Its like a dream come true.


So, the rest of the week went by with nothing really exciting happening. Me and Dan's plane ride to America wasn't very fun, and the airport when we got there was horrible, i'm not even going to get into it... We were able to get a taxi ride to my house and it finally hit me. Dan was going to be at my house, he was going to meet my parents, and he gets to do all this as my boyfriend. Oh god.

We pulled up in front of my house, I hesitated on getting out but I did anyway because of how excited Dan was to be here. We grabbed our bags from the trunk of the taxi and with the leftover Amercian money I had left, I payed the taxi fare and we walked into my house.

"Mom!" I call after her. I hear a excited squeal coming from the other room then she runs in. She gives me a huge hug and tells me how much she misses me and all that then I introduce her to Dan.

"So, your new -british- boyfriend?" It made me laugh how she put the emphasis on "british".

"Yes mom, this is Dan, and Dan, obviously, this is my mom." They exchange their greetings and all that stuff and I decide to bring mine and Dan's things up to my room. Once upstairs in my room I looked around to see how empty it was. Made me slightly depressed to see it like this. I missed it here, but I already had so much opportunity back in England. I set the bags down on my bed and headed back downstairs to see Dan and my mother talking in the living room.

"Oh hey babe!" Dan smiles at me then stands up and hugs me.

"He was just telling me how he surprised you with the trip and Warped Tour and stuff. He's so sweet!" My mother tells me. I smile up at him and kiss his cheek. "Oh you two are too cute! I think you picked a good one here." My mom nudges me while leaving into the kitchen.

"I like your mom, she's really sweet." Dan tells me. I smile and kiss him then we walk into the kitchen and sit at the table.

"So, whats for dinner? I'm starving!" I ask laughing.

"I honestly didn't feel like making anything, so how's chinese takeout?" My mom giggles while picking up the phone. "You like chinese Dan? I know Allora loves it."

"Yea, I love it too." He smiles at me.

"So, you order, we're going to get out stuff set up upstairs ok..?" I say rushing upstairs dragging Dan behind me.

We get our things set up, eat dinner, and by then me and Dan are super jet-lagged and ready to pass out. But instead of passing out when we get into bed, we just lay there and talk. We talk about England, America, Warped Tour, what we're going to do tomorrow. Then we get onto the topic of youtube, life in general, and then our relationship. I realize that I can open up with him about everything, I can be the most comfortable with him. I feel like me and him really have a real connection, like me and him we're meant to be like this. Even though I have been a super fan of his videos for over a year, there is so much more about him that I fell for. It feels like he's my other half. I honestly never want to let him go.

The next morning, well, afternoon, we woke up at 2 pm and we feel as refreshed as ever. We get ready for the day and then try and decide what to do. Our first instinct, vlog. I whip out the new camera he bought me and set it up on my dresser that its perfect height.

"So, it seems in all my videos lately i'm in a different room doesn't it??" I say to the camera laughing. "Well anyway, hi guys! The only reason i'm in this room is because, well, i'm in America, at my old house, in my old room. No, no, I didn't move back, I'm here with Dan visiting my mom and we are also going to Warped Tour tomorrow in Ohio! Yes, this is the start of my 'America Video!' This and footage from Warped tomorrow will be in this whole video. Also, before you start questioning 'Wheres Dan?!' He's in the bathroom still doing his hair cause he's more of a girl than me sometimes." I laugh.

"I heard that!" I hear his faint voice yell from the bathroom.

"So now should be the Warped footage so here we go!" I grab a pillow and throw it at the camera attempting to make it a good transition. After my vlog we decide to set up Dan's camera for the beginning of his video.

"Hey everyone, so i'm in America. Yea this is weird. But its okay cause i'm here with Allora visiting her family and i'm taking her to Warped Tour!" He says smiling and doing jazz hands.

"I'm seriously exited as eff right now!" I jump onto the bed next to him.

"Yea, me and her will both be doing our own separate vlogs while here in America and it will be fun!" He smiles at me then kisses my cheek. "So, what bands do you want to see tomorrow?" He asks attempting to sound all official.

"Well, as you know, my favorite band EVER is Motionless In White. Yes, my favorite band EVER. OF ALL TIME. They are going and I will do whatever I can to meet them!" I say wide eyed at the camera, trying not to laugh. "I'm also really stoked for Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, Chelsea Grin, Miss May I, Memphis May Fire, Breathe Carolina, Vampires Everywere, and just.. oh god.. too many bands to name okay!" I laugh while falling into his lap.

"To be entirely honest, the only band she has forced me to listen to so far was Motionless In White so I will probably not know any bands from these whatsoever. So this shall be fun! Okay, cut too Warped Tour footage now!" He yells at the camera then gets up and turns it off. We spend pretty much the remainder of the day preparing for Warped.