at him.

"Oh wouldn't you like to know." He winks at me and sits at his desktop.

We get the video all edited and it looked great. It uploads and then he turns around to face me sitting on his bed.

"So tell me, was that the surprise or not??" I beg.

"It was, but I have something better in mind." He walks over to his secret box and gets out another condom. "Be right back." He says as he walks out his door. I watch him leave and bite my lip.

2 hours later, after sex and cuddling, I finally decide to check youtube and twitter. I first check the youtube comments.





"ew why her"

Those were the first 5 I read, then decided to check twitter.

"Awh you guys are too cute, i'm happy for you"

"You got a really good one there!"

"Do you have any idea how many Phan freaks are going to flip out?? XD"

I smiled and retweeted a lot, and saw Dan did the same. I smiled while reading everything.

"So, people are happy for us!" I say happily. "Do you think I should do that youtube partnership thingy yet?" I ask.

"Do it tomorrow. Pj just texted me and asked if me, you, Phil, Lex, and Nat wanna go to his place for a small party. You in?" He asks ready to type on his phone.

"Of course!" I look down at myself. "I should probably put pants on first..." We both laugh and start to get dressed and ready.