Its like a dream come true.

Even more surprises.

To my surprise, I woke up the next morning in Dan's bed. I roll over to go to wake him up and hes not there. I sit up quickly and look around the room to see hes not in there at all. I start to hear a really familiar song. I slowly get out of bed in the clothes I had on last night and start to walk out of the room. I open the door and realize that the song Sacrifice by Aesthetic Perfection is playing, which is one of my favorite songs. How does Dan know it?

"Hey sleepyhead!" Dan smiles at me and rushes toward me and gives me a big hug as I walk into his living room. "I hope you don't mind, I grabbed your phone this morning, decided to put your music on shuffle on my dock, you have a very diverse taste in music, I like it." He walks back to the kitchen.

"No no, its fine." I yawn and ruffle my hair and sit at the breakfast bar. "Whatcha making there?" I ask when I notice food on the stove.

"I decided to make us some french toast, you like it right?" Dan asks, flipping a piece on the pan.

"Yea, it's fine. Thanks for all this anyway!" I smile and giggle a bit as the song changes to Process by Elegant Machinery.

"Yea, you're music is very different. Is this from the 80s?" He laughs while putting our food on our plates.

"Noo!" I giggle. "They are actually a very recent electro-goth band thank you very much!" I laugh and grab my plate and the syrup and proceed to drench my breakfast in it. We head out onto the balcony to eat and let the music play.

"So, you okay from last night?" Dan asks, sounding concerned.

"Yea.." I look down at my feet. "I've deffinetly been better, but I'll be okay."

"You know what, I will make you better today, okay??"

"You don't have to go through all this work for me, seriously."

"I want to, I really do. I'm going to start making you laugh." He stands up and leans over the balcony. "PENIS!" He yells then quickly sits back down. We both laugh really hard. "Try it, you'll feel better."

"Noo!" I say covering my face and laughing.

"No, do it now!" He laughs.

"Fine!" I slowly stand up and walk towards the edge and look down to see all the people. I look over at him and smile but shake my head at the same time. He gestures for me to do it. I sigh and finally do. "PENISSSS!!!!" I yell then fall to the ground laughing. We do it back and forth a couple more times then finally agree its enough. We honestly couldn't stop laughing at this point.

"Are you trying to get us evicted??" A very tired Phil asks walking out onto the balcony. We both burst out laughing again. He looks down at our plates and frowns all innocently. "I want french toast.." He says with puppy dog eyes in a little kid voice.

"I made you some, its on the counter." Dan points. Phil makes a cute little smile and shuffles over. I love how innocent and how much of a little Phil is. Like he has never done anything bad. He has such a positive outlook on life and loves to have fun. I'm glad I can call him one of my best friends. He is such a sweetheart.

After breakfast Dan, Phil and I are in their living room playing Mario Kart then Dan pauses the game.

"I'm going to go out for a bit, get you a surprise." Dan kisses my head and heads to the door to put his shoes on.

"You know you don't have too." I explain to him.

"I know, but I want to anyway. Be right back." He smiles and leaves the flat. Me and Phil shrug it off and continue to play.

"So, your friend Alexis, she's only staying until the end of August right?" Phil pauses the game and turns to me.

"Uh, I don't know, she is thinking of enrolling to uni with me. But next year, since its kinda a bit late to do it now. Why? Do you like her..?" I smile and raise my eyebrow.

"Maybe.. I don't know yet actually.. I'm kinda trying to figure that out actually. I guess I do... " Phil trails off and scratches the back of his neck.

"You know I could talk to her if you wanted." I offer.

"Really? Cause that would be cool." He smiles at me. "Thanks Allora, it means a lot."

I smile back at him. "I'm gunna head over to my flat, get changed and stuff, if Dan comes home before I do just tell him i'm across the hall okay?" I get up and he nods. I leave and head across to my flat. Once I get there, no one is home. That's odd. I grab my phone to ring up Alexis.

"Hey Allora, if you're wondering where I am, me and Nat went out for lunch." She answers.

"Oh, good, I was like 'uh, where is everyone??'" I laugh. "See you at home."

I hang up and head for the bathroom to do my makeup. The usual really heavy eyeliner with a little wing, and a line of blue eye shadow underneath. I straighten out my hair, and realize that I need to re-dye it soon, it went from the dark lavender it was to a very light shade. I go across the hall to my room and get together an outfit. A black tank top with a grey crop top that says "Zombie" across it in cool lettering, my black shorts with spikes on one side, my ripped tights, my creepers, and my black beanie. I decided to to change my plugs from the Batman ones I had in to these expensive glass ones with a small fake jellyfish on the inside. I also decide to change my spider bite studs to rings. Lastly, I put in my white contacts and i'm done. I'm really content with the way I look today. Being a nerd, I take a instagram picture of my outfit in my mirror with the caption 'Content with today ^.^'

I go to the living room and put in The Corpse Bride to watch. My phone goes off to get a notification. It was Dan commenting on the photo I just took saying 'You look gorgeous babe<3' It made me smile. At that exact moment I hear a knock at my door. I rush over and see Dan smiling and holding something in a bag behind his back.

"Okay, what is it?!" I say all exited.

"It's not much at all, trust me, but I hope you like it." He says walking in by the kitchen. He suddenly dumps the bag onto my counter. "20 BOXES OF POCKY!!!"

"Oh my god, I love pocky!" I laugh. I walk over to him and give him a hug.

"You know, I have another surprise for you! But it wont get here until a week from now." He sits me down on the couch. "So, I'm going to tell you what it is, don't freak out on me okay??"

"Uh, okay!" I agree confused, yet extreamly excited.

"So, we were talking about it the other day, and it got me thinking, so I bought both of us plane tickets to Buffalo-" Before he finishes his sentence I scream in excitement. "I wasn't done, but now that you did that I'm afraid to tell you the next part." He laughs.

"Oh just do it!" I playfully push him.

"Okay, oh god I should brace myself, but, I may have gotten us both tickets to Warped Tour.." At that moment I jump from my seat then hop around screaming. But I stop realizing something.

"Wait, Warped in my town is in 4 days, the tickets won't be here for a week. How are you going to work this out??" I sit back down.

"I know, I know, our flight is on the 20th, so we will get to your town then, but I got us tickets for Warped in Ohio on the 22, so we can stay in a hotel or at your place until then, then we drive back to New York then stay until our flight home the 24h. Sound good?" He explains.

"Sounds GREAT!" I lunge at him and give him the biggest hug. "I gotta call my mom!" I quickly latch off of Dan and run for my phone. About 10 minutes later me and my mom finally get off the phone. "She said that that's perfect! Also yes, I told her about you, she's excited to meet you." I smile and then he gives me a big kiss.

"Great! I cant wait!" He says, smiling. We continue to talk about what to do for the rest of the day. We end up eating about 5 boxes of Pocky together, finish watching Corpse Bride, and then decide to adventure in town for the rest of the day.